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HP OMEN Obelisk Desktop $1500 (was $3,079) (i7 9700k, RTX 2080ti, 32GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM) @ HP Education Portal


This deal requires a student account, verified with a .edu e-mail adress. You will need to go to the footer and enter the HP student store and verify your account if you have not already. The desktop should then appear as $1,500.


NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080Ti

Intel® Core™ i7-9700K

HyperX® 32 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM (2 x 16 GB)

2 x 1 TB PCIe® NVMe™ TLC SSD

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  • That was quick!

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    This is what i expect from black friday deals.

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    Damn that ran out quick lol

    EDIT: Not sure about this specific model, but the quick google showed that the 2080 model came with the founders edition. So if this was a 2080 Ti Founders Edition + the rest of that spec, damn.

    • It is an HP blower card
      The larger omens had FE but the Smaller form factor is blower style

  • +10

    Hopefully this actually went to a lucky student and not scalpers

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      Yeh I'm a student and need 2080ti for my video rendering arts project ;)

  • Dam

  • Probably didn’t have much stock.

  • Legit about to order and oos wowws so quick

  • restock please

  • +3

    At this price, u r getting the ssd, memory, motherboard and the case for free!!

  • Price error again?

  • What a cracker of a deal, holy…

  • HP desktop on…Dell education portal? (title typo)

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    Managed to backorder (hopefully), paid $1500 using paypal.

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      Me too, now let's wait for paypal refund…

      Just received confirmation email:
      "…Good news, your order has been processed successfully. We will inform you shortly once your order is onboard for delivery…"

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    The buying a HP at Dell threw me off…

  • it says out of stock, but delivery in 14-28 days, so you can order it and get it in a month still, a great deal!

  • I’m confused. Dell education portal for an HP computer?

    Also I think it was price error. It was meant to be saving of $1500, not priced at $1500.

    • -1

      Bingo. As now confirmed by their fixed price.

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        And then sell it

        • +1

          You mean you don’t reseal your computer?

  • It was OOS when I jumped on it as soon as the deal went up.

    • Hmm, still waiting on my cancellation e-mail.
      Anyone else other than CoreJava get a cancellation notice?

      • No cancellation on my end yet either

      • +1

        Nothing on my end yet

        EDIT: Got an order confirm? Ordered at 1:39AM AEDT

        • Me too. 14-28 day time frame?

          • @mthucs: Yeah. Definitely a good deal for me since I was waiting for 6800XT AIB launch and this popped up.

            • @hexDoor: Yeh. Not a hardcore gamer. Happy with the 2080Ti especially with the ram increase over the 3070.

              • @mthucs: how about the SSD and the PSU increase? amazing hey but CPU slightly under than the 3070. not sure about system temp between the two systems.

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        Not me yet either

        EDIT - Just got order confirm!

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    You Save: $1,500.00 (34.1%
    Nice deal for anyone that managed to snag one and not get cancelled.

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      That's the black friday discount, but if you log into the student store, it stacks, and that's where the purchase price of $1,500 comes from, for a total saving of $2,899, or 65.9%

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    Placed an order at 1:17 AM - received an order confirmation with est. delivery of 1-3 days! Let's see what happens.

  • This model is 1tb pcie not 2tb. https://support.hp.com/au-en/document/c06649869

    • https://store.hp.com/au-en/student/omen-by-hp-obelisk-deskto...

      Under the specifications it lists a hard drive, then another hard drive (2nd)

      • +1

        Yep, that's an error. The spec sheet for this model is 1tb

        There is no model with 2tb.

        Just letting ppl know!

        Not that it matters since it's OOS

        • Ah damn, I managed to grab one (or atleast order one lol) - was hoping to use one of them in another pc. Oh well, still a great deal.

          Thanks for the info!

          • +1

            @tooli22: I may stand corrected - a dude later in the thread contacted them directly and they said its 2tb.

            I don't really believe it to be honest as that's probably just first line support regurgitating the product page…

            There is only one place on the specs that says additional 1tb - all other references show 1TB

            Processor family
            9th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor
            Operating system
            Windows 10 Home 64
            Hard Drive
            1 TB PCIe® NVMe™ TLC SSD
            Memory standard
            32 GB
            NVIDIA GeForce

            Probably all moot anyway! Good luck

            • @badonde: Yeah mate I called up myself as well. Was told that the document you linked to was just one of the base configurations of the system and that the specifications listed on the actual product page are what's included.

              The support member I spoke to said that if the system I receive does not have 2TB (i.e. is not as advertised) they will raise the issue to their team.

              We'll find out soon enough!

              • @tooli22: Cool! Can you upload that confirmation for anyone that gets it shipped?

  • it said save 1500 you sure it was 1500 not save 1500 ??

