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Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro Robot Vacuum $299 (RRP $649), Viomi V3 Robot Vacuum $499 (RRP $849) @ Xiaomi AU Store/ eBay/ Catch/ Kogan


Hi all
Ive reached out to the xiaomi official store for a deal on the xiaomi viomi robot vacuum and i was pleasently suprised of how willing they were to give ozbargainers a killer price on these vacuumes.
They are cheapest ever offered.
They also come with Australian warranty

Official Mi-store:

There is also 3% shopback cashback to further reduce the price

Its also on their ebay store if you have discounted ebay gift cards to further sweeten the deal

eBay: Promo Code - PLUSBF20 & PRESS20

Also same price on catch and kogan if you have discounted gift cards

Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro Robot Vacuum

Laser Navigation
Mopping Master
3 Working Modes
Mi Home APP Remote Control
2100Pa Suction
Automatic Recharge + Breakpoint Continuous Sweep
20mm Obstacles Climbing Capability

Xiaomi Viomi V3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Silver Copper Ions
LDS Navigation + SLAM Algorithm
550ml Smart Water Tank
2600Pa Powerful Suction
4900mAh Battery
150 mins Battery Life


Original Coupon Deal
Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • does it work with alexa/google home for voice control

    • I'm not guranteeing but it does support Mi Home App which usually means things can be controlled if connected.

      • -1

        Not really. Many mi vacuums don’t support

        • Dont support Alexa integration of Mi Home? I'm just going by my roborock which works - but only as a switch in Alexa so pretty useless apart from being able to start a clean.

        • +1

          The original does

    • +1

      Google home turned off the integration with the Xiaomi app at the beginning of the year. Tbf it's been a month or two since I looked, but last I looked it didn't work - even though it shows in the integration list.
      Something about issues with Xiaomi cameras showing other people's streams or something.

      • Makes me wonder if this security issue would translate to other Xiaomi products

        • I think that's the point, from Google's PoV - there's no guarantee that it won't…
          Bearing in mind that also this is 'just' a vacuum…

      • It's definitely back - I have been using Google Assistant to launch vacuum jobs for a few months now.

  • Same @ catch.com.au

  • +6

    I'm still using the mi robot vacuum I purchased 3 years ago.. it still goes strong, use it everyday.
    Any real reason to upgrade? I'm worried the mop function use just a gimmick?

    • The mop thing frankly annoyed me a little bit, as weird as it sounds. Because when you think about it there’s just no way that could possibly be useful lol. They generally are just a thin wet sponge that drags on the ground with very little pressure applied, never gets wiped unless you stop the vacuum and pick it up to do so multiple times, and passes by that spot on the floor only one time.

      • +1

        I generally only mop when there’s something visible on the floor or a spill or something, which I think is probably common if we’re honest. And that wet sponge won’t do jack for that purpose lol. The vacuum part is a life changer though. I love my v1 xiaomi. I was just annoyed by the price hike for the v2 when the mop seemed to be a big part of the justification for the price hike when it’s useless. Lol

      • +1

        I found the mop useful around the kitchen when there is splatter on the floor that make it sticky/slippery. No substitute but certainly useful

    • If you want a good robot mop I use this https://theeverybot.com/ Should be able to get one cheap on ebay. I spray windex lightly around first and streak free floor

      • I considered getting one but it just spins randomly around, right? From memory, not much different to the mopping found on the xiaomi robots?

        • Not sure about xiaomi mops. This one the mops spin which make it move. And yes it’s just random

  • Does this suck better than the 35c I got yesterday?

    • this 1 has map

      • A treasure map?

        EDIT: Just realised you're talking about the mapping feature. I thought you misspelled mop. I'll quietly walk myself outta here.

  • Is this a vacuum and a mop?

    • yes. theres a vacuum tub, a mop tub, and a 2 in 1 vacuum and mop tub.

  • Does both of these do a mapping process for the room(s)?

    Also how are they for corners?

  • +3

    I'd wait for a deal on the Roborock S5 Max

    • Roborock is better?

