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100x Chemists' Own Loratadine 10mg (Generic Claratyne) $17.99 Delivered @ PharmacySavings.com.au


Hi Ozbargainers,

After sneezing my way through another weekend I thought I should post a quick deal before work today. We've had an opportunity extended to purchase a couple of Hayfever meds at crazy low prices between now and xmas. If we can buy a few cents cheaper per box, we can sell cheaper - We're offering up 2 cartons of Chemists' Own Loratadine (Generic Claratyne) at an all new low price for 100 Tabs delivered.

Loratadine is a one tablet per day, fast acting, non drowsy antihistamine which provides "Rapid 24 hours relief"

ITEM: 100x Chemists' Own Loratadine 10mg
PRICE: $17.99 Delivered with Code
CODE: cybermonday
LINK: https://pharmacysavings.com.au/products/copy-of-50-x-loratad...

For the hard core sneezy smurfs among us - we still have stock of the 200x Trust Loratadine packs as well, for a limited time at this price, unfortunately the fun team over @ Trust have made the box size larger - so shipping cost and hence total price will rise when current stocks are sold out
200 X TABLETS = $25.99 WITH CODE
CODE: bargain

140 x C-ZINE (Generic Zyrtec)
140 Tablets (2x 70 Tabs)
CODE: TAKE9 (price will come down to $20.99 delivered)

70 x HAYFEXO (Generic Telfast)
USE CODE: ozbargain (price will come down to $13.99)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Any alternative for Rhinocort ?

  • 200 X TABLETS for TRUST LORATADINE is sold out at the time of posting?

    • Ok let me sort sorry

      Edit: All good restocked - we had a run on these overnight, which is why I thought the Chemists Own Loratadine would be a good deal this morning.

      • Great, is product expiry still 04/23?

        • Trust Loratadine - Mixed dates between 2022 and 2023 - suppliers have a hard time sending out products in a logical order.

  • After sneezing my way through another weekend

    Not a great advertising for your medicines.

    • +5

      I did all the sneezing at home, back at work now :-)

      • +3

        So the tablets work only during business hours 😝

        • +5

          The Ozbargainer in me only allows myself to justify the expense of popping a tablet when at work. Family can suffer my sneezing and complaints at home.

  • Any bulk deals on fexit?

    • Will PM you a code

  • +1

    So glad to find a cheaper alternative to Zyrtec.. With 3 of us in the house who suffer from hayfever and me taking it daily all year round it sure adds up.

  • You guys should also stock DESLORATADINE (aerius).

    Active metabolite form of LORATADINE which means more potent and much faster onset of action.

    • +1

      Thanks for the suggestion, several Ozbargainers have asked for this, the issue is thus far we can only get our hands on brands which are substantially dearer. I'll keep trying.

  • Hey op what's the expiry for Hayfexo? Also no more 140x tablets option? Thinking of buying to stock up for next year if long expiry to avoid stupid long shipping to Melbourne (not your fault).

    • +1

      From memory early/mid 2023 (sorry I don't have easy access to them at the minute). I'll PM you a private code.

  • +4

    This guy is a champ. Have bought from them several times and comes highly recommended.

  • Cheaper on eBay by $2. If you don't mind using a different brand.

    Ozbargain won't let me share the links from eBay.

    • +1

      Please PM me - we can get all brands so we'll be happy to beat any eBay price for any other brand Ozbargainers want.

  • +1

    What's the rough expiry on this batch of Loratadine?
    edit: I can't read

  • Hey Op, possibly user error but I can only put in one code for the whole order. it wont take cybermonday, take 9 and ozbargain for the same order for the three products listed above

    • +1

      Apologies, this is a known deficiency of our online shop provider (shopify) please make separate purchases, this is annoying for us too as we pay double merchant fees etc and often multiples postage fees when items could be bundled if they were part of the same order. Sorry for the issue ;-(

  • Just ordered 2x70 hayfexo, cheers.

    Anything you can do with asmol inhalers?

  • +1

    Thanks OP for a great deal of relief!

  • Are these all sold out? Having no luck getting the code to work for the fexo either?

    • Loratadine is showing OOS for me but Fexo code works fine

      • +3

        Sorry guys massive run on sales today due to an Ozb post coinciding with an email offer to our database and other promos. Once I’ve packed all sales I’ll restock whatever I can at original Ozb prices for you.

    • https://pharmacysavings.com.au/collections/allegy-relief/pro...

      Restocked this line, I have to check the others when all orders are packed as stock is tight.

      Code: ozbargain

      • +1

        If there are any late night Ozbargain lurkers, I have just finished packing all of todays orders - there are a few boxes left I have restocked the website with whats left. Thanks again everyone Jason

  • -2

    Is it possible to still have hayfever? Are you sure it is not covid? For example, running nose listed as one of many covid symptoms by DHHS Victoria.