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Asus RT-AX88U AX6000 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router $384 C&C (or + Delivery) @ Bing Lee


Was looking for a new router for my FTTP.

Had my eye on this Asus seems to be a good price, normally sells around the ~$500 mark.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • So, I have an ISP supplied modem router for an FTTB connection 100mbs speed. Can I replace what I have with this?

    • I replaced my ISPs POS router with one that looks similar (netgear brand) and the wifi and NBN connection is so much better now. Never drops and full signal across the house.

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      You cannot replace it with this entirely. This is a router only, not a modem. You can still use this however, by setting up the existing modem from your ISP in bridging mode and then use this to supply the wifi to your home. your existing modem will be fine to be used as in this manner, a more expensive one shouldn't be needed as it is just giving you access to the internet.

      • I bought one (thanks OP), but connecting this to my existing modem/router is proving to be very frustrating. It’s not recognising any internet connection and my ISP is useless with support. Might have to sell this now as it’s TFH!

        • Who is your ISP?

        • Should be as easy as setting up your current modem in bridging mode. I assume this is the first thing you tried?

          • @88dozz: This in itself is a challenge. To do this, it says to assign VLAN ID to 2, which is currently the same number as the PPpoE setting. Can’t have both, one or the other. Removing the existing and replacing with a bridge setting does nothing.

            ISP is TPG FTTB

            • @mrmaltalian: Hmm sorry not too sure about that. I guess if all else fails you can grab a cheap modem that is not ISP supplied. Alternatively you can return it and buy a DSL-AC88U, it's a modem and a router in one. I just bought one for my FTTB connection which I am yet to try. It's not wifi 6 but it's still pretty good and I am pretty sure it will work.

              • +1

                @88dozz: I managed (after many hours) to get this connected and functional. Primarily needed to connected the router to the ISP modem/router in the LAN port rather than the WAN port. Pain the a** of an exercise though!

      • You cannot replace it with this entirely. This is a router only, not a modem.

        What do you recommend to replace a netcomm nf18acv then? I don't want to have a third device in the house running just to distribute a NBN connection…

        • Hmm honestly I would have thought that modem would do the trick. That would have been my recommendation to be honest. Seems that modem is widely compatible not sure why you are having issues.

  • Nicely spotted. This is definitely on my Black Friday list. Anybody think I’ll find it cheaper?

    • +1

      Historically, isn’t this about as low as it gets? Aussie stock too.

    • +2

      It was cheaper last year Black Friday $370.40 and there was $40 cashback promo to boot. Ended up getting it last year for $330.40 after cash back.

      It was also Bing Lee Black Friday deal.

      • Yeah…saw that one, but I'm not holding out for another. Of course, I'll have a little cry if it comes up somewhere for less tomorrow :o)

      • How have you found the performance? Many dropouts? Good range?

        • +1

          It has excellent range and I have never had a dropout when connecting to it.

  • Anyone know if this Will this be capable of wifi 6e

    • I don't even have any devices at home capable of Wifi 6 yet, let alone 6e!

      6e runs on 6+GHz right? The chip would have to be capable of doing that, and to do it well the antennas would also need to be tuned for 6ghz (though I'm sure the current antenna would transmit the signal). Given that these are hardware things, I think it highly unlikely that this router has been built with that capability - a firmware upgrade ain't gonna do it unless the hardware is already capable of it, which would be strange.

    • +1

      No it most likely won't, but we are still a couple years away before 6e becomes reality. It hasn't even passed legislation has it?

      • Nah we have to wait for the discussion paper to be released.

    • +2

      Wi-Fi 6E is Wi-Fi 6 (also known as 802.11ax) over 6 GHz.

      You need a built-in WiFi chip that can transmit or receive over the 6 GHz spectrum, and not to mention compatible antennas.

      So, to answer your question: no.

