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Ryzen 7 3700X | RTX 3070 Gaming PC [B450 Aorus/16GB 3200/650B]: $1688 + Delivery @ TechFast


This is our big one for BF/CM. AMD have supported us for a once off R7-3700X at R5-3600 price for this deal and Galax and Gigabyte have chipped in to bring us $200 under the PCPP comparison. Feel like it stacks up pretty well price-wise against the Dell 3070 system, with plenty of upgrade options available as always.

Ryzen 7 3700X / RTX 3070 8GB Gaming PC: $1688 after 3700X-3070-BFCM

  • Ryzen 7 3700X 8c/16t processor
  • Galax SG MSI Ventus 2X RTX 3070 8GB GPU (Gigabyte Eagle and Ventus upgrade available) - updated 28/11)
  • Gigabyte B450M Aorus Elite motherboard (lots of upgrades including MSI Pro-VDH WiFi and X570 Aorus Elite WiFi). If the Giga B450M sells out (loads available) the Biostar B550 is also the same price.
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM (brand/model may vary)
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD (for those bringing own storage, or upgrades available; brand/model may vary)
  • Gigabyte P650B 650W 80 Plus Bronze PSU (750 Gold and 850 Gold available)
  • Lance-V RGB 4 Fan ATX case - details/specs

The below cover entry level, budget, sub-$1000, 1440P and high tier deals. If you have any other BFCM spec requests let me know and I'll see what we can do; RTX 3080, RX 6000 series and Zen 3 chips deals are not possible. RTX 2070/S and 2080/S are end of life too.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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      • +1

        There's good, then there's 7 business day from order to shipping notification "good". Thanks for the super fast turn around!

    • Lucky you! Eagerly waiting for my build, editing 4k footage on my laptop is so slow so hoping to get it soon.

  • Just received notification that my order is ready to pick up. Ordered on 26th. Less than 2 weeks! Phenomenal Luke!

  • +1

    I ordered the 3500x/5700xt deal before this deal was even posted, yet haven't received any info regarding shipping. But people here are receiving there's from this deal, that kind of sucks :(

  • Purchased on November 26th - No update on the shipping of the PC at all on the shopify Tracking app / or any SMS?
    Any idea on you could be delivering these this month?

    From Melbourne

    • They're in build now so some are shipping. Overall, we're aiming for 14 business days from order to dispatch for these.

  • Got an email from Auspost saying delivery is coming between today 10th or 11th. Sweet!

    • When did you make your order?

      • 27th Nov

        • Cheers! I ordered 27th as well but opt for pickup as I'm in SA. Fingers crossed I get the good news tomorrow!!

          • @Porkr0ll: Oh shit I didnt realise you could do pickup, do you know what the address in SA is? Can't seem to find it in google

            • @simon2105: Couldn't find an exact address but i do remember seeing them located in the suburb of Beverley 5009 after googling their name

              Just email [email protected] with ur order number and tell them U wanna pick up. Should be all good

    • your location?

      • +1


        • Thanks, I ordered on 26th Nov, from Melbourne. Still awaiting delivery confirmation.

    • Any chance you use any tracking app?

  • Also ordered on the 26th, at around 10pm.
    I decided to go unassembled and hoped to skip the queue a bit as it obviously saves a lot of time just packing some boxes together instead of assembling the whole thing…also I like assembling it myself😁
    And so far no updates at all.

  • Yeah they seem to not have a build queue priority at all that I suspected on the 3080 deal and this kind of confirms it.

    Ordered 40 minutes after this deal went live and no shipping notification as of yet :(

  • Hey @luketechfast - just really confused on what’s going on with My order number - TF121092631

    Any update?

  • Still waiting for my order - TF121622631.

    Ordered on 26/11/20.

    No notifications on shipping yet.

  • +1

    I received my PC yesterday btw - thanks for the epic turn around time Luke.

  • Got mine today and it's up and running smoothly so far. Hopefully, your ones will arrive soon.
    Thanks again, Luke

  • +1

    Same as the last few comments, I ordered on 26th at 3:25pm (TF121182631), so only an hour after the deal was posted. Little sad it seems they don't have a queue system for their build/dispatch order.

