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Oppo Find X2 Pro 5G 6.7" 120Hz, 48MP Triple Camera, 512GB/12GB Black/Orange $1068.32 Delivered @ Allphones eBay


Noticed the price has been dropped for Oppo Find X2 Pro this morning. Avaible in both Black/Orange

I find this a better buy over the plagued S20 Lineup.

Cheaper than Telstra's Deal and cheaper than the popular deal from before @$1147

Original Coupon Deal

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    oof, looking at the history, the last person bought it

    AU $1,626.45 1 22-Nov-20 16:53:42 AEDST

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    • hopefully it was a 20% off in cart :|

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    Wow this is a great price!

  • Anyone bought from allphones before? Price is super tempting but don’t want to get stung by dodgy stock. Since I’m new to OzB, I haven’t heard much about this store: is it Australian stock or a grey market importer?
    $130 potential savings compared to JB etc is probably worth the hassle of potential returns though…

    • Pretty sure the listing says AU Stock in the title. Probably have to contact them for returns?


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      It's Mobileciti in Parramatta, Sydney. Bought from them many times, no issues

    • I bought my Oppo Reno Z from here a while ago.
      Opted to pick up from their shop in Parramatta.
      They are above board, legitimate with genuine Australian stock.
      I doubt you will have any problems here

    • Allphones is fine. Im actually typing this on my oppo find x2 pro vegan leather version got from allphones 3 months ago. The phone is superb. Ive bought from allphones in the past, theyre great. They also trade as mobileciti

      • how's Oppo with security updates? As Good as Google or as bad as OnePlus?

        • No one beats google in updates i believe. its alright better than lg. Around samsungs lvl in updates

          • @aka nioh: Only had Samsung's and an old sony xperia z3 - how is the switch to opoo like? No issues witha chinese brand take on phone? The hardware vs price seems much more economical than say a samsung flagship…curious how does the camera compare to a samsung flagship or say the huaweis known for camera quality?

            • @SaberX: Love the phone enough to buy the green leather version for my mum.

              Cameras great way better than the s10 i upgraded from. My mum had a huawei p30 pro and its about the same quality but the oppo display makes the photo look better

              Yea samsung you pay a premium for the brand, but you dont really get the specs, eg exynos is 😓 and too be honest i didnt really enjoy the samsung ui

              Also the green version leather felt smoother and more pleasant to hold. than the orange leather version. However theyre both way better to hold than some glass back which is the majority of most phones. if you have a phone case this is irrelevant but ive always gone caseless with my phones

              • @aka nioh: i usually have the cases becuase of the drop proof tbh.. otherwise the leather looks good. That said though, have you found a suitable ebay/3rd party screen protector (say glass ones)? I presume they're possible given my s8+ also has curved edged and i've found third party ones for that even.

                Good to hear about the camera. I just tried the camera and video functions in jb hi fi. Selfie looks abit grainy zooming in on ethe background shelving, but perhaps if i had compared my s8+'s and zoomed in on labels on background I would've noticed the same, if not worse. I think the main persons in a selfie would be more than visible and it's only small background details where blur is noticeable. That said it isn't the point of a selfie camera, you'd use the main camera if so.

                I did hear the x3 find range would be out next quarter…. wonder if this is worth waiting. although I presume the retail price of the x2 find pro also was alot higher on release, so perhaps snagging a bargain near to $1k mark might be more worth it .

                Curious how you've found the battery life? Clearly it charges very fast, some say this will be at the detriment of long term… however keen to know how fast it chews up with your everyday use - browsing, screen use, apps etc?

                The samsung UI does have a special 'cleaner' area that does battery, storage etc. in one. But it seems the Oppo you can do this by going into battery, storage etc. seperately and doing the tidy ups this way? So probably just a cosmetic/minor inconvenience.

                The only downside is no external SD card….

                • @SaberX: I dont use a screen protector (didnt the not using a case give it away?)😂 Pretty much all the in display fps on all phones gets muddled a bit by screen protectors.

