Samsung S20 FE - Is it too big?

I bought the s20 FE 5G 256 GB for my bro not realising that it's bigger than standard phones these days.

It's still in the box and unused and we're debating whether it's too big and whether I should try to sell it or whether he'll get use to it?

What are your thoughts if you have it? Is it great and are you happy with the size? Is it annoying? TBH I thought it was a good buy bcos everyone on here seemed to be jumping at the deals/great reviews.

I don't want him having a new phone that he doesn't like especially since he'll have it for a few years. So just trying to gauge thoughts of ppl who have it


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    I think your brother thinks it is too big.
    My daughter thinks your brother thinks it is too small.
    So it is a dead heat in this house.

    Is there anybody you could ask?

    • lol

      my brother is still deciding if he thinks it's too big. he was asking for my opinion. I'm also unsure.

      I was asking the trusted OzB what their experience was to see if anything valuable came out to help decide.

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    send it my way. I will take care of the big phone problems free of charge

  • It's all subjective. I use a OnePlus 6T for 2 years which is slightly smaller than Samsung S20 FE, but I felt it's too big to carry around. I bought my wife & daughter similar phones this year (Realme 6 & Oppo A52) both are larger than S20 FE, and they felt those are fine.

    At the end of the day it's up to the person using it. What does your brother say?

    • You'd think scottys fam would be using iPhone 13s and S30s xD

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        On the other hand there are also some people expecting me to still carry around a Nokia 3310 because of how cheap I need to be to run this site.

        • I dunno, I bet there's days you wish you had a 3310 due to the battery life ;)

    • he's not sure. I told him that the two most important things are whether it fits in his pockets and how it feels in his hand.

      obviously, it's looking like "it's too big" but was just checking if it's more an initial reaction or not. surprised it's only 1cm longer than the S20 - feels bigger than that.

  • I was in same situation as yours as upgraded from Samsung Galaxy S8 to S20 FE 5G…its little big bigger than my previous one but after using it a month or so, I have been happy so far and barely notice the size difference anymore.

  • People drop cash on an expensive item, without thoroughly checking it out in the "flesh" to see if it suits them? SMH.
    Or is this a humble brag?

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    Tbh if you're asking the question it's too big.

    I finally caved and bought a big phone (the FE). Had it for a month and it was too big and chunky. Barely fit into my pocket, was heavy to hold in bed, hard to hold one hand.

    I ended up returning it for other reasons but in hindsight I'm glad as I can now go back to a more reasonable sized phone.

    • thanks, that was helpful

      I agree, if he's questioning it, that's his answer

  • The problem is there are not enough 7" phablets !!!
    The Mate 20X at 85x175mm is the perfect phablet, but they dont make

    They prefer the 6.5"-6.7" which is no man's land!!!
    Too big for the one-handers and too small for the phlabettes!!!

    Mobiles should be 6" like Xperia 5ii or big like the Mate 20X

    • *Hi 5 for having a CCP phone

      I'm finding it hard to replace this phone due to the 7.2" size

  • It's personal preference.

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