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Xiaomi Wiha Screwdriver Kit $22.95 (Sold Out), Mi M365 Electric Scooter Pro 2 $699.98 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Are the screwdriver tips magnetic?

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      Yes they are, great little set 👍

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        I dropped the case when it was open once and all the tips came flying out all over my grass.. some how managed to find them all again (eventually) using a magnetic knife holder lol

  • Thanks OP. Bought the Wiha set.

  • Thanks OP. Does anyone know what the difference is between Torx T5 vs T5H? I need T5 for my Dell so was wondering whether these screwdrivers would be compatible!?

    • +3

      I'm pretty sure the t5h works, it's the other way around that doesn't.

      Here's a photo of the T5H vs a T4 from my set

      The H stands for hole-y.

  • Awesome thanks OP, good timing on the screwdriver set. They are great and I was looking this morning to buy another set for a gift. Cheaper than I could find anywhere else.

  • Conflicting messages for the legality of electric scooters in Victoria ,,, Can see many riding on the paths…. anyone know what is the latest?

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      Still illegal, but no one gives a crap

    • +1

      They should be made legal, it a great way to have people not using public transport if they choose to do so, especially at this point of time of social distancing. Should have done this earlier IMHO with wearing a bike helmet maybe a requirement.

      I'm keen to get one, it sucks that at the end my street theirs a police station, so slightly more risk of getting a fine?

      • +1

        If you’re not a (profanity) about it they’re more than likely going to stop and have a chat with you rather than slap a fine.

  • Soo.. is this like a collab between Xaomi and Wiha?

    Presumably Xaomi had the upper hand in this relationship, given that their name comes first?

  • Good deal with ebay shopback challenge $10

    • What is this challenge?

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        Download the shopback app —> Earn More —> scroll and find the ebay challenge.

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          There's no Ebay listing under Challenges

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            @millzy: that's weird. must've expired since I activated it last night.

    • PRESS20 is not listed under Shopback eBay Coupons.

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      Yep i didnt get ebay $5 shopback challenge with this either!

      Edit: I checked again and it says "completed: reward pending" so I may have!

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    coming to kmart?

  • +1

    Really tempted to get that scooter… I think that's pretty good price

    • I’m thinking the same thing. I expect they will go up in price or have supply shortages when the are legalised in NSW.

      • I haven't seen any news of the laws changing in NSW. do you know something that I dont?

        • Last week the National Transport Commission presented their recommendations for changes to the Australian Road Rules to all State Transport Ministers, including Andrew Constance (NSW Minister for Transport and Roads).

          The recommendation is for e-scooters, e-skateboards, e-unicycles etc to be permitted to use footpaths at speeds to 10km/h and suburban roads at speeds up to 25km/h. The recommendation was approved by all ministers and will now be added to the Road Rules. This should happen in April or May 2021.

          Legal with a 10 km/h limit may not sound like much, but it creates a new legal framework for these devices and supports personal liability insurance coverage, etc.

          Beam and Neuron are also asking for trials again, however this time is expected to proceed approx March/April 2021.

          The NTC report can be found here: https://www.ntc.gov.au/transport-reform/ntc-projects/Barrier...

  • Thanks, got the screwdrivers. Always seems to misplace the little sets, so time for a new one.

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    Ordered from kogan on 16 November for $24.99, still waiting. Cancelled that one , and ordered this. Hope it gets delivered soon.

  • +1

    Yeehah picked up a wiha

  • Wiha Ozb'd.

  • +3

    Damn, missed the screwdrivers.

    Think they're mandatory for the Ozbargain junk drawer.

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    Any issues to be wary of buying a global version of an escooter?

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    Segway Ninebot Kickscooter E45 $899
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    9" Dual Density Tyres
    Triple Brake System
    IPX4 Water-Resistant 
    • It show $ 1,249.00 to me

      • You have to add to cart.
        Then put code in : NSBF20
        Then click Apply
        Price changes to $899

  • Okay, real question, if I buy an electric scooter for going to multiple places like few grocery stores and maybe a trip to a big W, how the heck do you lock your scooter? Do you just bring them with you inside these places?

    This is honestly baffling me because I see people use electric scooter from time to time, but I literally never seen them parked nor I ever seen one bringing them inside supermarket/store either.

    • You can fit a small U bolt lock around the diagonal between the front wheel and platform. The ubolt mounts on a holder on the stem of the scooter when riding so you don't have to carry it.

    • +3

      This is honestly baffling me because I see people use electric scooter from time to time, but I literally never seen them parked nor I ever seen one bringing them inside supermarket/store either.

      Most of the people have stolen the scooter you are seeing from outside/inside the shop.
      Perpetual ownership.

      • "There's only one thief in the army. Everyone else is just trying to get their stuff back"

  • Does anyone know if JB hifi price match with this ebay discounted price? Ta

    • Don't think they will price match coupon deals

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