                  Yea if you wait til find x3, youll get either a lower price or a better phone.

                  Batteries great. Much better than my s10. And doesnt get hot like my s10 after use. I used about 40% on a 12 hour night shift watching netflix and browsing

                  Tbh i just use the recents to close down apps but if youre pedantic yes u can go battery and close down apps that way

                  512gb is enough to forgo the sd card + its way faster than most sd card and you dont have to buy 1. + With cloud storage and 5g and lots of data…

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      Bought my Oppo Find X2 from Allphones a few months ago. It's legit AU stock. Good phone too.

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      Had a recent issue with a phone - had problems making calls on 3G.

      They organised prepaid return and refunded after a couple of normal troubleshooting checks at our end.

      We've bought quite a few handsets off them now, they sell genuine AU stock with AU warranties.

    • It's a great place to purchase your mobile. Legit, AU stock, quick, cheap.

  • code not working for me.. anyone else?

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      If it's not working it'll be an issue with your eBay account. You can either purchase as a guest or go into eBay live chat and they'll be able to sort the issue out for you.

      • thanks mate, guest checkout worked :)

  • Is the AU version single sim?

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      • Thanks mate

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        Darn, would have pulled the trigger if it was Dual SIM. Will continue to look @ the OnePlus 8 Pro 5G

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          There's some exciting work being done over in the XDA Developers group for this phone, a method has been found to change regions to enable Android 11 to be downloaded sooner and depending on the region chosen, it has made the dual sim functionality appear :)

          • @Tex Texan: But if there is physically nowhere to put the second sim. Then what?

            • @xoom: I wonder if this phone supports eSim?

            • @xoom: Sorry, I should have added that people have ordered dual sim trays for the phone via AliExpress or similar. They are available as some regions do have them officially for their dual sim version of the phone. Users have also confirmed the dual sim functionality is working.

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    Shame it is a big phone!

    I would love to grab it however I struggled with the Samsung FE and this is slightly bigger again :s

    • FE isn't old, upgrading already? Curious why moving on so soon as that's the one I'm looking at

      • Returned it due to screen issues, so now looking for other options

        • I was worried you'd say that.. Good they took the return anyway.

        • Is it a known samsung issues with s20 lineup?or just FE edition? Curious given OPs mention of samsung line plagues so wondering whats the issues?

  • So difficult to decide between this or neo.

    • Why the Neo over this? Price?

      • 15% off JB giftcard(the one at coles), already have a $100 giftcard for jb as well so Pro is double the price but is it worth?

        • yeah make sense. It's a fair saving!

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      This is better. I bought it few months ago. This is absolute great phone with great price.

      • How's the camera vs other flagships i.e. samsung, google, huawei etc?

        • I can say the camera is absolutely awesome compared with huawei as I had HUAWEI MATE 30 Pro 9 months ago.

          • @larry0426: Thanks! The mate 30 pro is this no the olde rgeneration though and comparable would be the 40 pro? I do recall the 30pro (or was it 40pro) being highly rated for camera, so if you're finding this oppo x2 find great then I may consider it.

            Did you try the video functions as well? Any feedback?

            And how have you found the battery life drain?

  • Does this seller provider gat invoice

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      Yes they do.

  • ColorOS. Never again. 100% the worst phone I've ever owned.

    Really excited to see the black friday sales start early since that means in less then a week my oppo will be reduced to a paperweight.

    • What phone? Most feedback about ColorOs and this phone has been super positive I have found

      • -1

        A few years old midrange phone. Started on ColorOS 5 and has since gone up to 7. 7 is ok but not I'd pay more then a couple hundred bucks for a top end Oppo ok.

        • I came to the Find X2 Pro after a few years of OnePlus phones and have no issue at all with ColorOS (v7.1, recently updated to v11 now). The only thing I've missed is the ability to unlock and experiment with custom roms and kernels (which has nothing to do with the OS).

    • What phone are you getting?

