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Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC 6GB/128GB US$231.33 (~A$313.16) Shipped @ Banggood


Great price for this budget phone. This is the lowest price I've seen so far for the 128GB version.

The 64GB version is also available for US$201.51 (~A$272.79) shipped. (Expired)

(Please Note: GST isn't charged on this item, if you are seeing a GST charge try clearing your cookies, or retry with a different browser.

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          • +1

            @db2k: Me too. The site says choose other area for Australia but everyone is if the belief that you choose EU based on the UK Amazon purchases.

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        The link above (poco site) is for the global version which includes has band 28. Whilst the banggood listing does have the word global version in the title, it is concerning that it is not noted in the specifications. You could try chatting to the tech support however, they seem quite vague.

        • Thanks mate. Not sure I can take the risk. Might pay more and get it from Amazon for warranty.

          • @DisabledUser372094: Amazon AU or Amazon UK?

            • +2

              @ash2000: UK. But I have a feeling we are going to see some nice deals from Amazon tomorrow. Not long to hold on.

              • @DisabledUser372094: OK, cheers….. I'll wait, no point buying into uncertainty just to save $30l!

              • @DisabledUser372094: I contacted support as @ash2000 suggested and this was their reply:

                Alright I have forwarded your concern to our team regarding your concern, you get further update on your registered email id within 24-48 hours. Your case has already escalated and we have already informed our colleague to deal with it, kindly wait for an email.

                I asked if it was a typo, if it is the true "global version" and what is the difference between EU and Other Areas version …

                • @db2k: Thanks mate. Hopefully they respond quickly and appropriately.

    • +1

      According to the XDA forums from what I could find theres only two Poco X3s, the indian and other…

      Poco X3 NFC aka surya model number is M2007J20CG. On the other hand, the Indian variant AKA karna model number is correctly M2007J20CI

      So from what I know of phones even if there are other versions with different bands it will just be a ROM thing and theres a bunch of custom roms so no probs then.
      I ended up reording from them again and saved 46 bucks, so all good in the end :)

      • I can confirm that Amazon UK version is Surya model number M2007J20CG, with B28.

  • What region do you choose? EU or other area?

    • Banggood support says choose "other", but I'm not convinced of their certainty on this.

      • +2

        This is why sites like Banggood just can't compare to Amazon. They need to be on top of something like this. I'll just wait. We don't seem to know about B28 and which version. Too much risk.

        • +2

          I just cancelled my order with them because of this confusion.
          The person in chat couldnt offer any clarification on which one I was getting or if it has band 28.
          Im willing to pay a little more to make sure it has band 28 as Ive been told that where I live it would help me get a decent connection.

          • +1

            @PAEz: Probably a good idea. Returning it would be a pain.

  • +1

    Using evolution X rom on mine and seems good

  • +1

    Highly recommend vivo iqoo z1. Bought it from PDD for CNY1699 (about AUD350).

    • buying link please?

      • My iqoo Z1 is 8/128GB (https://www.gsmarena.com/vivo_iqoo_z1-10251.php).
        If you've got help in Chinese, download Pingduoduo APP or use the entry in Wechat. Ship it to the forwarder found in Taobao (delivery fee AUD 30). That's what I did, not easy though. Otherwise, try jd.com

  • -1

    Which one do we order for Australia - "EU Version" or "Other Area Version"?

  • +1

    I have this phone from the first deal. Great phone and great price

    • Which version did u get? Eu or other? This might help the others here

      • +4

        It did not have that option. The title just said global.
        And the shipping option was from China.

        Why banggood has that EU or other option is confusing. I
        I think there is only one version of poco x3 NFC. And there is an Indian variant without NFC called Poco x3 which has a larger battery 6000mah

        Maybe you get free headphones if you click EU. I vaguely recall some countries require to give earphones to the disabled just in case.

        • Yea same as mine too, it just says Global version and shipped from Hongkong.
          I think if you get the EU one it will still work, but to be safe just click Other region.

    • -2

      Bought from banggood? Does it have B28?

  • +1

    It should be other, meaning Global…

  • $370 + GST for the 64gb for me and can't remove GST with firefox, chrome and app.

    • Did you use the app and no cash back worked for me.

      • Yes i downloaded the app to try it but did use cashback. I will try it without cashback.

  • Accidentally bought the EU version.

    What should I do?

    EDIT: I just requested a refund.

  • 64G no stock?

  • No GST added is likely a bug on their website.

    All products on the au subdomain show GST incl.

    www.banggood.com - GST gets added:

    au.banggood.com - GST incl.:

    Just change to au.banggood.com to have no GST added to the product.

  • This or the Redmi Note 9?

    Are there any other competitors worth looking into around this price?

    • Nope

  • Thanks OP!

  • Just a brief update re. the B28 confirmation…..support can not confirm if the "eu version" or the "other area version" has B28.

    There is a version that has b28…..but if it is one of the devices offered by BG, that remains unclear. Their specs suggest otherwise.

