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TP-Link HS110 Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring $20 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


TP-Link Smart Plug w/Energy Monitoring, No Hub Required, Wi-Fi, Control Your Devices from Anywhere,Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, Control Your Devices from Anywhere (HS110)

Lowest price so far based on https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B017X72IES

HS100 also available at the same price: https://www.amazon.com.au/TP-Link-Required-Anywhere-Assistan...

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      • Thanks - that would work. (Just have 30 tanks to do)

        • thats going to be a expensive endeavour friend

          • @Hotross: LOL - our last electricty bill was $2K for the quarter! so it pales into the wild blue yonder

  • Bought HS100 last time. Now could have a try on HS110. Bought one.

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    Price beat Good guys at Officeworks to get it for $19

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    Don't need one. Bought.

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  • OOS?

    I have 2 and have decided I need another!
    Also appears to be cheaper than last year!

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    These are amazing devices and I use them for xmas lights to automatically turn on/off from dusk to dawn. Energy monitoring is great and helped me in setting an optimum picture setting for my TV which is not too harsh for eyes and also pocket friendly!

  • I want to use this to monitor certain items in my house to see just how much power they use.
    is this good for this use case or is there something else simpler / cheaper to use/

    • It’s pretty good for that, I was using it on my TV for a while. Now they are running the outside lights on timers

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      Look up powerpal, it's free

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        Only in Victoria :'(

      • I already have a mains power monitor, what i was after was a way to isolate individual items.
        Its too difficult to do this at the mains as have to make sure everything else is switched off and some things you cant control like the fridge etc.
        I got 2 of these TP link items hopefully they do the job.

        • You don't necessary need to turn everything off. You could also isolate individual items by turning that one thing off, taking a reading, turning it on, taking another reading and then subtracting the two readings.

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    Had 3 of them, they all emitted night pitch noise. Returned all of them and bought Philips hueplug instead. I know it’s almost 3x price but getting rid of high pitch noise issue was more important for me. Just can’t stand that sound

    • Thanks for sharing. Do other get the same noise? I want to buy one but might change my mind then

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        It all depends how good are your ears.
        I could hear noise from hs110 from about 2 meters.
        Haven’t tried any other plugs apart from hueplug which appeared to be noise free

    • Is this problem with HS110 only? I haven't noticed any noise from my HS100.

      • Mine were hs110 thus I cannot comment on hs100

        • cheers. I think I'll pass. I hate that sort of high pitched noise so don't want to risk it. I've already got a different power meter plug anyway, and I really only need one.

  • Hi Guys, I was intending to pick up one of these for awhile now, but since you guys mention the update, I am not so sure. However I am new to this whole home automation thing and want to learn more about it. The initial reason for wanting to pick one of these up because of the power monitoring. Unless you can recommended a better power monitoring solution? I just want to stick this on the end of my Rack gear (end of UPS) and just monitor the general power usage. Later I would like to control other things perhaps to turn things and off etc etc.

    Any help and tips around this is greatly appreciated!

    • I have complained in numerous places about TP-link locking these down. However, I successfully blocked mine from accessing the internet on my router (but still working fine in Home assistant), and have just picked up another one of those as I'm after another cheap power monitoring plug.

  • I've had a couple of these for a while now with no issue. I use them with Alexa and they work brilliantly.
    Just grabbed 2 more at this price - thanks

  • Everyone worried that these won't work with home assistant after an update, according to post number 35 on this page (https://community.tp-link.com/en/home/forum/topic/237614?pag...) it's only affecting a hardware version from the UK.

    I have ordered another 5 of these for around the house. I will be blocking the. From the internet after they are installed. I have done this already with the others I have.

  • I have one. It will cover the adjacent plug. If you use it, the adjacent plug will be useless. Don't buy this

    • Yes that's annoying and a valid issue to highlight but shouldn't be a deal breaker for most people.

      $2 to resolve with a double adapter v's say ~$20 extra for an equivalent smart plug with better form factor. I know what I'd opt for.

  • +3
    • $18.43 with Suncorp discounted eBay GC!

  • Guys, I'm a complete noob at this stuff so would appreciate some help.

    Long story short - sometimes I stay late at work so it'd be good to remotely turn on the lights to make it look like someone is at home.

    What sort of light should I plug into this? Or is there a smart plug with a light already built in that I can just plug into the powerpoint and access remotely?

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      I just use a normal lamp that has a hardware on-off switch.

      The light switch is kept on at all times, and this plug (HS110 in my case) simple turns it on or off "at the wall".

      I also have it linked up to google home. "Ok google, turn on the light".

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        Thanks mate, thinking of this exact setup.

        Didn't really want to go through the google home/alexa route, so will do this instead. Cheers!

        • Basically you can do both (if you already have a google device - or even a phone). Link Kasa App to your Google home app and that's all you need to do.

          My setup in the bedroom is a lamp and a pedestal fan.

          The lamp I use every night, I can be laying in bed and turn it off via voice without having to get up.

          And similarly for the fan - if I get too hot, can turn the fan on via voice, and then off just before I fall asleep.

    • As lysp said, any hardswitched lamp will do.

      There is also an Away Mode that you can run in set time periods, as you can see a little further down on this page
      Noticed someone did some sort of vulnerability study on away modes too. Didn't have a full read, but good to see on page 3 that the on/off pattern of the TP-Link isn't so predicable (like the Wemo also tested on there)

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    I've had mine for years. Never had any issues. Works fine with Google Assistant.

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    Just did a true ozbargainer, bought 2 without thinking if I need them.

  • These are vulnerable to a Denial Of Service. Running NMAP on the local network causes them to crash and anything plugged into them to lose power. I discovered this the hard way lol. As far as i know the entire API is full of bugs.

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      I seriously don't know what you are talking about…

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        Some people disable cloud access on these (coz. they don't want TP-Link to have any access to the data), its current local network based API is quite buggy.

        Basically, for people thinking about doing that, this product may not be ideal (especially since TP-Link's approach to address the issue is to disable local API access, rather than fix it).

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    Anyone still waiting for their free plug after buying a TP-Link Deco?

    • +1, no news at all! since the claim in mid-October!

  • Did anyone else receive their plug today?

    My TP-link plug has arrived today. The box came with a broken seal. Looks like it has already been used. However, when I opened up to check the plug it was a HS100 model instead of HS110.

    I called up to see what is going on, they gave me a refund and told me to keep the HS100.

    • +1

      Mine arrived sealed and the right model version.

      • Two both sealed and right version.

  • Is TP-LINK still planning to release the Tapo line smartplugs in Australia?

  • Looks like C&C for 20-1 at GG… ill see if i can verify and buy some :)

    All out of stock nationally, but you can ebay plus it for 19 still - so they might honour it with ebay + ebay plus method of purchasing it. Max 3. $20-1, $5 shipping, but ebay plus makes this a good deal. No C&c as out of stock in stores.

    Could use it to price match JB for the HS110