    Still in stock not at 1500 though

    • +1

      It was $1500

      • +1

        Damn ages ago i saw the same thing happened to a laptop that was supposed to be 3000 but instead of saying saved 1500 they had it at 3000

        • The 2899, save 1500 figure is the standard black friday deal, if you log in with the student store, it stacks down to $1,500 total!

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    OMG. Ordered 1.48pm
    Received a confirmation for 14-28 days.

    • covid they prob getting one from the HQ and ones on hand will ship quicker perhaps

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    Want this badly but not a student :(

    • You can order it thru HP cooperate employee portal.

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    Don't be too sad if you missed out. I know it was a good deal but it's not as good as the RRP and discount makes it out. You can get the Dell with a 3070 which is 20-25% faster than this system. This has slow RAM and gen1 NVMEs which bring down the price considerably. The RAM is worth around $100-120. The SSDs about $200. You were probably saving about $300-500 in real terms. Not $1500.

    • +1

      Yeah but Dell isn't as large of a discount

    • Actually, you're right! I misread as a core i9, not i7! Must needed sleep! Oh well I would still be happy for $1500.

    • Which Dell system is this?

      Edit: Found it

    • +11

      you're talking about ram and nvme's being slower like normal people would ever see any real performance difference apart from the gpu. Come on man. $1500 for this system would have been a steal stop trying to make it out to be "i Tz nOT thAt Bad gUyZ"

    • You were probably saving about $300-500 in real terms. Not $1500.

      so you're saying for PC with this specs, the going price these days should be $1,800 - $2,000 ?

  • -2

    ordered at 2:14am, dont have too high hopes and not really any reason to have it but damn if it aint a deal

  • I ordered - it said it of stock but still let me order? Hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the bum - I think the last HP deal I did backfired and they held my money for a few weeks!

    On another note, 2:30am and I'm Ozbargaing?

    • +1

      Apparently order is processed? Next notification will be when it's on board for delivery! Will see how long this lasts! I remember previously (as noted) they offered me a different machine for a discount that they had in stock. If it does get cancelled, hopefully there is a nice alternative!?

  • lol i also just got it whilst out of stock. Let's see what happens hmmm

    • Have a guess? They don't make this cpu or gpu anymore. Cpu is 2 years old, gpu the same.
      Prepare to have your money held for a week and then returned

      • Better than amazon holding your cash for a month from UK orders being "lost".

        (profanity) lol

  • missed

  • psu is 500w that machine would cook in the summer no doubt

  • So I can still order this, do you reckon I should build a oc with rtx 3080 or tgis would be better

    • +1

      It would be definitely better! But you will be spending much more.RTX 3080 alone is roughly this price.

  • You still can place an order thru HP CEP site for same price. Might get cancelled thou. I got the confirmation which stated delivery 14-28 days as out of stock. Worth a shot if not in a hurry.

  • +2

    it asks for a code?

  • This is one of the best gaming pc out there if you don't include RTX3080 and above.
    For the price everyone should get it who needs a gaming pc.
    I haven't seen a deal on PC'S like this in a very long time

  • Just realized the HP page says the product has been viewed over 3000 times in the last 72 hours lol… we aint getting this >_< I ordered anyway though haha.

    Oh also.. does paypal still keep the fee when refunds are issued? cause if so then I kind of feel bad ordering when that is likely to happen :/

  • Does anybody know what mobo and cooler they are using?

  • another cracker of a deal; i probably should stay awake as it gets closer to Black Friday.

  • it shows $2899 and out of stock for me… OZBARGAINED AGAIN>?

    • you got to login via their student portal but it is moot point; the product is OOS though you can add it to the cart so the outlook doesn't seem promising.

    • I just ordered it. " Wait for Shipment ". Hoping for a free coupon lol.

      • -3

        I went through the subtle way by emailing them and asking if they'll honour it before I proceed.

  • Wow, great bargain!

    • if you can get it

  • +1

    nooooo, this was perfect for me and within my budget :(

    • same here; i am about ready now to pull trigger on my dream machine (Ryzen 3600, 2070 Super/5700 XT, 1TB, 750W PSU, 16GB) and all retailers seem to be on average of $1,700-ish so this is quite a perfect gaming rig for its price.

  • it only allows edu emails i think. my personal email worked last time i bought one in June.

  • what type of motherboard is it? and how much would you get something similar at CPL?

  • For future reference how do you enter the education portal?

    EDIT: found it and it does say 1.5k

  • I just pulled the trigger as well - let's see.

  • This is a great deal im pretty shattered i missed it

  • +4

    crap. I know I shouldn't sleep these days

    • Not when it near black friday!

  • damn great deal!

  • I was about to spend $200 on adding a graphics card to my crappy pc. Bit the bullet on this deal instead. This is pretty good bang for buck.