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        Currently a toss up between the Samsung s20fe or Pixel 5. The taste in my mouth after using ColorOS for a few years is so bad I'll never buy another Oppo. I'd use an Apple first.

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      ColorOS is good. And you will get ColorOS 11 update for this.

      • -1

        ColorOS is trash. Pure and utter garbage. Yes, the current versions are better then the previous ones. But a company that with a straight face released ColorOS 5 on phones that are less then 2 years old is not to be trusted.

        If Oppo sent me a top spec phone for $250 I'd consider giving them another shot but that's the most I'd pay for anything with their name on it.

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          What was the last Oppo phone you used? I've heard ColorOS got significantly better recently.

        • $250 for a top spec phone you must be joking.

          • @beOson: Might be why he was getting such an old colour os?ive never used colour os but considering trying achinese phone. scrolling in store it all seemed like another take on android. Vs say samsungs what is the big issue with colour os that this guy says is so terrible? Is itncommon with users or justsome people taking exception?

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      Hmmm interesting, I'm using it now and will say I much prefer the ColorOS over Emui and Samsung 😂😂

  • Just bought one for a fam member! Have had mine since August after that Officeworks price error :)

    • How are you finding it? I’m in the market for a new phone.

      • Really great! Ideally wish it didnt have a curved screen but not too much of an issue. It runs smoothly, massive storage, takes good photos so I'm happy.

        • Curved as in the side edges like the samsung s8s?

          Curious how you rate the camera quality? Tossing up between the samsung flagships s20s line. Or other alternatives.

          • @SaberX: I bought this phone because of the camera quality, I'm not disappointed. Love the camera as well as the storage available on the phone, 512GB is decent!

            • +1

              @graceyym: yeap i agree it's huge. it would be good to have had the external sd card as an addition.. or even as a backup but i suppose being on a 64gb internal + 128 gb external SD card, the 512gb should be more than enough….

              Have you tried both selfie camera, normal rear cameras and all the various scenes/settings? As well as video? And still rate highly?

              Keen to hear how your battery drain/performance has been?

              • @SaberX: Yep, I've used it all and really happy with it. The front selfie camera isnt the greatest at night though, I prefer to try and hold the rear camera and use that as a selfie haha or time it.

                The video has steady mode & ultra stready mode which I think is awesome, great for catching some good footage without the shakiness.

                Battery charges from 0 to 100 in 37mins or so & lasts me all day. Id say I'd use it the average amount for things like Insta, Facebook, Camera, SnapChat etc. You get a solid day from it & I charge it at night (try to unplug when it hits 100%). But always depends how you use the phone.

  • +3

    I wish the screen isn't curved at the edges.

    • Same

    • What's wrong with that? Just wondering as the samsung s8 line i haves has had the curved edges?

      • Just my preference. I feel like its more fragile and a total distraction. I'm happy without the cool factor.

        • fair enough.

  • Would JB price match?

    • probably not? coz it's using a voucher/promo code.

  • I just got the S20 FE 5G for $770 but would this be much of an upgrade? I could always sell the S20.

    • Where are you getting this price?

      • +1

        Price Matched at OW. Got lucky.

        • with which website did you price beat at officeworks. goodguys?

  • Oh damn! This is a great price for this phone..Just when I.made up.my mind to go with the iphone!! So far only seen positive comments about the X2 Pro

  • Good phone, got everything you need in it. The cheaper price even made it more attractive, but still too expensive for me.
    I would go for 10t pro………….

    • Depending on what you want for a phone. I've tried both and 10t pro is a lot worse than the Oppo. Also I couldn't find 10t pro around 1k mark?

  • The other deal on Oneplus 7t Pro Maclaren is better. No hole cut in the front too

    • too bad it only ships in Jan. I was ready to pull the trigger until I saw that.

  • +1

    I purchased the NEO version and very happy with the phone

  • I have owned this phone for 4? months. think I paid about 1300.

