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eBay: 15% Cashback ($30 Cap Per User, 8-10pm AEDT) @ ShopBack


Hey everyone,

We've had a lot of you asking for a big eBay cashback and we've managed to get a 15% flash sale to end Cyber Monday with a bang!

  • 15% Cashback (capped at $30 per ShopBack user)
  • Running from 8-10pm AEDT
  • Code PRESS20 will be eligible for cashback during this period (no other promo/voucher codes are eligible)

Pro tips

  • Make sure you activate your $5/$10 eBay bonus as this will stack with the flash sale. You'll find this in the "Earn More" section of the ShopBack App (Available while redemptions last, so opt-in as soon as you can. As long as you've opted in, you'll be able to utilise the bonus offer).
  • You can buy eBay eGift Cards through our new gift card portal on the app with a side of 3% cashback.

Happy Shopping!


Can I use a gift card to pay and still qualify for cashback?
Yes. Refer to Notes under the T&Cs here.

Can I buy multiple items in the one transaction to add up to the minimum spend of my challenge?

Can I use a voucher code I received for signing up to eBay Plus towards my order and still qualify for cashback?
No. The only code you can use and still qualify for cashback is PRESS20.

Can I buy gift cards on eBay and still qualify for cashback?
No. Gift card purchases, charity and non-profit items, eBay Plus membership, Cars, Bikes, Boats, Coins, Real Estate, Services, Tickets, Travel are all excluded from cashback. Check our T&Cs here.

Can purchase on any device for the eBay bonus challenge?
Yes. You must to opt-in through the app, but once opted-in you are free to make your purchase on any device.

Handy Links:

Any questions or issues? Send an email to [email protected] or and we'll help sort it out.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4074)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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      • +1

        you mean 15%? Or will 15% only apply when PRESS20 is used?

        • HA! 15%!! Sorry for the confusion, it's been a big few days :).

          15% irrespective of whether PRESS20 is used :)

  • +3

    oh my god…. why are you doing this to me :(

  • Will this work with the "offer best price" and the accepted price at some shops ?

    • My experiences say "probably not" (I had a seller offer me a better price, and shopback didn't track)

      • best offers didn't track?

        • I had one track but it didn't know how much I paid for it. The amount is shown as calculating after 3 days.

          It did complete my $10 spend challenge for some reason though.

  • Wow - great offer, especially with the stacking!

  • Was waiting for the 10% uncap cashback again :(

  • +1

    Hi op I purchased some items from ebay after activating the bonus and cancelled straight away after seeing the increased cash back. That means my bonus is void or I can still get to buy during the ebay flash sale?


    • You can still purchase. We'll look at the first eligible transaction if you have made made multiple transactions.

  • Op, how do we know the challenge has been applied/ used?

    I clicked on both via the app. When I chose shop now from the $5 SB offer it just goes to an error 404 screen.

    I successfully went through 'shop now' to eBay and bought $15 of stuff at 1pm. All from the SB app.

    The challenge offers are now at the bottom of the list, but the 7000/9000 counter (was at 3400 when I clicked on it) is still ticking over?

    • Your challenge progress will only update after your cashback tracks, but given it's based on the first 9,000 to opt-in, sounds like you're okay :)

      • Are you saying its quite possible this deal has already been saturated / used in full

        ie. the counter only clicks over once tracked/ not when clicked on?

        • I also went to the help for untracked purchases…it says Ebay will take 7 days.

        So, reading into this…if you intend to use the $5 for an Ebay purchase you have no chance of being in the first 9000 (since it takes 7 days to track)??

        • +1

          The counter clicks over real time as it's based on opt-ins, not completing the challenge :)

          • @gotyourback: Oh ok, So how do I know if I have successfully 'opted in'?

            and why do I still get the Error 404 from the $5 'Shop now' button? Been this way since 1pm?

            Again - Using the App via Nokia 3, Android 9

            • @tunzafun001: If you see a progress bar for a $5 spend then you've opted in.

              What app version are you on (you can check under your Account tab - scroll to the bottom)? In the meantime you can still access eBay by other means in the app like search, clicking on the relevant banners etc.

              • @gotyourback: App v 2.90.4

                The $5 SB offer has a grey bar with $4.54 at the end of it? But the full 9000 are now used.
                The $10 ebay offer was the same grey bar and $10.00 at the end. But the $10 in small writing at the end is now gone? This is the one I clicked 'shop now' on and bought stuff with (as the offer above other just goes to Error 404 and a pic of a rocket).