    • There isn't any device on the market that has 6e.
      I have only identified ASUS as the only company to announce 6e inclusion on specific routers for (Q1) 2021

      • But if you can wait 6 months wouldn't it be better to wait for the wifi 6e

        • It maybe more than 6 months before Wi-Fi 6E routers are available at local retailers.

          6 GHz Radio Local Area Networks (RLANs)

          We intend to release a discussion paper in Q4 2020 as part of the initial investigation stage, looking at the state of both the 5 GHz and 6 GHz bands, and recent international developments in those bands. We will take a preliminary look at some potential new uses for the band in Australia, and gauge industry appetite for considering changes to accommodate such uses.

          Five-year spectrum outlook 2020-2024

          • @Twix: Hmm also I shouldn't get the first 6e router be better to wait after 3 years maybe before hitting 6e routers.
            What do you think.

            • @Jklaro: Buy when you need. Wi-Fi 7 is meant to come out 2024 :-)

        • You wait 6 months then the new 6e device cost twice as much, so then you wait for them to be on sale, but then wifi 7 is around the corner so you wait again.
          Rinse repeat and that fence you're sitting on will wear a hole in your arse :)

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unc36O66Ef0

        WiFi 6 put to the test! 802.11ax iPhone 11 any good?

  • Thanks OP…got my order in.

    I've been watching this router ever since our old Airport Extreme went on the fritz recently. This should be a rather big improvement. We have wired ethernet through the home, so the eight ethernet ports on this is a big plus - it will take over as the centre of our network, and I can ditch a switch into the bargain. The WiFi won't be stretched with the half dozen or so devices we'll have using it, and none of those are AX, but our Airport didn't even support AC so things should be a little quicker.

  • I've had this for about a year or so now - very solid, stable router and the range is vastly improved over my older tp-link. I could ditch an unstable wifi extender I was using.

    One thing that's confusing me though is that I'm not sure my iphone 12 is using wifi 6 though. I did a test to just have the 5ghz wifi spot AX only, and the iphone is "unable to connect" to the hotspot after doing so. When leaving it to auto (i.e. AX and below) it's fine but when doing "wifi sweetspots" test the bandwidth seems to be AC speeds. Was keen to see how wifi 6 improved xbox remote play on the iphone as was a bit laggy.

  • This or the AC86U?

    Price doesn't matter. Which one is going to be better (I have limited understanding of these)

    • +2

      AX > AC, for Asus, generally the larger the number the better. This is way better than AC86U

    • +2

      Even AX86U is better than AC86U.
      So it should be AX88U > AX86U > AC86U

      • Doesn't the AX86U have newer/better hardware than the AX88U which is over a year old now?

        How would you decide between the two for the average user?

        • +2

          from Whirlpool:
          "They are actually very similar. Unlike the earlier AC models.. Same processor and 5ghz chip.. the AX88U has better 2.4ghz but that shows its' more industrial usage.. for high speed 5G is really only relevant one. The AX86U gets 2.5gbps ethernet port which can be used wan or lan. AX has 8 gigabit ports with teaming possible.
          The wifi in Dong's test certainly do better with the AX86U.. see his charts.. but that can be due to when the review was done. Later firmware was really important as early firmware in AX88U was renowned for bugs.

          I guess the idea is the AX86U is not as imposing and might fit into your living room without looking like an industrial park.

          No merlin firmware for the AX86U and a definite reluctance to do more.. so AX88U might be one of the last to get improved firmware.. that would certainly add a few points on the AX88U side."

          • @oceangoingsfc: Thanks for the comprehensive reply.

            Sounds like the key difference is the 2.5gbps ethernet port?

            How important is Merlin firmware? Stock firmware should work with NBN HFC & FTTP for home use without issues right?

            Are there any other models in this range you would recommend above the AX88U?

            • @SimpleLeverage: Asus routers with stock firmware are compatible with NBN FTTP & HFC.

              • +1

                @Twix: Bought a Asus AC68u a couple of months ago with latest firmware and amazingly it was plug in play (and a few clicks through the start wizard) with my TPG HFC connection. I was expecting to have to configure Vlan settings ect. Very simple

            • @SimpleLeverage: I was looking for this product in last 2 months and there is one above this model AX11000 which is cost nearly $700. Higher model cost more.