    It would make sense if they did batches based on regions too, all the Melbourne ones together, all the Sydney ones together etc, for bulk shipping purposes. But @Goshira15 above ordered a day after me and is also in Sydney, got their shipping confirmation already and mine is still sitting on "unfulfilled". Only conclusion I can draw is they don't have much of a queuing system beyond "get them built and get them out the door".

    Still pretty great value for money though, so I can't really complain too much. I wonder just what kind of volume they do on a deal like this, just how many systems they're having to build and ship.

    • Maybe they process the orders back to front lol.

      • Well its now 11 working days since my order. I am hoping for a dispatch on Wednesday.

        • Lol I haven’t even got a dispatch it’s been 16 days

          • +2

            @badd2k: How can it be 16 working days if it was ordered on 26/11?
            Its been 11 Working days.

            • @techno2000: My bad wasn’t counting business days but still.

              • @badd2k: They did give a disclaimer that it could take up to 14 working days. I am also patiently waiting but can't really complain that much, it's a good deal AND they did tell us it could take 14 business days!

  • Ordered on 27th November.

    10 working days have passed.

    I should be getting a package sent to me within the next 4 days now…

    • Is that 14 business days till they ship or receiving the parcel. Because that is impossible at least if they go with aus Post or Fastway to Brisbane. If they ship on Monday I'll expect it by Monday the week after…I hope they use a different courier.

      • Till they ship.

        I can stand a delay. I just better get it before Christmas though. That's a reasonable timeframe.

  • +1

    Ordered in the Morning of 27th November, heard nothing apart from the confirmation email after purchase.

    • Hey did you hear from them? Ordered a month ago, haven’t heard about it ever since.

      • mine was shipped on 17/12, it is being delivered to the NT and Aus post says it is still in Sydney…

  • +2

    Hope we receive it before christmas break :O

  • Ordered on 26th NOV around 7:00pm.
    Order TF121482631, haven't received nothing except order confirmation. Next Wednesday will be 14 business days. Finger crossed.

    • Hey mate
      I ordered around the same time as you on the 26th, just got confirmation it's been shipped about 10mins ago. I'd imagine you aren't too far behind!
      Super excited!!!

      • Mine has been shipped as well.Got an sms and email just now. Ordered on 26th Nov.

      • Thanks for sharing mate!

      • Thanks for sharing mate!

        • Hey guys
          Got my order yesterday 😂
          Did anyone else only receive 2 front intakes and 1 exhaust fan (instead of 3 and 1) and the front intakes were not RGB?

          Similarly I had my GPU PCIe slot retention clip removed to house the galaxy 3070 card.

          • @niren1706: II had my GPU PCIe slot retention clip removed as well. It was just rattling in the case and I wasn't sure what it was until your comment!

  • Just got shipping update, was given tracking number! Looks like its been dispatched. Will update everyone when I receive it!

  • I got a tracking number as well…unfortunately aus post. itll most likely take till next week to brisbane.

    • In my case,its already reached Melbourne.So hopefully get it by tommorow or Thursday.

  • Just got a shipping update too, can't wait :) !

    • Hey mate, did you also order on the 26th?

      • Hey, I ordered on the 27th around 1pm. Hope you got your notification as well?

        • 1pm Sydney time that is

          • @tigerknight: Thanks! I ordered at about 5-6PM SA time on the 27th.

            Hopefully I get the good news today!!!

  • Ordered on 26 Nov at 3pm and received the shipping notification this afternoon at 2pm. Australia Post's tracking page says, 3 business days! Hopefully by the end of this week!

  • +1

    Just got my tracking code today woo

  • got my code today, ordered 27th 10pm. it will be really cool if it arrives this week.

  • +1

    My tracking is still stuck on "received and ready for processing" since last Thursday morning. No updates since then.. kinda worrying.

    • sounds to me like the tracking is stuck. as long as its within the 3-5 day timeframe + maybe another 2 business days because of christmas i wouldnt worry…it just s***s :)
      my tracking now has the same status and i hope it gets to brisbane by friday…

      • Okay thanks man 😊

      • Had any update yet? Been 5 business days and still says ready for processing

    • +1

      I have the same annoying update..

