This was posted 1 year 7 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$10 Bonus with $100 Smart (Sold out) / Woolworths eGift Card (Sold out), $15 Bonus with $100 ASOS eGift Card @ Prezzee


Just got the email

Prezzee $10 bonus gift card with $100 Woolworths gift card - Sold Out

Smart gift card

Asos Gift Card

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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Woolworths Gift Cards
Woolworths Gift Cards

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  • Do you have a direct link to the offer? The link you've sent doesn't make any mention of the offer

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    $100 smart gift cards are also available with $10 bonus card. I bought a smart gift card and a woolworths card and got a $10 bonus for each purchase.

    The $10 bonus that comes with the Woolworths card shows up as a wish card when added into the app, but has a relatively short expiry (end of February 2021)

    • Exactly what I did.

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      wish cards have expiry dates?

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      I think smart gift card is not available now, order is not completed

    • got both cheers bud

  • Is there a limit?

    • 1 gift card per person per credit card

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      1000 for smart
      250 for woolworths

      • You mean I can do 10 transactions of $100+$10 smart cards?

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    Finally got in early enough to get one! Bonus came instantly.

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      Me too! ๐Ÿ™Œ

      Thanks OP, great post!

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    Got one smart giftcard and one woolies and got both $10 instantly. Cheers

  • instantly got my $10 and $100 woolies - thanks OP

  • Thanks for posting the deal, just bought the Woolworths Store eGift Card and got both $100 and $10 instantly. Cheers.

    • Should get the Prezzee as well and swap it

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    Woolworths sold out

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    Woolies sold out now it seems

  • Where can i use a smart gift card?

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      You swap it for gift cards on the prezzee site. I swapped mine for Coles, but there are quite a few other stores as well.

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      Swap with any gift card offered by prezzee

      • Thanks guys

    • Swap for Amazon and Jb

  • thx got smart card

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    Is there a limit per person?

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      i'm pretty sure it is one bonus card per account

  • The bonus $10 in WW offer is actually a wish gc, not store specific :)

  • Got one thanks Op

  • Bought the woolworths egift card when bonus still available, but didn't received the bonus.

    • check your email, i just got it then

      • I got the smart preezee instantly, but the woolworths, no where to be seen.

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    Was able to get smart card but was too slow for the Woolworths card.

    Now my understanding is i can swap both these smart cards ie one i purchased and free one for another.

  • Thanks OP! bought the Prezzee smart gift card and got the $10 bonus almost immediately :D

  • Thanks OP

  • +3

    sold out before their promo email came through to me lmao power of ozb

    thanks OP

    • Same. Got their promo email at 10.45am but saw this 5 min after it got posted. Yes the power of OzB!

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    Thanks OP! Managed to get the smart gift card and have already got the $10 card as well :)

  • Thanks OP good deal

  • No thanks! Brought 1 last round with a credit card I dont use often. A week later I was hit with fraudulent USD transactions.

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    • Oh, these guys are based in Sydney. So it should all be in AUD?
      Hence no exchange fees?

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      I was hit by meteor yesterday

      • What do you mean?

    • Last week I got call from Amex asking about fraudulent activity and asking if prezzee is legit.

  • is it 1 prezzee card per account?

    • Yes

  • Thanks OP! bought the Prezzee smart gift card and got the $10 bonus almost immediately :D

    • My $10 bonus is not showing up. Is this supposed to appear in Wallet? I did have the popup on the offer when I bought it

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        It is emailed to you

  • Smart gc sold out

  • Smart gift card sold out

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    My CC is getting a work out today

    Used the swap card for ebay gc, then used the pay4ap to get $10 off ebay order and paid off rest with the ebay gc. Love stacking all the codes.

  • Well these are pretty good, shouldn't avoid these next time. Can exchange straight for Amazon etc and load onto the balance.

    • It canโ€™t be exchanged to Amazon I think

      • Worked fine for me to Amazon.

  • Anyone know if the ASOS gift cards work for shopping on ASOS websites for other countries?

  • Had unsuccessful order for me :( tried multiple cards but didn't go through. Any ideas why?

  • Was one minute too late for smart card because I thought I needed credit card. Was looking for my credit card but just ended using a normal card. Was one minute too late so I got the asos card.

    Asos gift card expiry 2030 is pretty good. Didn't see anything that it can't be stacked with cash rewards so hoping for a good sale

  • Thanks, grabbed on 3 family members accounts

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    About the last decent man standing is $50 + $5 bonus for Dan Murphy .

  • My Smart egiftcard delivered via email only shows a $100 balance, what's wrong?

    • Check your email for another $10 gift card

      • Thanks. I purchased the gift card for my wife and send to her email and the bonus $10 arrives in my own mailbox!

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    Missed out on the smart gift card again… I need to stop sleeping in on my days off

  • Over 30 min waiting for the bonus emails…getting worried they are going to shaft me.

    • i also havent received the bonus email or any email yet… :(

    • I have purchased hundreds of cards from here. No problems.

      • The emails came in at 12.12pm!

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    Thanks OP - received the $100 smart egift card + $10 straight way and easy to convert to wish giftcards. Also realized that I had a $100 wish (+$10 bonus) wish gift card unused in my prezzee wallet from a similar offer a year ago!

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    There's also bonus $5 with $50 Dan murphy gift card:

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      Appears as a Wish Gift Card in Woolworths money app.

      The $5 expires in 3 months however, need to remember to use it first.

      • Oh perfect! Wish card is even better :)

      • Hi Hamza, did you receive the bonus $5 instantly?
        I ordered like 20mins ago but still waiting…

        • Hi Bappy.

          Got it instantly yes. Check your junk as you'll get 2 emails from Preezee sequentially.

          Email 1 ($5 Bonus Gift Card):

          Prezzee sent you a AUD $5.00 Dan Murphy's Bonus Store eGift Card!

          Email 2 ($50 Gift Card):

          Prezzee Order #XXXXXXXXXX is complete

          • @hamza23: Thanks
            Yes already checked junk, no email(s) from Prezzie at all… But got the $50 instantly uploaded on my Prezzie Wallet…

            Let's wait…

            • +1

              @Bappy: Ah right, yeah unfortunately the $5 bonus doesn't appear automatically in your wallet like the $50 does, so you need that email.

              Hopefully it comes soon, otherwise I'm sure they can resend it (+61 2 9093 2777 or email [email protected])

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                @hamza23: Thanks, just got it.
                Do you know if the $5 bonus gift card can be used as a wish gift card like the $50?

                • +1

                  @Bappy: Yeah they both show as Wish Gift Cards in Woolworths Money app, just the $5 has 3 month expiry so use it first.

                  Other Wish gift cards don't have any expiry.

      • Thanks !

      • The $5 is Wish or the $50 Dan's is Wish as well?

        • Only the $5 I think

          • +2

            @kulprit: Both are Wish :)

            • @magwri: Sorry, I only clicked the check balance in the preezee app and only to he $5 went to the Woolies page.

              I spent them both straight away at Dan's anyway :)

        • +1

          Both show as Wish Gift Cards in Woolworths Money app

          • @hamza23: Is the $5 wish as well? It has numbers 832 in the middle instead of 555.

            • +1
              • @hamza23: Just tried this instore today, and it was rejected twice. Tested it again online and it didn't work either. (that was for the $5 one, havent tested the $50)

                • @victorheaven: yep it appeared as a wish gift card in the app but it doesn't work as a wish gift card in store. the $50 works in store though.

  • Missed out again ๐Ÿ˜ข

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