Free Custom Products for Community Groups (Sponsorship Link Required) @ Fresh Promotions


If you're a member of a community group, sports club, charity or special interest group and you have a website to which you can add a sponsorship link Fresh Promotions Australia will donate your choice of 100 x custom printed lanyards, 200 x custom printed silicone wristbands or 100 x custom made metal lapel pins. Free design and delivery is included:

Email: [email protected]

Phone (business hours): 1800 129 999

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  • This kinda feels like spam, wouldn't there be better ways to reach this audience then posting on a site where people will make a fake site for 200 #bigdickNRG wrist bands. ;)

  • You should put in a limit, T's& C's i.e. the first 100 applications etc.. there are thousands of groups thst could take this offer up…