  • +2


    I believe that the Band 28 discussion is resolved. The Poco X3 NFC has band 28!
    Supports network bands
    4G: LTE FDD: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/20/28
    4G: LTE TDD: B38/40/41 (2535-2655MHz)
    3G: WCDMA: B1/2/4/5/8
    2G: GSM: B2/3/5/8
    Just a typo I reckon.

    Further proof

    The Global Poco X3 NFC worked well in Australia, on all networks.

    Nb. I bought the "Other area" version. Both Banggood version phones are identical, just the software installed is different. What's the difference? Buggered if I know. Maybe someone knows for sure.

    Thanks to the OP. Looking forward to this arriving

    • Thats what I assumed as well, but Bannggood support told me otherwise ….

      • I decided to check for myself, so I went to the Poco Home page and looked up the specs myself.


        Band 28 is listed in the specifications.

        Plus the fella in the Youtube link had no trouble connecting in Australia on all networks.

        Same phone and good connection. So I genuinely believe it is just another typo that happens in these stores.

        Banggood technical support (LOL). Unfortunately they will just read you what is in front of them, rather than confirm with the manufacturer exactly what is listed incorrectly on their website.

    • So if we buy from this link from Banggood we select 'Other' version, not 'EU' version to ensure we get B28?

      Is the Global version with B28 "Other Version"?

      • I believe the "Other Version" is the version for Australians to get. And it is what I bought.

        • I bought the Global/Eu Version. It has B28 for sure. I would say that both versions have it.

  • Is the referral coupon automatically applied? I'm seeing AU$316.16 when going to checkout with PayPal.

    • +2

      You can’t use coupons with flash deals

      • Ah. Thanks.

  • I just did the calcs, isnt it cheaper to buy in Amazon?

    - $25 (from cashrewards)
    - $37 (from zip pay)

    = $308 + 2 year warranty

    • Did you read the T&C on the Cashrewards? Also the T&C on Zip pay state it must be Amazon AUS not UK ….

      Up to 10.00% cash back
      Amazon Devices 10.00%
      Apparel 10.00%
      Jewellery 7.00%
      Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 7.00%
      Home 6.00%
      Luggage 6.00%
      Watches 6.00%
      Premium Beauty 6.00%
      Sports & Outdoors 6.00%
      Wine, Beer & Spirits 6.00%
      Office Products 6.00%
      Kitchen 6.00%
      Pet Food & Supplies 6.00%
      Physical Books 6.00%
      Electronics 5.00%
      Personal Computing 4.00%
      Video Games 0.00%
      All Other Products 0.00%
      Camera 0.00%
      Home Entertainment 0.00%
      Mobile Phones & Wearable Tech 0.00%
      Musical Instruments 0.00%
      Pantry Food & Drinks 0.00%
      Toys 0.00%
      DVD & Blu-Ray 0.00%
      Home Improvement 0.00%
      Lawn & Garden 0.00%
      Physical Music 0.00%
      Tools 0.00%
      Automotive 0.00%
      Baby Products 0.00%
      Beauty 0.00%
      Health, Household & Personal Care 0.00%

    • +1

      But it's blue. :P

      • +1

        I am paying $30 more to get it from Tobydeals for $340ish (CART3 or WELCOME10) ….


        • +1

          I don't like Tobydeals. they have delayed too many of my purchases.

          Whereas this phone, I bought last night just after midnight, has already been shipped by Banggood.

          • @Mat_Lab: can i ask if you bought the eu or other areas version?

  • The reply from Banggood - please note that this version DOES NOT have Band 28:

    If it has not stated, it has not the Band28. Yes, it is a global version, which is divided into two sub versions which are the other area and the EU version. EU version only works in European countries however, you can use the other area version wherever except European countries.

    • so we should buy the other areas version?

      • Banggood support told me to wait 3-4 hours, for an email reply to the question I asked last night, as they are sure it has B28.

        Cody from support even went on to say if i dont like it i can return it but have to pay for shipping and taxes, and also confirmed from the manufacturers website as another person has, that POCO do not manufacture any X3 NFC that does not have B28 … which is what i assumed … but of course I wanted it in writing …

        EDIT: So frustrating and complicated, but in the spirit of OZB … a true bargain!!! =D

        • +1

          hahaha, you dont help ;P

          first comment….

          The reply from Banggood - please note that this version DOES NOT have Band 28:

          did they say "DOES NOT have Band 28:" or are you saying that the model you questioned about didnt have it listed

          If it has not stated, it has not the Band28.

          Next comment….

          as they are sure it has B28.

          POCO do not manufacture any X3 NFC that does not have B28

          Which one to believe? ;P

          I bought the other areas version from them and Im not to worried.
          Im pretty sure its just a rom thing and that can be changed (theres even a bunch of custom roms already).

          • @PAEz: I literally just CTRL+C and CTRL+V ….

