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[Pre Sale] Xiaomi ZMI QB823 20000mAh 65W Power Bank Pro $19.99 + Shipping ($0 with FIRST) @ Kogan


Kogan pre-sale

Shipping 01/01/21

The Xiaomi ZMI Power Bank Pro has a sleek design and is delicately crafted with a metal casing. It features a HUB function and USB-C port to support fast-charging protocols with 20000mAh battery capacity and 65W maximum power for effective charging.

Crafted from metal surface with matte texture
65W maximum power
HUB function
20000mAh battery
Charges PD laptops, digital products, smartphones and tablets
1x USB Type-C and 2x USB Type-A ports

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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      • Hence the dumb and dumber line. 🙃

  • +6

    Mine just got shipped today with tracking! Awesome!

    • Me too!!

    • Nice, I should of bought a few.

      • Same both of mine have been shipped!

    • Me too. Just got a notice to say both mine have shipped. Let’s see what I end up getting.

      • +1

        Yep me too!!! Crazy how they honoured it

        • +2

          Mine has been shipped as well.
          Feels good everyone

    • Same. Got tracking for my 2 that I bought. Should have bought more.

    • Same here, received tracking info on Auspost.

    • Mine too, how exciting.

  • What's the best way to fast charge this power bank? I'm using an old Blitzwolf BW-S6 atm but it's only like 30W.

    • I wonder if I can use my lenovo laptop powerbrick to charge mine. It outputs 65 watt.

      • I bought the 18W Apple USB C charger from HomeKit Australia on here a while back for $10. Because they ran out of stock again after making me already wait for ages they've just said they'll send me a 65W GaN charger instead no extra charge in Christmas spirit, feels good!

        • Nice score.

  • Hey guys, forgive my noobness but what makes this so much better than the 20000 $20 Xiaomi normal powerbanks?

    I was lucky enough to get one of these (bought it basically because of the price, the Ozbargain way of buy first ask questions later) and it got delivered this morning. First thing I noticed is how much heavier it is compared to my current powerbank. (EDIT: just realised my current one is 10000, so not sure about weight compared to a 20000)

    I believe the thing that is suppose to be the standout thing for this one is that it's 65W, but what does this mean for how I can use this? My current one already fast charges my mobile with USB C, so what will be different about this new one?

    • +4

      Latest Android phones like S20+ supports 25W fast charge, S20 Ultra supports 45W fast charge, and Oppo supports 65W, which are much faster than the old 18W fast charge. It can also charge latest laptops thru USB-C PD.

      • Thanks for the help. Do you know whether it's better to charge my phone with the USB to type C cable or C to C, or it doesn't matter?

        • +2

          It does matter. C to C can output higher wattage.

          Also, not all C to C cable is manufactured the same. Check for your phone charging technology specs and the cable specs - Amp x Votage. E.g some newer C to C cables support up to 40W (4A x 10V), 60W (3A x 20V), or 100W (5A x 20V).

    • +1

      The biggest thing for me is that it can fast charge type C laptops. For those who have Nintendo Switches, this can also power those.

      • keen to try this powerbank on my lenovo x1 yoga.

  • +2

    Received mine today!

    • Do you guys know any way to prevent the information etched on the powerbank from fading in the future? It's happened with my old ones.

      • Clear nail polish?

        mine said its in chullora. Likely a mail sorting facility. This was 9pm last night. Fingers crossed i get it today also.

      • Sticky tape? Or a wet-install-style screen protector?

      • What do you need it for? If it's just for reference take a photo.

        • +2

          Airport security staff often/always check the specifications to see if it's within the allowed limits. Presumably if it's not there then they wouldn't allow it onboard.

          Can't say I've had any issues with the writing fading though.

  • Also received my order this morning.

  • So jealous of you guys who managed to pick one (or two, or three) up from this deal. I got mine for $88 so feel kind of gutted for missing this deal by an hour! Do you guys think if it was still a pricing error or Kogan could get stock for so cheap?

    • +3

      Do you guys think if it was still a pricing error or Kogan could get stock for so cheap?

      Only kogan will know the answer to that.

  • +2

    I managed to pick one up and now that I have it in hand I have a few questions.

    1. As far as I know usb pd works so that it communicates with the device that its charging to give off how much that device needs. So what happens to things like airpods or old devices without pd support? Will it damage those devices?

    2. I have a nintendo switch and want to charge it with this powerbank but people have been saying the switch has some weird power delivery method. Is it safe to use this with my switch or will it fry/damage it

    3.Did yours come with the travel pouch specified in the "in the box" description? Because mine didn't.

    Thanks in advance! I appreciate it.

    • +1

      I emailed kogan about the travel pouch, awaiting their reply now

      • +1

        From what I know, only the QB823 intended for the US market have the travel pouch.

        • oh I see

          • @matsu: That's a shame. These power bank needs a pouch. The metal shell will scuff if it rubs on things in ones bag.

        • Did you get a response yet?

          • @matsu: I can't seem to PM you. I got a response, but not something I'd share publicly. Please PM me.

          • @matsu: It was discussed on another QB823 post, the units that come with a white box (such as the AUS version) don’t have the travel pouch whereas the ones that come with a purple box (US version) do include a travel pouch. I doubt you will get a satisfy answer from Kogan as some people even contacted ZMI directly and ZMI had no idea why some include the travel pouch and some don’t. It has something to do with Xiaomi including different accessories for different markets. Also the US version has 18 month warranty whereas the AUS version only has 12 months. Not sure what version Kogan is selling but at $19.99 a pop who cares?

            • @FrugalNotStingy: Hey at $20 I would like to buy more.

              • @xoom: Why did you only settle for two? Wasn’t thinking the sale will go through?

                • @FrugalNotStingy: that and I only really need two but for $20 could gift it to friends.

                  • @xoom: It’s one of the best high power output powerbanks. Other high power ones are bulky and heavy. I would buy another one if it dipped to $60, let alone $19.99.

    • +1

      So what happens to things like airpods or old devices without pd support? Will it damage those devices?

      No it won't damage low power devices like smart watches or airpods

      Is it safe to use this with my switch or will it fry/damage it

      Its fine for a switch also.

      Did yours come with the travel pouch specified in the "in the box" description?

      No pouch either for my 2.

      I'm charging mine using my x1 yoga laptop charger. Charger outputs 65w.

      • Thanks mate! Made my day :)

        • by any chance you manage to get the hub function to work? Plugged powerbank to laptop and a usb stick to powerbank. Nothing came up on my laptop.

          • @xoom: Double press the power button to enable the hub function. The blue light should turn on when it's enabled.

            Also I don't think it works with A-C cables, if you're connecting it to a USB A port.

            • @DisabledUser130521: That did the trick. Thanks.

              Was using usb c to usb c from powerbank to laptop.

  • +1

    Got mine today, dang it's the heaviest powerbank I have ever owned.

    • just got my two also. Heavy compared to 20k mAh powerbank xiaomi 2c.

      • its kinda feels almost as heavy as my 2000a gooloo car jumper battery haha

  • also got mine today. Surprise that Kogan honored this deal. Shame that it doesn't have travel pouch, but for this price, can't complain. Thanks again OP!

  • For those interested in a good travel pouch/case, I purchased the below

    It's padded and has dual zips so that I can use the powerbank without removing from the case by unzipping one side of it.
    Also has pouches for the cables and everything

    Couldn't be happier with it

    • Looks nice. Thanks.

    • Just complain to kogan and they will give you a $5 credit

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