      • +2

        IRobot is much better in my opinion

        • Any chance of a breakdown? Why do you think it is better?

        • I believe IRobots have inferior mapping technology, using a camera instead of a radar. Not sure other than that.

          • @Toons123: Which is inferior and requires the lights to be on/mopping in the day time

  • +2

    Thanks OP! Just grabbed the V2 Pro. Was going to get the 35c yesterday but wanted the map ability.

  • Considering the Viomi V2 Pro was $399 a month ago, this is tempting.

  • What is the ultimate robot vaccuum? Is it S5?

    • S6 vMax maybe?

    • Roomba s9+. They're going for a well over a thousand bucks last time I checked though.

      • +2

        That's like saying a Monster cable is the best HDMI cable there is

        • +2

          Well he asked what the ultimate is. In terms of raw ability and features it is the best. If you're looking for value that's another question.

          A good channel that I enjoy watching thoroughly is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYjlDwY9wPo

          He goes into good detail about many models of vacuum.

  • +3

    How does this compare with Xiaomi Dreame D9 robot?

    • +1

      I went with the D9 as it is only $100 more expensive.
      For starter it has 3000 Pa suction power. and suction matters !!! Specially in vacuum cleaners .

      There are not many reviews of D9 out there yet as it is new. but I think it will be a pretty good one as it is basically a copy of roborock. There are some reported app issues which I believe it will be fixed soon so I wont hold it against them.

      • +1

        Very impressed with my D9! Suction power is amazing. The team at gearbite also offered extended warranty on it if your not happy for any reason. They even extended this after we reported app issues.

        The mapping issues for me anyway have been rectified. It seems software based.

        The product has a real premium feel as well. Almost like opening an apple product.

        Just bear in mind the mopping function is just a damp cloth on the floor. We just use it as a vacuum between deeper cleans.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if they addressed the water issue?


    edit: To clarify, the water outlet for early V2 models was too short and caused leaking issues. Simply fix though of extending that outlet.
    Not sure if they resolved it the latter V2 or V3?

  • Does it vacuum better than Rudy RoboVac 35c, I just bought it from JbHiFi deal. Wondering if so should return it and buy this one.

    • Me too having second thoughts

      • same here

        • And my axe. But I’m also thinking of doing the same

    • Has anyone used Eufy Robo and Viomi? And can give feet back?

      • +9

        Sorry, I think once it eats your feet, you need to get a wooden peg replacement

    • +2

      This is better, for sure. It maps, while the other is random navigation, so it will take less time to vacuum the same area. It will also therefore vacuum a larger area on a charge. It will find its was back to its dock more efficiently when finished or running flat, and it will pick up where it left off once recharged. It might be objectively better in other areas also. The eufy is considered a low range model, this is a mid. This also has a mopping function (which I don't particularly care about). Hands down this is better and I would say also better value. The deebot n97 (or was it 79?) which was $149 would have more in common with the eufy than the xiaomi

    • RoboVac 35c doesn't even have LDS navigation, it is a stone-age product already.
      Eufy has L70 to compare V3, but almost double price…

  • V2 is $399 on Kogan, is it just the V3 that's the same price as the Mi store?

  • -1

    Hey EC nice deal 👍🏼

    Do you have the link to v2 on Kogan?

  • Got it, thanks OP.

  • $299 ONLY! Use Code "PLUSBF20" End 27/11

    ends midnight or tomorrow midnight?

  • +2

    How does this compare with the Xiaomi Gen 1 robot vacuum, apart from mopping function? Thanks

    • +1

      Not quite as much suction or battery life I believe

  • +1

    so many Xiaomi robot vacuums. How many have we seen? im so confused and xiaomi even owns 25% of Roborock. I have the xiaomi version 2 vacuum and mop which i think is the exact same replica of Voimi V2. Had it about a year now, the water container is clogged now so can no longer vacuum

  • +2

    Anyone compare to Xioami 1C?

  • +1

    Phwoar. I grabbed it at 399a couple weeks ago. Been a brilliant little device. Mop every day on hardwood floors, vacuum every other day through the carpeted bedrooms. Sensational

    • So mop function works fairly well?

