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50% off Alcohol + Delivery Fee @ Tipple.com.au (eg Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial Champagne NV 750ml $36.92ea in 6pk)


Hat tip to the OP on this deal which gave me the idea to try the BLACKFRIDAY code on the main Tipple site.

Some VERY good boozy bargains to be had.

Be kind to your liver.

EDIT 9.01pm: Looks like they have cleared the code from the system. Well done to those who score a deal. I'll expire the post now.

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  • +1

    Oh my god it works. This is dangerous

    • I know, right!? 😃

  • +1

    Unbelievable.. Spent just over $100 after the discount, was afraid coupon code will be cancelled if I wait too long!

    • Order order, after discount came to $783.20 (Christmas gifts and NYE beverages sorted!)

      A couple of the wines were out of stock at whoever is the local fulfilment partner and I got an SMS with an option to swap to a different (more expensive) option at the same price.

      I'm impressed with their service.

      • +1

        Amazing. The grog order was placed at 8.32pm AEDT and it's already out with a driver for delivery (now 8.53pm AEDT)

        The 7-Eleven order was placed at 7.50pm AEDT and ETA has been updated to 8.59pm AEDT

        • They sure cancelled the code fast! My order still processing so I'm not out of the woods yet..

        • Did you get your order?

        • Update: my order has been cancelled too, just got the text. Oh well, it was almost bargain of the year! I'm glad you got yours OP :)

  • +1

    Oh dear they've really messed up here.

    12 pack of Sapporo and a couple bottles of exxy white on their way to me

    Great find OP

    • We grabbed a 12pk of Heineken for $19.99 ;-)

  • +2

    Great find, op.
    Apologies to my bank account.. and liver..

  • Damn it doesn't work because I just used it for 7-11. I wish I had seen this deal first, I'd much rather have used it here

  • +1

    Promotional code is not valid.

  • CONFIRMED: The code has been nuked :-(

  • +1

    QLD - Got a "Promotional code is not valid" when trying to enter it on payment screen.

  • +1

    Damn got one order in quickly and went back for more but all done.

    I went through the marketplace as they don't deliver immediately to brisbane, so still half expecting a cancelled order.

    Well done to those folks who snagged this and have their booze en-route already!

  • +1

    Nooooo, took too long selecting wines and the code is now expired :(

    • RIP :-(

  • +1

    Missed it! Damn!

  • Anyone got their order beyond confirming order?

    • +1

      Mine is now "Driver is almost there"

    • +1

      12 bottles of Moët currently on the way with the driver!

    • Order cancelled 😢😢

  • I got in right before they removed the promo code but my order status is stuck at "Confirming". I hope they honour it.. I've got my fingers crossed

    • I'll cross my fingers for you.

    • same, money has been taken out of my account so hoping for the best now

    • Mine's still confirming - supposed to be delivered by 9:30
      Edit: order as been cancelled :(

      • did they email or call you?

        • Text and also in the app it showed as cancelled.

    • They cancelled my order after I was charged. I'm chatting with customer service right now but it's not looking good. They're just saying "A technical error has unfortunately caused incorrect pricing to be applied for your order"

      • i got the same error, more like a human error, hardly technical

  • +1

    Got one order in and went back for more but done! Boommm

  • +1

    they charged my card twice, from 2 different companies lol.

  • I wonder if I'll get any joy. Placed an order but I'm in SA where I have to wait for postage rather than driver delivery.

  • My PayPal and subsequent my CC got charged, no confirmation email thought. Fingers cross the order will be honoured!

  • Hmmmm, they are clowns:accepted order, charged via PayPal. SMS message order is being packed. Delivery in 30 minutes….waiting waiting waiting
    …nothing. Downloaded the app….Oh my order is cancelled! What the heck?
    Their prices were 30% more than the competition for what I ordered and to lead me to believe the order was on its way…..No where's my refund?

  • Just got an SMS 'Order cancelled due to technical error' - ah well.

  • Have they refunded your money or is that also a technical error?

    • Says refund will appear in 2-3 days

  • ok…..no such communication thus far. Probably work as franchises.

    • Yeah I'm the same. No email confirmation or SMS so far, have been charged though.

    • They're likely going to cancel your order. I got no communication either until I started a live chat with them and found out the order had been cancelled