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Logitech MX Keys Wireless Illuminated Keyboard $178 + Shipping / CC @ Harvey Norman


I've been looking for this to drop for a while.
Got caught out with keyboard layout on Amazon and had to return in (UK layout with vertical enter key kills my WPM).
This is the cheapest I've seen since early October. Compares to the ebay deal with 15% coupon.

Possibly more discounts to this coming later in the week?

Original LatitudePay deal HN Expired

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Is this mechanical?

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      Nope, chiclet style membrane keyboard.

      As a mechkb aficionado, It's excellent though. Love mine.

      Just don't use Logitech Options with it, it'll make your volume key repeat.

  • I don't believe so. Low-profile membrane keys?

  • Is this not the same if not cheaper? https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07W5JK5MW/

    • That looks like the mac version. Which I think isn't that different except some key labels and the silver vs. dark grey colour.

  • The keys look very low profile. Is it satisfying to type on?

    • Yep - very comfortable.

    • I really like mine, satisfying keypresses - feels like an upmarket laptop keyboard without the space limitations.

      • Cheers. Do you need to install the Logitech software to utilise its full functionality? Work laptop is a bit of a pain for these kinds of things.

        The winning factor for me would be the ability to split between devices. I'd like to be able to hop from my work laptop to home desktop very easily, but not whilst having to install software for it to work.

  • It is a good keyboard. Great for sharing between 2 or 3 computers. The only thing I worry about if the keys are not removable. If dust get's in it might be hard to get it out.

    Logitech options works OK. Not too well at work where IT block ports.

  • I think it's the first Logitech Keyboard since the Dinovo Edge where typing is a real pleasure. I have one and use it daily for work and don't regret spending the money on it. I think I went to a JB Hi-fi and had a test run on a display model. They didn't have any to sell so I ended up importing from the states.

  • I've been using one now for the last month daily for work, agree it's a great keyboard to type on. I use it between my windows and mac laptops and the multiple computers feature is great. Also purchased mine from JB but managed to get slightly cheaper after asking for a discount (they gave it to me for $189 and i used 5% gift cards making it $179.55).

    • second this have been using mine since Feb and it's a dream to type on and toggle between windows / mac computers.

  • I have been waiting for a deal on this keyboard! I am new to latitude pay but when I go the website there is no mention of $20 at HN - is the deal gone?

  • Thinking of grabbing this and the $65 MX Master on Amazon

  • +2

    $169.10 with OW price beat.

    • is price beat only in store? how does the call in option work?

  • I tried this today in store… it feels exactly the same as my Satachi ST-AMBK which costs $100!

    • Satachi I guess sells only MAC specific Keyboard

  • Amazon has it for $168.26 (+ intl shipping) free for prime
    + ShopBackCR cashback

    • +1

      Just careful of the layout, US layout (that Amazon are selling) slightly different to AUS layout judging from comments on another deal on this kb.

      • Thanks so much I ended up cancelling it was def not the right one. Purchased through HN with Latitude $158 not the cheapest but close enough :) thanks a lot

        • Nice and no probs! I probably spent 1 hour reading all the comments about it and looking at the differences in layouts. I wanted to buy from HN but my local has no click and collect and I didn't want to pay the $8 shipping fee or drive 30kms. I will play the waiting game.

          • +1

            @deeeno: yeah all the HN were sold out around me to! I ended up finding one store and will get a mate to collect it for me & get it off them
            hahaha the things we do to save shipping

            hope another deal turns up for you

  • +1

    officeworks has matched now so not more price beat

  • Latitude pay has the pay $60 get $20 off, strategy is to pay enough in discounted GCs to get down to $60 then latitude pay for $20 off. Suncorp has 5% off HN gcs, so extra $5 off = $25 discount.

  • Back up to $198 now…

    • I called JB Hifi online sales and they gave me a price of $170, instore would only come down to $179 but I stared at them until they relented. Then I used zippay tap and pay and got the 10% off (this was on Saturday, bought another $130 of Coles Myer GCs).

      You could probably do the same this weekend if you were looking for one. Pretty much came out to $153.

      • ummm … wow.
        This is pro level stacking. I'm still running through the play tutorial of this game.

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