      • +1

        I've been extremely impressed by it. 80 years old polished hardwood floors, use the vacuum plus mop combo feature and they come up just fine. Easily taking care of the regular footprint/shoe print muck that gathers, as well just the light dust.

        I reckon adding a small amount of cleaning fluid, or vinegar, would assist even more. Something to try another day

        • Thanks mate will grab one.

    • +1

      Which model did you get bud?

  • Thanks OP, picked up the V3 for $500. Nice.

  • +5

    Got one for $349 late last week. It’s awesome. If you’re on the fence, and want some serious help with your cleaning with a bit of novelty on the side (e.g. spending more time watching it than it would have taken you to clean), it’s definitely worth it.

    For those asking about the mop, we’ve found it pretty damn good so far. Tests online show it being competent with visible dirt, so I’m comfortable with it just getting general grime.

    Side note: funniest thing is when it returns back to the dock. It goes head in towards the wireless charger, gets super close, and then does a legit 0 point turn to place its back towards it!

    • Which model did you get mate? Thanks for the info.

      • +1

        Apologies! V2 Pro.

  • +1

    What happens if I buy one and China VS Aus trade wars get worse and Xiaomi vaccuum cleaners stop working ?
    Low chance of that happening, since they like our money but i'm a bit concerned about the thing stopping to work eventually.
    I purchased a Xiaomi Dafang rotating ip camera a few years ago, used to work fine in Australia, but a year or so ago, randomly stopped as Xiaomi App now reckons it is for use in Mainland China only (yes I have tried changing locations yadayadayada, but still refuses to work).
    Bit worried about vacuum cleaner going same way.

    • +2

      "all your base are belong to us" - China 20XX.

      Surely the vac doesn't need connection to the Net?

    • +5

      Bigger things to worry about than a robot if that happens

  • what happens with half floorboard half carpet, is it smart enough to tell the difference in surface and stop mopping when on carpet?

    • +1

      You can setup the map to get around this. I've never looked to see if it can do it automatically

  • +1

    Is this global version? Does anyone know?

  • Is V3 worth the extra money?

    • $200 more - probably not

  • +2

    V2 sold out on ebay. Ordered from official website paying extra shipping cost. :(

    • https://www.pcbyte.com.au/store/product/xiaomi-viomi-v3-robo...

      free shipping

      edit: sorry thought you said v3

      • just bought one cheers

    • Have anyone received the shipping yet ?
      I only received an order confirmation and nothing after that. No reply from their support email and calling their phone number asks to send email.

      • I just received an email saying it has now been shipping and they gave me a tracking number. I checked the tracking and it's currently onboard for delivery right now and receiving it today. Their shipped email is quite late haha…I chose express post

        • Mine too via couriersplease. Hopefully arrives soon.

      • Any update on yours? I got a message saying shipped on the 3rd but the tracking number isn't working on couriers please which is the service they supposedly used.

        • I got mine delivered yesterday.

  • How does this work on double storey homes? Once it's finished with the ground floor, just leave it on the first floor and let it do it's work?

    • Go with V3, which support multi-room map management, your issue solved.

  • Anyone know a site that compares features of this an the other Xiaomi robovac's? So many variants now! Is this one supposed to be superior to the 1C?
    I just bought the Mi 1C but have to return because it died within a day - apparently I'm not alone (https://www.reddit.com/r/Xiaomi/comments/flu6yi/xiaomi_mijia...)
    Have never seen any negative comments about he Xiaomi vac's in here though, so hopefully a rare thing..

  • Does V2 vacuum the carpet too? I got 2 living areas which are carpet and the rest are tiles, wondering if it vacuum's carpet (would be great if it does)

    • Go with V3, which have a lot more suction power, definitely works better on the carpet.

    • Yes, V2 does carpet also

  • Got one, thanks.

  • I’ve got the V2 Pro. At this price it’s a bargain!

    I love mine. I know that some people online haven’t had a good experience but so far mine has been great.

  • Damn Kogan sold out :(

    • just beat me haha

    • how did you get free shipping, it shows 9.90