                They both still have the Shop now button (well the $5 offer is now gone)

                • @tunzafun001: Okay thanks.

                  • App: try updating to the latest version (either way, you don't have to specifically click on the Shop Now button in the challenge. Just search for eBay Australia in the app instead)
                  • $5 offer: $4.54 progress bar = you've opted in. 9000 now used = 9000 have "saved" the offer. Similar to AmEx statement credit offers, this is limited to the first X users to "save" it
                  • $10 offer: $10 progress bar = you've opted in. Scroll down as it probably got moved down the list.
                  • +1

                    @gotyourback: Too late to update the app now and I only got it a few days ago Just used the $10 eBay offer shop now button again on the $10 eBay offer and bought another item for $200. Still no change. Not buying anything else now. It better at least track at 15%.

                    Didn't use any codes, gift cards & not in my cart prior.

                    Screenshotted that I was inside /9000 for the $5 earlier

                    The $10 ebay offer doesn't have a limit counter. So don't know about that one.

                    Screenshotted evidence that I clicked on it as it changes to the bottom of the list.

                    I also did a $111 @ 25% Liquorland order. Also not tracked. However the first choice order from a few days ago has tracked.

  • @gotyourback what is considered "non-profit" items to be excluded?


  • Does anyone know if you get the cashback if you purchase something from a US or UK seller? Thanks.

  • +1

    Perfect timing. $30 cashback+$10(5+5) challenge+wws gift card+press20.

    • +1

      How do you get wws gift card or is it over?

    • Brought a DJI osmo action for like $241. Preparing for the holiday trip.
      390.88x0.8(press20)x0.9(wws gift card,or 0.91someone believe)-30(cap)-10(challenge)=241.4.

  • Hey OP, if using a code other than PRESS20, should we shop outside 8-10pm to get the normal 2% cashback? Because I imagine during the 15% off deal, using a different code will result in no cash back at all.

    • +1

      Hey! If you use a code other than PRESS20 you will not receive any cashback at all, so no need to worry about the timing!

  • Pay using the eBay app will be tracked or not? Or must use computer browser

    • +1

      eBay app after redirect from SB app is fine :)

  • +2

    Can browser extension $5, eBay $5, shopback $5 all stack together? So 15% cash back + $15?

    • +1

      I also want to know. Shopback rep please clarify.

      "Can purchase on any device for the eBay bonus challenge?
      Yes. You must to opt-in through the app, but once opted-in you are free to make your purchase on any device."

      So does it mean I can use my desktop to make the purchase but still get the bonus challenge?

      If only one bonus challenge can be used for once per transaction, then how do I know which challenge did I use if I make purchase via desktop.

      I do not want to use app to make purchase because it seems desktop is much more stable to get the cashback successfully.

  • +2

    Basically, anything at or under $200, you are at 15% cashback.

  • So codes like PTGG5 are not eligible for cashback?

    • I'd probably cry if rep said it was eligible seeing as i just picked up a dishwasher

      • +1

        Don't cry chicken rep said a million times only PRESS20

        • +1

          Won't stop a million people asking ๐Ÿ˜…

      • If you dont mind sharing what you bought? I am also looking for a dishwasher deal. Appreciate it.

        • +1

          Grabbed the Bosch SMS40E08AU, $656.45 with PTGG5, grabbed some eBay gift cards from Shopback at 3% off (rounded up to $700 worth), effective final price of 636.76.

          Nowhere near the cheapest it's been but most appliance prices have taken a hit this year.

          • @Chickenleg: The ebay gift cards are VISA only right, so mastercard wouldnt apply?

            • @Skybird001: Yes but other programmes like AGL rewards have 3% off ebay gift cards

            • +1

              @Skybird001: Yeah unfortunately only Visa card. Kinda sucks that it's restricted but i don't have any other options for quick and easy eBay cards

          • @Chickenleg: Thanks for sharing. Thats a good price for bosch. Would you know if tgg removes old appliance too. I have only bought from appliance online and was eyeing the beko for the 5yr warranty but this bosch looks a good deal.

            • @emboon: Yeah some areas have an option for 'premium delivery' or something, with installation & removal included but I didn't even want to pay the $55 flat rate standard delivery as I only live less than 2kms from my local store.

              Wish they built it all into the price like Appliances Online but they still have it for $799 and getting rid of whitegoods is as easy as calling a scrap metal recycler.

