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Garmin Dash Cam 66W $199.20 (Was $349) @ JB Hi-Fi and Amazon AU (OOS)


Was looking to upgrade my Dash Cam to this Garmin 66W model. Pleasant surprise to find a great price at JB and Amazon. Went through JB because of the discounted gift cards I purchased.

  • Extra wide 180-degree field of view
  • 1440p resolution
  • Automatically records and saves footage of incidents
  • Dash Cam Auto Sync enables you to control and play back footage from up to four cameras on your smartphone using the Garmin Drive app

Mod Note: Out of Stock from Amazon AU

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Anyone own this? Thoughts?

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      Yeah, very nice dash cam. Uses bluetooth and wifi to connect to your phone when you need to access footage.
      Has time lapse mode. Appropriately, if maybe a touch too sensitive g shock sensors. Lane departure warning that surprising works well. Red light and speed camera warnings.
      You can also easily setup 4 cameras in total which will sync together, and footage can be overlayed picture in picture at your choice in the app.

      • +1

        Are you saying you can connect 2 of these, one for the front and one for the back, and sync them with time, GPS etc?

      • time lapse is a cool feature if you want to view long trips you make in minutes.
        The voice control keeps on going off on the one I had, constantly informing me it's taking photos etc. Picture quality is excellent day and night and the link 4 cam thing is really something. recommend.

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      I have the 55 and 46 on both of my vehicles.
      -Build quality is good. It works fine as a normal dash cam.
      -Extra features like red light/speed camera alert is very helpful.
      -Lane departure warning is not very accurate though.

      I will recommend this.

      • +1

        Can you turn off lane departure? Car already has it built in.

        • Yes, all those drive assistance features can be turned off.

      • How is the recorded video quality?
        And is it easy to install?

    • +2

      Received an 25% off invitation from Viofo Australia for their black Friday sales, will wait and grab from there. Haven't used any Garmin one as yet but I'm sure won't regret buying a Viofo.

      • Does Viofo have the drive assist features

        • Not as far as I know but their parking feature is what impress me and their recording quality, not really need that driving assist IMO.

          • @DisabledUser341679: Thanks, apart from the recording I am interested in the drive assist as I am new to Australian driving and hoping this won't let me make any mistakes.

            • +1

              @nsavi: Each to their own I guess, buy something that you need the most will be the right choice.

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    I want Dash Cam and Navigator in same device .

    • +5

      Get a Tesla.It does both 😷

      • +8

        I would, but I'm waiting for one I can afford that self drives… I cannot wait to never have to physically drive a car again. Hopefully in the next 10-15 years.

  • +3

    Worth the significant cash over the ozbargain golden child viofo series?

    • Those ones barely last 12 months so I just grabbed this on the hope they are more robust and last longer in aussie conditions… Will have to wait and see..

      • +8

        Viofo, going well for 3 years, won't say they are bad, paid almost half of the OP

      • +1

        My dads viofo failed in 2 years but it was sub 150

      • +8

        Viofo a119s . Still going from March 2017.

        • just sold a car recently with the Viofo a119 pro

          Got a Viofo a119v2 in the Mrs Car
          Got a Viofo A119v3 in the daily

          Waiting to take delivery of my new car which will have the A129 Pro Duo installed , can't wait.

          Have had 0 issues still going strong. Even though they look cheap and flimsy to a degree the quality of footage they record is really decent , F paying more then $400 on a dash cam , completely unnecessary.

          • @DisabledUser373341: I must have been unlucky then… had 2 (bought 6 months apart) and both died around 12 months…. I live in Perth and cars are outdoors, perhaps that is the reason and maybe this one will do as badly… I dunno… I did like the A119s….

            • @sarakoth: Must be , my cars are all in "extreme conditions" as well though. pretty much always in direct sunlight. i heard it does really get hot in Perth compared to Sydney though.

              Perhaps repositioning might be a factor to reduce the heat? , most newer model cars have that special mesh just near the center mirror usually where your ETAG goes. i try to position it just there (without obstructing the camera len's of course). the further away from the dash itself the better.

              Also recommend a dash mat to reduce glare where possible , some people don't like it so its optional but i figure it helps.

