Dyson and Xiaomi Vacuum cleaners

Hi, just looking for Cordless Vacuum cleaner as lots Black Friday sales are in.
Any comparisons on Dyson V11 and Xiaomi V11? XiaoMi is like half price but it’s their highest model so I assume the suction power should be similar?
Also does Dyson V7 has the same power as V8 just shorter using time? Does v7 still perform well after 6/12month?
Thanks 😊


  • I recently purchased the Xiaomi Dreame V11 when it popped up as part of this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/576060

    We’ve found it to be great - we have hardwood floors (tile and bamboo floorboards) and some floor rugs scattered around the house. It doesn’t scrape or scratch and does a good job of picking everything up even on the jute and thicker rugs we have. We have cats and dogs (fur everywhere) and have just had sanding and painting done all through the house and it dealt with dust and dry paint bits really well.

    Very light and portable as well, and quieter than I expected. Charges up quick too.

    Would definitely recommend looking into one, and it’s just as good as any handheld/similar Dyson I’ve used. :)

  • That's miss leading, Xiaomi is Xiaomi, while Dreame is Dreame, the dealer here is just trying to mess-up the two brands which I don't like it at all. And BTW, Dreame even don't offer anything other than the Gen 1 Mi handheld as ODM supplier toward Xiaomi

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