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360 S7 Robot Mopping Vacuum Cleaner for $599 with Free Delivery and Service (Was $699) @ Robot Specialist


Pretty good deal for an iRobot that vacuums and mops!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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Robot Specialist

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  • Bought it for $576.96 in Jan 2020 from shopro.

    360 S7 - there has been minor issues but I'm happy with the purchase

    • I might bite the bullet and buy it. I’ve dealt with this mob before and they are awesome (Robot Specialist)
      I currently have this one (see link) and I love it but it doesn’t mop. Might move this one upstairs and buy the 360S7 for downstairs

  • I have this and am happy with it also. I don't have carpet, only floorboards and tiles. Does a decent job. I let it run twice a week. I mop myself as the vac is not as good as doing it manually as the water tray doesn't hold much water.

  • Is good. Does anyone know where/how much spare charging bases are so I can let it run loose upstairs?