  • +1

    Ordered on the 26 around 7:00pm, still no news for me today :(

  • woo mine just arrived

    • Where are you located?

    • Did your tracking just say received and ready for processing then it just randomly got delivered? Or did you tracking have updates along the way?

  • Damn. still haven't received a code or anything.
    ordered 2 pm 27th

    • You are not alone mate. Ordered 7pm 26 still nothing

      • did you order assembled or unassembled?
        I ordered on the 26th 10pm, unassembled, so i will hopefully get a bunch of boxes. Mine has been shipped tuesday morning. thats when i got the Aus post notification ' received and ready for processing'…since then no updates so i hope the tracking is just broken and it made some progress in the past 24h.

        • I orderd assembled. Got reply from the support it should send out tomorrow, Friday the latest. Finger crossed. Not sure if I could get it before Christmas.

    • Yup ordered 27th 12pm too. So far no updates.

    • OK - have received shipping info now

  • Anyone else receive a damaged case?

    • Mine has not been shipped yet, but does this happen? Can we do anything about it if it arrives damaged?

      • I'm assuming it got damaged in shipping. One corner of the box looks pretty wrinkled. Could have been packaged better.

  • Just realised that mine only has 2 front fans. I assumed by the description (4 fan case) it would come with 3 in the front, plus the one in the back. Anybody else's like this? It looks weird

    • According to the casing specs, there should be 3 RGB intake fans at the front and 1 rear exhaust fan…

    • I think they run out fans and will send you when the stocks arrive. But, try contacting them.

      • Cheers, have sent an email to support

      • Is it still usable without?

        • Yeah of course

    • +1

      Ah, silly me, just saw the letter they included in the parts box. It'll ship in a couple of weeks

  • Ordered 26th 10.29pm and still no update

  • +2

    Auspost say mine is coming today (Sydney) so here's a quick timeline for the curious/anxious:

    Ordered 26th ~2:30pm and confirmation email same day
    Shipping info received on the 14th
    Received + processing 15th
    Processed at Sydney 16th
    Onboard for delivery 17th

    Best of luck to all you guys yet to receive news

    • Did yours come with 2 or 3 fans?

      • Mine came with 2, waiting on the third

  • Ordered 20/11 (the previous deal)
    Shipping Information received 10/12
    Received and ready for processing 10/12

    Nothing since…

    • Ordered 22/11
      Shipping info 15/12
      Received and ready 15/12

      No update from Auspost.
      I'm hoping that they never update the tracking system and actually in transit to Perth.

      • Hey I am in Perth too. Let me know when you get yours. I just got my shipping information today too.

  • +1

    Received mine today, the fans sound very loud even when idle, apart from that I'm still happy with the overall quality of the build.

    • Did you get the default case? How is the build quality? My previous one from TechFast was extremely thin which meant it was also very loud.

      • Yes I went with the default case, the build quality is pretty good in general with neat cable management. The top part of the case is basically an open-air giant filter, which I guess is the main reason why this pc becomes inevitably loud.

        • yeah it is a bit noisy.I think we might need to fiddle with Bios settings and set up a better fan profile.

          • @techno2000: Yeh, hope we can fix it with bio settings without overheating the cpu

              • @techno2000: Thanks! the guide from this video it really helped.

                I've also replaced the fan at the back of the case with a better one, the supplied fan was consistently running at 100% speed because it connects directly to the psu, after changing fans the system is much quieter now

                Very disappointed with fans cable management, it was impossible for me to remove the back fan because the power cord is stuck right under the motherboard, only way to take it out is to remove the entire board(or cut the fan), so I ended up disconnecting/move the default fan to a corner of the case.

                • @kyo252: I replaced the case fans with 4 Noctua redux fans(nf-p12-redux-1700-pwm) which was the cheapest noctuas i was willing to spring for and am running them at 700 rpm and its almost silent now.

        • -1

          Ah okay. I did the $39 upgrade to the MSI case, also has an open air giant filter on the top, but my PC is near silent.

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