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Vornado Air Circulator 633DC Energy Smart Medium Air Circulator (White) - $150 Shipped @ Amazon AU


Have been waiting for this to go on sale.

533DC (smaller) model is also discounted for $130.40

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Lowest seems to be $139. To wait.. or not.

    • It's getting close to Summer so for the sake of $11, I would personally.

      • Already sizzling summer this weekend. :(

        633DC doesn't come in black?

    • sweating

  • Been interested in one of these, my room gets way too hot in summer. Cheers op.

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    bought on Ebay for cheaper the other day using PLUSBF20

    • DC model? Any link?


        edit: actually this is a different model.. mybad

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          That's not the DC model though. Thanks nevertheless :)

          • @JaxSantiago: Actually this made me disappointed with my purchase now. I thought all Vornado models were DC =\

          • @JaxSantiago: What's so special about the DC model compared to the normal 633?

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              @AJbargains: The DC has an infinite amount of speed settings (analog dial) and the power consumption ranges from very low to low. You can use the DC version with a smart plug unlike the AC version.

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              @AJbargains: Low power dc uses like 2-6watt but goes to back normal at around 50%+ load. I think this alone makes it worth it and can be run on low over the long term running for the 5 years.

              Also suggested infinite amount of control over speed

  • I don't know why, but I've pulled the trigger…

  • Are these that good?

    • yes. they're actually amazing. at $150 for the DC model it's a no-brainer. I just bought a second one.

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        What’s so special about the 633DC model?

        I thought the 660 was their best model for a 20 meter square room.

    • I don’t have one but seriously considered getting one.

      I did lots of reading and went and looked at one. Reviews are very mixed, some love them and others hate them. I eventually when with a xiaomi smart fan, less than half the price, super quiet even on full and can use google to control.

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      this is the DC model

      • yep! DC model.

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          Thanks guys, didn't know there's a difference.

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    If it doesn't make the room feel much cooler at least it looks the part! Nice ornamental mini jet engine

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      Moving hot air around feels better than not moving it around.

      • very true

  • been waiting for 633 DC to come down in price - pay with zip pay to make it $135?

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    Anyone know how this compares with the Kogan dc circulator for $70?

  • I get the 655 of whatever DC and it’s louder than you’d think and not as powerful as you’d think. But I still like it as a fan.

  • This is the standard price at David Jones.

    EDIT: Nevermind, that's the non-DC energy smart version.

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    Why are these so good compared to every other fan ?

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      Fans move small amount of air around it, so you have to sit in front of it to feel the wind.

      Air circulator can move large amount of air, so you can place it at the corner of a large room and can still free the fresh air.

  • I paired this with a smart plug to turn it on during hot days before I get home from work. Great to use on low speeds, too noisy on high speeds

    • Noisy even with DC motor?

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        Yes, still noisy at high speeds

  • Nearly bought one on impulse, then I remember I have a drum fan rarely used. :D

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    Any improvement with a room that already has a ceiling fan?

    • This fan is more for "pushing" air around. For example, to move cool air from one end of the house down the hallway to the other or for moving air near the floor towards the ceiling. The ceiling fan blows air down underneath it. Different uses.

      • Thanks.

  • Yes! Have been waiting for these to come back on sale to grab a second one

  • I bought the small for $165 533dc. After reading a few reviews that the small doesn't cover what is suggested. Better to had gone with the bigger one.

    Haven't opened it yet. Looks like I'll be returning it and getting the medium 633DC. Thanks for the deal

  • Can anyone compare this with the Kogan motor dc fan?

    Of which i already have two lol..

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      are they good?

      • I do like them. I think they're good but I can't compare with the vornado as I don't have it.

        It's worth noting these fans physically move and oscillate vertically and horizontally.

  • good price, paid about $189 for mine, they are hardly ever under $230 or something

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