            • @db2k: This was the reply I received, not very useful and I ended up getting the one from Amazon (blue!!) … YMMV

              Dear Customer,
              Sorry for waiting. Thanks for your email to notify us of the difficulties you have been experiencing with our shop recently.
              We are very sorry for such destabilizing encounters you have been faced with. One of our strengths is the way we respond to our customers promptly. We fully understand the inconvenience caused.
              Hopefully, we will provide you further solution within 24 to 48 hours. If by any chance you failed to receive response from us, please feel free to contact us again for further solution.
              Please accept our sincere apology for the difficulties we have caused you. Our aspiration is to keep you as one of our most valued customers, and we hope to serve you better in subsequent times.
              Thank you for your patronage.

  • Ended up getting the Other area version.

    128GB for $320.10 (287.85 + $3.15 shipping + $29.10 GST).

    Not sure how people would get it without GST since the screen shot clearly shows GST is included and if the phone didn't have GST I would've paid only $290.

  • +1


    I am considering this phone but there was some negative feedback on the internet:
    1. Screen: people commented on it being inferior to OLED screens (bad colours), that it flickers and glitches. Some also commented that it draws tyhe battery juice far too quick.
    2. OS: ads, overal glitchy and unstable.

    I am not commenting on the minor things: plasticky feel, too bulky and heavy etc… I guess that's to be expected.

    So, I guess, the question is: is it just a good phone, or is it just good for the price?

  • !. Some people said it has a great screen. Some people say the battery lasts a long time. OLED is the king, offcourse this isnt as good.
    2. Ads can be turned off. Software can be updated. There are already custom roms.
    ….just saying.

    Ive ordered one. When it gets here I can tell you what I think, but Ive only owned junk before so Ill prolly like it.
    For $280 that I paid I dont expect it to be perfect. But the specs with that cpu where just too tempting.

    A good phone is one that can make phone calls and all other features are good for the price.
    You sound like you want a perfect phone, throw another 3 to 4 hundred at it.

  • Has anyone actually had this shipped? My order says "order processing", even though the listing said it would be shipped within 24hours, it's been almost 4 days now.

    • Banggood is like that.

    • Mine shipped on the 30th, but ETA is 31st December! :(

    • Nov 30 - Package has been sterilized and shipped out.
      Dec 1 - Your parcel is currently being processed at a sortation facility. We’ll notify you with another update when it’s ready to be delivered. (Sydney)
      …but its Fastway so who knows how much longer to get to SA

      • +2

        With Fastway's I never seem to get any tracking/updates at all, the Parcel just arrives after a long wait.

    • On December 1st I received this information.

      "Your parcel is currently being processed at a sortation facility. We’ll notify you with another update when it’s ready to be delivered."

      I seriously hope it is not being handled by Fastway, they are not great anymore.

      • Just checked the tracking number and it is somewhere in Sydney with Fastway. For a bloody week!

        How can Fastway be so bloody slow now?

        I really wish Auspost would do the deliveries for Banggood.

    • Mine just got shipped out - Shipped within 24hours? Yeah right.

      Dec 07, 2020 22:20 Package has been sterilized and shipped out.
      Nov 29, 2020 17:55 Our warehouse has started packing your items.
      Nov 29, 2020 17:50 Order submit.

  • Did anyone elses order get cancelled by Banggood?

    • They just cancelled mine citing 'We regret to inform you that there is no suitable shipping method to ship the item in your order to your country due to some shipping regulations of the logistics company. '

      I placed order on 29/Nov; it got cancelled on 8/Dec.

      Very Frustrating.

      • That's very frustrating having to wait to get in cancelled in the end

        • +1

          Update: They claim they will refund both phones but paypal only receives only refund of one phone. Contacting them via online chat but only got useless bot's prompts. Filed an complaint via paypal and they finally reply by emailing me directly basically saying: We won't give you refund unless you close the paypal complaint.

          What the heck!?

          Will never buy anything on this bloody site, ever.

    • Interesting, mine has shipped. Did you not get a shipping notification at all?

  • Still at Sydney from the 1st December 10 days! How long does Fastway take. Hope it comes in time for xmas

    • Pretty sure that's fake. It just means that Fastway were told of the item number, it probably takes a week for it to get to Sydney and then to rest of AU another 7-10 days.

      • Had an order delivered from Sydney by Fastways. The driver told me that to get it from Sydney to Brisbane in 4 days is good going. I told him to go pull the other one. Driver not very happy .

        Ps Probably fast for Fastways :)

        • What day did you order?

  • i ordered just prior to this deal being submitted,

    still sitting in sydney waiting to be delivered.

    just look at the reviews on fastway / ARAMEX on product review.

  • This will be the last time I order from banggood due to them using aramex/fastway couriers. Complete morons.

  • +1

    Got mine on the 24th of Dec.
    Damn delviery person left it out the front by the gate, anyone could have taken it. Was only luck I noticed it.
    Love the phone. Screen could be better, sound crunchs when real loud but it is loud, is weighty but I dont seem to care played for nearly 2 hours yesterday and fine. CPU is what I love about it, everything works great.

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