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Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3 (with Plate) $74.94 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I have a tonne of peak design products and this is on a lightning deal for the next hour.

I can personally vouch for this capture clip, best camera accessory I have.

Please note official website prices have not included GST or shipping +$27 until final stage of checkout.

Digidirect is about $105 atm.

Peak design slide straps are also on lightning sale

Slide $73

Leash $47

Cuff $36

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Thanks bought it!

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    Used this when hiking to Everest Base Camp. Ensured I had access to my camera on a whim; great tool and held up perfectly.

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      Same here, except the Annapurna Circuit/Sanctuary. Brilliant accessory!

  • Pretty sure the Cuff is a available, slightly mislabelled in their listing maybe? https://www.amazon.com.au/Peak-Design-Camera-Wrist-Strap/dp/...

    • Thanks, added!

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  • These are pretty neat (I have one), but make sure your camera is not one of those where there are reports of the tripod mount / camera body being damaged through normal use.

    • I ordered one.

      How do these go with an L-bracket?

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        It will work with most L-brackets that have screw threads on the L bracket itself, but overall it's a bit cumbersome/fiddly. I tend to take my Capture Clip off most of the time unless I'm doing street photography.

        • Hm. So I can’t slide the L-bracket into it directly - that’s a bummer.

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        3 Legged Thing do an l bracket that matches the clip. It’s fantastic. I got this setup to use for hiking Nepal this year but …. well you can guess the rest of the story

  • This is a fantastic product. Much recommendation

  • Damnit missed this

  • If you are using Manfrotto tripod, you can get this with the dual plate, instead of buying a separate dual plate.

    • I do have a Manfrotto, can you please provide a link?

      • Sorry wrong information.

        The Manfrotto compatible Dual Plate is not available as a kit with the Capture. But you can buy the Capture clip only + the Dual Plate to make it a kit:

        The Dual Plate has a pair of "wings" that mate with Manfrotto RC2 heads, at the same time it also compatible with Arca Swiss heads, very convenient.

        • Thanks, looks like it is cheaper from digidirect eBay with cashback.
          Does cashback work if you use a voucher? I am new to cashback.

          • @Rakibul: If you are referring to Cash Reward, it's generally 1%, higher rates might be applicable for specific categories. I wouldn't count on it or worry about it too much.

            A word of caution though, the dual plate will limit the orientation of the camera:

            • If you mount the Capture clip horizontally (i.e. backpack straps), then no issues, the camera can drop in vertically.

            • If you mount the Capture clip vertically (i.e. belts around the waist), then the camera has to clip in side ways. Because the Dual Plate can only go in one way, you end up having the lens pointing forward instead of down.

            The solution is either rotate the Dual Plate 90 degrees (weird but it works) or get another accessory, the Pro Pad: https://www.peakdesign.com/products/propad/ But the Pro Pad is only compatible with v3 Capture clip, beware if you have previous versions.

            • @browser: Thanks this is awesome. I'm looking to mount it on my backpack strap.

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