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DeLonghi La Specialista Maestro Espresso Machine EC9665M $1541 + Delivery / $0 C&C @ Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Recently purchased this machine, grinds beans and automatically tampers the coffee the same each time for consistent results. Yes there are cheaper machines that make coffee everybody knows.

Seems good so far and no one will do this good of a deal on this machine.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    at this price point people will be asking this or breville oracle?

    • you got any of them oracles?

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        how many bars are required to produce espresso 8-9 bars.

      • +1

        Why does 15 bar matter though? I understand that its becoming standard, but all espresso machines build only 9 bar during extraction anyway - where do the other 6 bar even come into it? Genuinely curious.

        However I agree the Delonghi will likely be better made than the Breville - at this price point almost any alternative will be - but there's also a plethora of other machines that are probably better made than the Delonghi too.

        • Good point. If 9 bar is enough, why 15? Why not 19?

    • +1

      Massive difference imo, i own an oracle and haven’t used this. Bug couple difference that i can say of the top of my head:

      • auto tamper vs manual tamper
      • more grind levels on the oracle
      • I’ve used a frother like the one on the Delonghi and never liked it- oracle has auto milk

      I’d love to actually try the delonghi though.

      • The flip side of that, is that those are more things that can (and often do) go wrong - so while most Breville machines will struggle to make it past 5-7 years, this may (pending build quality - i haven't seen inside one yet) be still going strong.

        Not a consideration for everyone of course, but another difference.

    • +1

      The Oracle is a dual boiler machine which is far preferable to the thermo block (i assume twin?) which is offered by the Delonghi.

      • +2
        Coffee Thermoblock and independent heating system for milk

        Looks like it's some sort of dual thermo block.

        • Thought as much…..

          5 sec heat up time

          ….. Usually gives that away.

    • +3

      Breville oracle hands down!

      The delonghi does not have options for non-pressurised baskets which is a HUGE must for those that want good espresso. Pressurised baskets artificially creates pressure which is good for preground coffee BUT seriously. When you are spending this much for a machine that can grind and tamp on its own, you definitely want to be able to use it with non-pressurised baskets.

      IMO, its a big rip off.

      Check out this for more info

  • +2

    Not sure about this particular model. However previously I purchased another delonghi manual machine and had to return it back as the steamer was no good . It does not froth at all.

    End up buying a separate grinder and machine ( Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Coffee Machine and Eureka Mignon Silenzio grinder) and much happier. The combo prince was around $1800 bucks from memory. I can say that the Nuova Simonelli makes perfect froth for the home brew.

    My daughter is a coffee addict. She used to buy a lot of coffee from cafes but now the home brew is very good.

    • Very different league to anything Breville or Delonghi make, but fantastic combination!

    • Man those things are beautiful.

    • +2

      Great combo - I would take that combo, (or for less, a BES920 + smart grinder pro) over this Delonghi any day

  • Any chance someone can give an updated pricing on Breville Bambino Plus from Good Guys Commercial? If it's still cheap enough, I might have to pull favours and buy it there.

    I was hoping that there'd be a sale under $400 like pre-COVID prices again but so far Black Friday's been a huge disappointment.

    • $361 on GG Commercial

      • thanks @browneh — OK so final question, and I apologise as I don't have a Commercial account yet —- is $361 including delivery? do they do click & collect?

        • I just bought one from GGC. It's only the Black Truffle version at $361, delivery was an extra $10 to me.

          I couldn't find a single postcode within a 3 hour drive I could do click and collect (was interested more than anything).

          Had to choose delivery. $371 all up, but I wanted the black, so worked out well!

    • looking to pick one of these up as well.
      any idea if TGG Commercial Membership has to match the person picking it up / buying it?
      might have to see if someone will allow me to use theirs.

  • +3

    Frankly, I'll advice against spending on this. Hate to see people wasting their money. Hopefully this video will explain why.

    And no, im not saying get the breville. Just IMO people should stay away this.

    Edit: My gosh, just saw the price its selling for… Definitely a hard pass on this one.

    • different to the Maestro but if anything to go by…

    • +2

      Good lord….. The Delonghi doesn't even allow standard baskets (non-pressurised).

      He's saying the Breville Barista Express which retails for $599 is actually a better buy than the Delonghi which is almost 3 times the price!

      Of course ymmv, and indeed, if you already own it, I hope it does.

      • maestro is different. to the one posted but i haven't had the time to check the difference between models.

        • My bad.

          I've just compared the two, frankly, It's hard to tell any real difference. One is slightly larger. Side by side comparisons on their "compare list" both look almost same with the possible exception of auto control on the milk wand on the Maestro. The old one is discontinued.

          The problems presented in the video are also evident is the Maestro version, namely:

          • Only 8 steps on the grinder
          • Only supplied with pressurised filters
          • Only able to use pressurised filters because of the lack of grind controls.
          • Small non-commercial size group handle

          Pressurised baskets preferable for some people who don't want to fiddle with grind settings, but for those people, there is no need to spend $1500.

          • @ash2000: The real difference is the engineering and thinking that has gone into the products.
            Check this video which shows the insides of the Barista Express compared with a Delonghi specialista.
            The Delonghi is a hot mess in comparison (IMO).

            Note 1:42, 2:15 the clear separation of the grinding area from the brew area with a hard partition, as well as everything quite accessible in the Breville.
            Delonghi just have it all in together, and is harder to get to anything by the look of it.

    • lol……totally different lines of products lady

      • I'd prefer madam, but anyway…….there are only minor differences. Same concerns noted in the video are present. See above.

  • +5

    Sorry to say that, but this is just another shinny piece of shxt imo.

    Get a Nespresso instead if all you after is a cup of coffee in less than 5 mins every morning, or get a BES920 + Eureka Mignon would be a much better choice.

    • +1

      +1 for the BES920, remains the best bang for the buck by quite some distance. The $200 accompanying smart grinder is also great value.

      • I have a 980 and reckon the 920 + smart grinder is a better buy (when cheap enough).

        • Even at the Delonghi price, that combo would be far preferable.

          Speaking of the Oracle, it's actually been $1500 twice this month ( albeit the black sesame edition)…..chalk and cheese compared to the Delonghi.

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