              I am still learning about Merlin firmware and maybe others can provide some updates on that.

            • @SimpleLeverage:

              Are there any other models in this range you would recommend above the AX88U

              The next model up would be this monster:

    • No pt comparing a mesh set up with a single router.

      If you need range, you get that.

      • I'm looking for the range. Then I have to go with the mesh.
        In terms of speed?

        • +1

          Range. Mesh. Simple.

          Speed isn't likely going to be be any real difference

  • Thanks OP, locked the order in. Actually, it's the first time for me to use Bing Lee web and hopefully, the product can be delivered accordingly.

  • +2

    Dear Amazon, I dare you to match this price….

    • Not really, they still have $529.

    • They did match it last night. I bought this model from Amazon for $384 with free next day delivery. They only had 3 left in stock though and looking again this morning those have all gone. Lucky I was checking at midnight!

  • This or AX-82u? I know this is more powerful 6000mbps vs 5400mbps, but AX-82u is a much newer product and there might be some design improvment or bug fixing to it.

    • +1

      AX-88U has Merlin support though

      • AX86U has alpha support with full support to come presumably

  • I still have a router supplied by my ISP and on HFC. Can this replace my default router modem? I also don't use my home phone either.

    • Yeah hook up the Asus router to the NBN box.

    • i will use it to replace my Telstra smart modem 2 for my NBN HFC.

    • Well it looks like they are OOS and on back order :(

  • +1

    Fantastic product and still one of Asus flagship Wifi6 units after all these years and still getting firmware updates!… snatched one! Thank you~

    FYI Add anything else to your cart for $16 or more then apply coupon code: BING20 to get a further $20 off your order (orders over $400)… also don't forget to activate Cashrewards (Just got confirmation it was applied to the order!) BARGIN!!

    • What can you buy for <$20 that you actually need to score a $20 discount?
      I thought the same, and could find anything in that price range that I need.

      Cashrewards works out to be about $10 (2.8% on the subtotal before GST and shipping).

      • I just got some crappy USB sticks 3x 16GB USB sticks that I can format and not keep anything important on such as to install OS's and junk like that in the future… They were $18 so essentially I got them free of charge and an extra $2 off the order so thought might as well.

        I was considering a power extension cable or a few USB cables as well if you just want some free stuff might as well….

        The following link might give you some idea's, anything you add that is $20 and below or above $16 becomes free so might as well…

      • No idea what this is like but found something for exactly $16 giving you an extra $4 off this router and getting a 'free' gift essentially… (Router costs $380 + wifi smart plug as a gift)… :-D

        LASER SMT-PLGUSB-L - SMART WIFI PLUG: https://www.binglee.com.au/laser-smt-plgusb-l-smart-wifi-plu...

  • great price for a top end router, got mine 2nd hand $300 few months ago

  • I have one of these and can attest that they are a nice solid router with a rich feature set and really good interface. Gives you great control over everything and I had no problem setting it up. Highly recommended.

  • I heard for each hop on a Wi-Fi mesh network, you lose 50% throughout. Is this correct? So if you are getting 50mbps on Ethernet, by the time you go through one hop of a mesh you'll be at 25

    • Nah the 50% throughput drops happen with wifi extenders. Mesh network speeds are fairly consistent.

    • +1

      You're thinking extenders. You wont get this with Mesh.

    • +1

      You only lose 50% for maximum throughput, tested with local network, I'm getting 900mbps connecting to mesh router, about 500mbps via mesh node.

  • Thanks OP. Been eyeing this out for ages. I did find it at one point for around that price (maybe a bit cheaper) from the US, but didn’t pull the trigger.

    This will nicely replace my aged Nutgear D7000.

    • I got the Netgear d7000 also but trying to hold out till wifi 6e. Being so close to releasing this will be outdated within 3 months.

