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Apple AirPods Pro $249 Delivered @ Amazon AU


For those who missed out on eBays AirPods Pro deal, Amazon will be giving you another chance!

Flash Sale will be happening over the next three days, starting at 9am AEDT, according to this article

Most likely would be a lightning deal, similar to today's flash sale

  • Saturday 28th November 9am AEDT SOLD OUT
  • Sunday 29th November 9am AEDT See comments
  • Monday 30th November 9am AEDT

Keep an eye out for these!


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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            • @SR9: ty bud! congratz for getting it too ;)

  • is there one that sells around $300 and guaranteed original?

    • Kogan has it for $300, grey import tho

    • You will see a lot next week on eBay.

    • +2

      If you’re in Sydney I managed to get on from Officeworks for $298.30 if you price match this https://www.mediaform.com.au/apple-airpods-pro/

      • I got some on this deal too. Was relatively easy (just make sure you have time to wait on hold to get through). I got mine from the fairy meadow store - near wollongong so not sure if the whole of NSW can price match and pick up in store.

    • I think a few have been getting OW to price beat Catch who have them for $318. Ends up at $302.10

      • Catch is selling $318 (sign up Club Catch $6.95 for free shipping). Today CR 15% ($30 cap) plus Latitude Pay $20 discount should shave $50 off that.

  • Got on the wait list. Do I just refresh until I can add to cart? I have nothing in my cart

  • I refreshed at 00 and it was full. so less than 1 sec.

  • Got one!

  • Just got one in time, thanks OP!

  • is that like a limited quantity of 1?

    • -2


    • +1

      yes. one account per one

  • +1

    What a load of shit.

    • i agree

  • Got one, in 4 min sold out!

    • +1

      4 seconds*

      • indeed

    • 4 mins? try 4 seconds lol

  • +1

    Got one, waited for timer to go to zero and pressed add to cart straight away. Sounds like I was lucky

    • which timer? Where were you looking to see a timer?

      • I watched the item first from the upcoming deals page ahead of time.

        The item then shows in the Deals you're Watching section and showed a countdown.

      • I couldnt find the deal all yesterday but it popped up in my upcoming deals this morning, I added it to watch this deal and then it just went down the bottom of my page with a timer. I was on a PC

    • This is what worked for me. no need to refresh

      • How do you know which item to add to cart?

        • +1

          When the timer gets to 0 and the deal goes live it has the right item at $249.

  • Didn’t come live by 9, and 100% claimed in few secs.

  • Got, checkout failed at the beginning but then succeeded

    • Me too, I thought I blew it at first but seems Amazon gives you a timer to checkout unlike eBay.

      • Yep, 15mins to checkout. Heaps better process!

  • this is BS

  • +2

    never got a chance to see the price of $249 at all, refreshing the page on mobile and redirected to some sort of stupid Harris IT promotion for ESET antivirus…. can someone show us how to buy from these flash sales?

    • Find the deal ahead of time. No need to keep refreshing anything.
      It will be on the app/website somewhere ahead of time. In Lightning Deals, Upcoming Deals, seems to vary for a few people…Add it to your Watchlist so there's a count down timer. When the timer gets to 0, it will go live and have an Add to Cart button. Then you'll have 15mins to checkout

  • lol it was gone in 60 secs

    • +2

      0.60 seconds*

  • Didn't appear on the first page for me too. had to search for it. Gone too soon.

  • When you advertise an item on sale don't you need to have at least a reasonable amount in stock under ACCC rules?

    • +1

      i think lots of resellers got it via bots…

      • It’s not bots. It’s people wanting the AirPods Pro

    • +2

      Its Amazon - and its airpods pro at a very cheap price. They probably had 500 units and they would all still go in a minute. Whatever stock they had would have been more than enough under ACCC rules

  • +2

    Woohoo! My first score on this sort of deal. Can’t believe it was that easy.

    Don’t use the site, watch the lightning deal on the app - it updates live no reload required. As soon as the countdown hit 0 the “Add To Cart” button magically appeared and BOOM. Score!

  • +8
    1. Wait for tomorrow morning a little before 9am and it should be the first item.
    2. Go here: https://www.amazon.com.au/blackfriday?ref_=nav_cs_td_bf_dt_c...
    3. Scroll down to the bottom to the "Check out upcoming deals"
    4. See the deal with a timer and "Watch this deal"
    5. Wait till 9am when "Watch this deal" becomes "Add to card"
    6. Click!
    7. Win
    8. or loose :)
    • I think this is the frustrating thing. I was on that page but didn't see the deal.