    • doesn't play nice with Google apps (google phone, google messages) - native ones still interfere.
    • display auto light mode is annoying, sometimes just goes yellow for almost no reason.
    • charges FAST
    • works great for everything else
    • How do you feel about the battery life?

    • doesn't play nice with Google apps (google phone, google messages) - native ones still interfere.

      Probably my biggest gripe with ColorOS. I'm not a fan of how locked down the OS is. I remember on older versions you couldn't even change any of of the default apps, including the launcher. Was awful. Not 100% sure if they have changed their stance on it now. Doesn't sound like it based upon your comment.

      If you're happy using everything default oppo throws at you, it's fine. But yeah, not for me unfortunately. I don't think I could spend big $$ on a phone with an OS like that. I'm glad they moved away from the crappy apple clone OS though.

      • No issues with ColorOS 7 and changing default apps, launcher etc (the first thing I do on a new phone is install and run Nova Launcher)

    • Are you using the latest ColorOS 11?

  • How well does Oppo support their devices in terms of software updates? There doesn't seem to be an official policy, one article mentions "minimum of two generations of Android updates". I tend to keep phones longer (3+ years) so for me long term support is important

    • +1

      I'm pretty sure Oppo joined some Android certification thing where they guarantee to upgrade a minimum amount of Android versions, monthly security updates etc. (could be Oppo in general or on a per phone basis but I know the Find X2 Pro is part of this).

  • OS aside this seems by far the best phone you can get locally. You're literally getting a best in class screen, 120hz at 1440p, SD865, 512GB storage, ridiculous fast charge and great cameras. The orange fake leather looks pretty damn nice too when every other phone under the sun looks almost identical.

    • But personally I love wireless charging. This missing from this phone makes me sad!

      • +1

        It charges 50% in 20mins, no need of wireless TBH

        • I have to say I love wireless charging feature mainly because I've got a wireless charger in my car and I use Google map a lot on my phone. But after actually using this phone I'm sure this feature can be sacrificed… It charged from 15% to 99% for about 20min this morning and with heavy use for 2hrs I still have 74% battery as we speak.
          If it had wireless charging I'd say it's a perfect flagship phone in 2020 ( I would otherwise choose s20 ultra Snapdragon version over this if it's the same price)

          • @jnbluv2h: I thought in aus only the recent samsung fold 2 comes with the snapdragon? Dont all the other samsung s20s lines and noted come with exynos??

            Is the colour os fully compatible with all the usual google play apps and Android functions?? Someone above was not happy with thid as oppo nativr apps supposedly get in the way?

            Keen to hear how its camera ranks to other flagships and options?

        • -1

          I'd prefer to slow charge overnight on a wireless charger and avoid serious battery abuse. Yes I know there's two cells here that charge at the same time to allow the super fast charging, and this may be a better implementation than most, but any fast charging at all produces more heat and battery wear. Also, I like to save wear on the USB port.

          I would have already bought this phone if it just had this one feature. Everyone has their list of "must haves" and "nice to haves" in a $1k+ phone. For me wireless charge is a must unless there's some other massive advantage.

          • @nitens: I think wireless charger would produce more heat and battery wear too.

            The best would be slow cable charger overnight.

            • @noone: I reckon you're right… but heat probably looks something like slow cable < slow wireless < quick cable < quick wireless. So I'm down for the small trade in wear for slow wireless convenience and no USB wear.

      • +1

        I used to love wireless charging, too. But when a phone can charge from 0-100% in under 40 mins, wireless charging isn't that important aynmore.

        • Is it true the fast charge wears the battery out faster though than normal fast charging on say the samsungs? or is it not material/noticeable in most of the medium to long run for most standard users? and that most won't notice a huge drop in battery quality in the first 2 years (and by that time some may upgrade).

  • Bought it in August, was on sale $1450. Not a fan for curved edges, the output speaker is not loud enough. Besides those, no regret, it's a good price atm

  • Can anyone confirm if their system generates the GST invoice off delivery address or billing address?

    • It should come with the GST in the invoice.