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I have come across an item (automotive) I seem to only be able to source from The guy I'm dealing with seems genuine, has sent me photos of the item but his made-in-china site sells different products (handbags).

It's come to the crunch of making the purchase and I suggested Paypal as I figured it would give me some protection. He has come back with an email address not associated with his site. is email is at to make the transaction which raised a bit of a concern with me. I have checke this out and it seemsto be the equivilant of hotmail etc in china

has anyone used before, is it know as a place where scams are run?

What would give me the best protection if I proceed via Paypal, should I make him request funds, suggest he make ian invoice etc? or shoudl I use the made in china site payment option?

I really need the part and it's hundreds of dollars cheaper than what I can source in Australia. It's only about $100 so not a bit stress but thought I would ask a bunch or rando's on the internet if I should trust the other rando I also found on the internet ;-)

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  • How many red flags do you need?

  • What car part?

    • Its a wiper motor gear for a renault koleos [valeo zd1636a]. the wiper motor is $900 fromt the dealer, I can get it for about $400 locally but no one seems to do the internal gears. The gears are $15USD each (im getting two) and shipping is $36

      I have trawling been through the internet for hours trying to find an equivilant part and this is the first one I have come across. there are lots that look about right but as it is a work gear it need to be exact.

      I have gone so far as to start to modify a similar gear in freecad that I found on to 3d print. You would think this would be a pretty standardised part across different vehicles but it is not

      • Why not get one from a wrecker?

        • I have called about 50 of them arcoss all states, the wiper motor is a common fault with the model and everyone else has had the same idea so there is no stock I can find…..

      • Ah, if it was Japanese I could make some recommendations.

        UK ebay perhaps?

        Edit: is it possible to remove the busted gear and have someone 3d print it? (without being busted of course)

        • I have already downloaded a close match for the gear from thingverse but it's going to take a bit of tweaking, the tolerances are pretty tight so is not a guarantee that it will work.

          there are some internationally but not many of them. Good suggesttions tho….

  • performs the same faction as, a b2b platform facilitating Chinese sellers to get in contact with overseas buyers. Nothing wrong with the platform, it is legit only not as well known as Just like any other platform it comes down to the reputation of the individual seller you are dealing with. Perhaps check if your seller had been audited and verified by the platform similar to what they do with Alibaba.

    • have you ever used them before? If I pull the trigger I want to know what gives me the best protection Paypal (assuming I tell them to cut me an invoice in Pypal) ot the escrow model that Made in china seem to use?