    • Yeah I've still got the D7000 which seems to keep on kicking (occasional reboots required). How long do I need to stare at it before it will die so I can justify buying the AX88U?

  • Have had this for over a year now. Great router, no issues at all.

  • Anybody have any opinions if it's worth waiting for the Wifi6E units which will probably start coming out early next year?

  • Bugger, OOS and showing delivery as 5/01/2021!!

    Do I cancel or wait and see if I can get it cheaper first??

    • +1
      • that's really good price. but not everyone need that higher model. It's super model. AX88U is good engough for most of home users.

        • AX88U and AX11000 are allllmost identical units in every respect,
          except AX11000 has something called "VPN Fusion",
          where you can have VPN end-point with the router,
          but still use client VPN connections through the router.

          ( also AX11000 has 2 x 5GHz SSIDs , but AX88U has 8 x Gigabit LAN ports )

      • I went with these babies https://www.binglee.com.au/asus-xt8white-zenwifi-ax and will integrate the router when it arrives!

        Still cheaper than the Netgear Orbi!!

        • Let us know how you go after your network performance testing.

        • Network noob here. I thought the product you link to above would already give you pretty good performance. What additional benefit do you get from integrating the AX6000 router?

          • @nudy: An extra 8 ports and I can use the router as the main with the Zenwifi units as remotes to cover my entire house and back yard with superfast wifi.

            If it is overkill (which it most likely will be) I can just sell the router - but I figure it will be fun to test it out.

            • @dtn72: I use the standard ISP supplied router and do get the occasional stutter in the network on Netflix and on the PS4 - no idea if this is bandwidth problem or poor router/wifi performance. I do have dead spots in the house which are usually the areas further from the wifi box. Would the AX6000 improve the situation?

              • @nudy: I'm not an networking expert sorry. There are so many factors at play to be able to make a determination.

                I would say yes, you will see some improvement due to the fact that ISP routers tend to be budget models and the Asus here is more aimed at the "prosumer" market (and gamers of course)!

    • I didn't order when I posted, was still thinking about it.

      Just called my local who had 1 left and are holding it for me. Not showing stock on the website.

      Perahps trying calling your local store.

  • Can anyone confirm if the delivery date is up to next year when they bought it?

    • +1

      I have been told "Order will be shipped within 1 - 8 days by Aus Post." I have paid addtional $6 for delivery.

      • :( ok thanks, seems to be a backorder now then

    • +1

      I did click and collect. Got an email 90 mins later to say that it's ready to pick up.

  • +2

    Crazy money for a consumer grade router

  • Anyone else having delivery issues for Melbourne?

  • I have multiple xboxs and fine connecting via cable with ADSL. NBN now only let's one at a time connect (from what I've read it's something to do with the xboxs having the same address so when playing online it has issues - in a nutshell). So currently using wifi which is not ideal for fps games.
    People in a similar situation in forums have tried different modems. Wondering if this would be better then my current Nighthawk 7000P and may fix my problem.
    Anyone in the same situation here that can recommend a modem/router.
    We have fibre to the curb.

  • Thanks OP, had this on an alert so grabbed one!

  • +2

    For those who missed out it's just been reduced to match this price on Ebay as well using the following link with the 20% Ebay discount:


    • +1

      The 20% eBay discount requires Plus membership, which some of us may not have.

    • +1

      Thanks, cancelled my order with BL and ordered this one!

  • BingLee is telling me my order has been placed on back order although I placed the order more than 3.5 hours ago (very shortly after this deal was posted!!!) NOT HAPPY!

    • FYI: Requested refund via BingLee Online Chat
      * The funds will be returned back to your Credit Card in the next 3-5 business days.

      They sold the unit I got early this morning it seems… not happy with them at all… anyway I've just purchased using the eBay link provided above using the 20% discount code to get the same price but includes free shipping for me (AU$384 delivered )

  • +1

    There’s 2 left in bing lee Rockdale whoever wants them.

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