      • For me, it didn't show up in the deals section even if you filter by headphones and "upcoming deals" and even "missed deals"

        It did however show up in the bottom of the page in the "Check out upcoming deals" section

    • +3

      I didn't even get to see it in upcoming deals lol

    • You didn't have to refresh the page?

      • I did 10mins before the deal started, nothing prior.

      • +1

        I didn't refresh. The deal was count down so I clicked when it counted down to 0.00.

    • +1

      Did all that and still missed it lol

    • What’s this step ?
      Scroll down to the bottom to the "Check out upcoming deals"
      It is an infinite scroll with 1000s of products so I’m missing something ?!?
      Any clues appreciated

      • +1

        On a PC, it's just a short scroll away. There's tons of products, but you're not clicking on next page, next page. You shouldn't be doing this.

        Failing that, just "Ctrl + F" and search for the following text "Check out upcoming deals"

  • so its really from another seller, not amazon.

    • Fulfilment by Amazon.

    • It was different seller yesterday, frog, instead of Harris technology.

  • +1

    Thanks Skido2 I got one. Looks like ozbargainers got most of them judging by the comments.

    • +2

      also looks like many ozbargainers missed out on them judging by the comments.

  • on the waitlist, what are the chances??

    • none if the deal has been 100% claimed.

      • +1

        Wrong, carts expire after 15 mins or if people cancel their order or release from their cart then it goes to the waitlist

        • but chances are…… and it has been 15 minutes……

  • Weird on the web it shows I am on the waitlist, but not on the App..

  • +3

    Woke up early and it was so worth it. Somehow managed to get one.

    Thanks OP for posting the deal

  • Got one! First time I've scored one of these deals, pretty stoked. Thanks OP!

  • I'm on the waiting list - so now what? :P

    • Keep refreshing and hope for the best hahaha thats what im doing

      • when do we stop refreshing? 7 hours 30 mins left…

        • Not sure why my waitlist count down shows 2min21s…

          Hopefully it lets me add to cart after that

          • @sherbules: I'm pretty sure that means they've all sold and it's done. I forgot daylight savings time this morning

  • +1

    Time for people to go back to Ebay at 11 am I guess lol

    • You need 2 goes on ebay to get a decent chance.

      One to get it in your cart and prep the payment options.
      Another to hit the pay button when the deal is live.

      • Can you add it to cart before the deal is live?

        • Not if there's 0 stock, which happens less than 5s into the deal.

          • @Ctn: Hahaha thanks. I need to be faster tomorrow!

      • I got the AirPod Pro first go yesterday even with having to re-enter my CCV during check out.

        • Was it the first time it went live?

          • @Ctn: Second time it went at 11am wasn't awake for the first drop at 9 am.

  • Someone suggested the other day you can get 15% off JB hifi gift vouchers from Coles and then go in store and buy, they come down to about $280. That is what I was going to do today if I missed the deal.

    • The other day….

      You will be lucky if you can find any of those gift cards. Most have been picked clean at Coles

    • Coles have been cleared out as news.com.au or someone posted a "hack" about them…They either all sold out or got pulled from the shelves.

      If you do go looking for them, make sure you get the right ones as there are a few that look the same but are from different companies

      • whats the hack?

        • There isn't one, just that they're 15% off. Reporting bargains as hacks is some kind of journalism fad

  • yes and if you have any issues easy to take back or return to JB.

  • Lots of people are complaining that their Airpod Pro are falling off the ear when jogging

    Can someone share their experience

    If I have any problems can I return them if I buy in Ebay Plus or Amazon deals

    • Really depends on your personal ear shape.

  • +1

    Thanks guys! Managed to score one. I had placed under watch list and waiting the countdown to zero then click it and add to the cart. Clicked a few seconds late and lucky to be able to get one. Saved my payment details on Amazon and check out is a breeze.

  • When you add it to cart, you will get 15 minutes to proceed the payment. I think a stock has been reserved for you at that time.

  • damn ended

  • kicked out from waitlist lol deal ended

  • OK so I was in waitlist and deal is ended now that means I am back to Zero.

  • couldn't even get onto the waitlist

      • +1

        ok. can you or anyone see it in the upcoming deals?

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