              To be fair though , if its failing at around 1 year i would be sending it back for repair/replacement. Viofo standard warranty is 12 months but if you register the product with them online they throw in another 6 months free. i would expect these cam's to last a MINIMUM of 2 years (standard use)

              Compulsory Edit: not sure the rules and regulations in Perth , but here in NSW we can get a "Sunstrip" of window tint on the FRONT WINDOW about 10% of its total size from the top down. i suppose if you were to get that and put your cam on it , it would do a world of wonders. cause that is the only thing i can think of when it comes to electronics and failing , with heat

              • +1

                @DisabledUser373341: Google tells me Perth Jan & Feb avg is 30 & 31, whereas Sydney is only 26… so a fair bit of difference. Yeah one was up near the mesh stuff, the other is in older car… apparently this has magnetic holder which I might take it down in hot days when at the office carpark and not in shade… thanks for the suggestions though…

                • @sarakoth: Your welcome , The A119 is advertised to work up to 60° C. i mean if it was a hot day , windows closed , car with direct sunlight and potentially recording something (with hardwire kit + parking mode on) it MAY cause damage to the unit.

                  This is a funny …(yet serious) take on how hot it can get inside a car. based on watching it alone one could imagine unless air-con was on or the windows down consistently it could affect it over-time and shorten the overall life-span.

                  I reckon the glass and the cam on the glass especially would be alot hotter then the ambient temperature inside the car , but nothing 5 mins of air-con could not fix. well definitely will take my own advice and throw the dash cam on a tinted sunstrip and test the results for myself going forward. its the little things that matter i guess.

                  Anyway , good luck!

              • @DisabledUser373341: There's also massive variation in climate within Sydney. I live near the beach and work out West and can get 10 degree variations coming to and from work some days. That could be enough to fry some electronics.

  • That's one sleek looking dashcam!

  • How long is the standard cable? Anyone know?

    • +1

      Manual in the box says 4m

      • That's great! Thanks might pick one up

  • +2

    Pair it with a mini for the rear view https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/garmin-dash-cam-mini - also on sale

  • I would grab 2 of the popular blueskysea dashcam for that price

  • +8

    Would buy if it didn't cost 10% of the value of my car…

  • Is this cam good under low light? The plate in the night video captured thru my dashcam is hard to identify so looking for an upgrade.

  • +1

    Can they be wired in rather than using cigarette lighter etc?

    • +1
      • +1

        How do you go about installing this to the battery? Assuming you would need a professional to do it at some cost?

        • +1

          Fuse wire tap, no need to pay auto electrician… Easy job..

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    rechargeable lithium-ion.

    Not sure how it will fair in heat.

    • +2

      Got one explode during one of those Adelaide 46c heat day

      • Did it go bang or just stop working?

        • Loud bang as if a tree branch fell over your roof then dashcam stopped working.

    • Silly question, would this work with the battery removed and attached via the cable? Or battery needs to be connected at all times? Tried googling it

  • +1

    Does this read the speed limit road signs?

  • Sooo this one or viofo v119v3

    • I dunno, but the v119v3 with GPS & CPL filter comes out at $145aud from AliExpress at the moment using the store coupon and another $11aud off with code: 2020FRIDAY

      • $139 from Kogan + shipping , you can get free shipping if you register with a dud email account and buy it then remove the payment info


  • +1

    Thanks OP. Had my eye on this for a while.
    Picked up the 66W for the front, along with the Mini for rear.
    Shame the Parking Mode Cable costs around $50 each, and you need one per camera if wanting to enable that feature. Unfortunately it’s required with the lack of respect for others property nowadays…

  • Any deal for the viofo? Like the dual cam version 😣

    • Hasn't had for a while

      • looks like they got more stock in , shipping from CN. get on it guys before the deal is up.

        BGVIOFO1120 coupon code should still work , if not they are giving $20 voucher to new users so just make a new account and you should be able to get it for $165.30

  • Would Li-Ion battery explode if left in hot car?

  • +4

    In store only, what year is this!?

  • +1

    Now to find a good memory card to complement this

  • +1

    looks like the price went to $249 now?

  • Can someone please recommend a decent Micro SD card for this unit…

    Thank you

    • Samsung Endurance Pro - 64GB

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