  • I bought something this afternoon.. using ebay challenge but I still have challenge open so does it mean I can try again and I get bonus twice?

    Also I have separate challenge for $5 for any store started so does it mean I get $5 on top of $5 for ebay ? Very confused ๐Ÿคจ

    • +1

      Think the challenge will only close once Shopback tracks your ebay transaction. So the purchase in the afternoon would likely have already qualified for the bonus.

  • Damn all the stuff I want is 15-20% dearer than Amazon which makes this kinda moot.

    • Ebay price match? This is probably the best deal for you

  • so this particular deal (15% cashback) is not a challenge, right? so no 'Start' button to click?

  • How about PLUS3 code or monthly plus member $5 voucher? (I guess No since only PRESS20 eligible?)

  • I made a purchase on ebay today. Will cashback still available if I make another transaction between 8-10 pm ?

  • Does the $5 eBay plus monthly voucher stack with this or will it ruin the 15% ?

  • New to shopback but just checking If we received cash back for Ebay during Black Friday this won't count towards today's $30 cap right?

    • Correct

  • +1

    too bad it's capped at $30 lol

  • on the app it says ebay %2 not 15 is that normal?
    just bought a racing wheel stand for that recent g29 deal $135 delivered

    • Starts 8pm

  • @gotyourback Can you increase the cap to $50 please?

    • *$100

  • Was going to stack with PTGG5 to get a Dyson V10 from the Good Guys store but that code isn't included.

  • If we go over $30, will it just be capped or will it revert to normal cashback? (I.e I spend 500 dollars pre gst, will I only get $30 cashback or $30+300*2%=$36)?

    • It's a $30 cap which does not include any bonuses. If you hit the cap, it won't revert to the normal cashback rate.

  • If I do best offer, will cash back still be tracked? Not auction just a regular listing.

  • @gotyourback my challenges in the app got completed automatically without me buying anything. Can you please assist?

  • Will there be different cashback rates according to type of product?

    Looking to get some computer parts at 15% Cashback

  • +1

    Can anyone confirm the cashback cap, is it per transaction or account? if I buy 1 item and get $30, then click through again to buy a second item will i get up to $30 for both purchases?

  • -1

    So this ebay 15% off code PTETE15 is not included?

  • If if a seller made a offer before the 15% promo period and I accept it during the promo period. Will I able to get the 15% cash back?

  • Any chance there's one last Amazon cashback from shopback to match cashrewards' deal today?

  • +1

    What is everyone looking at buying from ebay? Is there anything on sale thats worth buying atm

  • The cashback is back but my 5600x is gone

  • +1

    Recommendations for a cheap eBay spend?
    Already got some charging cables and a car charger coming. Have enough hand sanitiser and masks. Have a few card/board games..

  • Does it matter if an item is from overseas? Its listed on eBay Aus, but says will charge GST etc

    • No it doesn't matter, but take into account for the bonus offers - the min spend amounts are not inclusive of GST for items located overseas.

  • if $30 cap reaches, and i made more purchase i get no cashback at all ? not even 2%

    • Correct. You'll need to wait after the offer ends to make additional purchases.

  • $5 promo and 15% $30 cap hit….
    hoping this order tracks

  • I have a Voucher from Ebay for signing up with Ebay plus.
    Am i eligible for the $5 cashback and 15% cashback if I use it?

    • Can I use a voucher code I received for signing up to eBay Plus towards my order and still qualify for cashback?
      No. The only code you can use and still qualify for cashback is PRESS20.

  • Can I use a voucher code I received for signing up to eBay Plus towards my order and still qualify for cashback?
    No. The only code you can use and still qualify for cashback is PRESS20.

    Does this include the 50 dollar gift card you receive when signing up for Ebay plus?

    • The $50 sign up bonus is actually counted as a voucher code. You'll notice that you can't stack the $50 code with PRESS20, for example. So no, you can't get cashback with it.

      • +1

        I can stack the 50 dollars that I have with PRESS20 (already tested). The code actually says "Gift card" before the number. Still not sure if it's safe to use.

      • Yeah just checked and eBay plus email I get monthly says CODE and is of format MYPLUSxxxxxxxxxxx

        Betting it would void the 15% shopback, not worth the risk

  • Is the promo for app or desktop or both ?

    OP talks about app bonus so that is in .

  • What to buy……

    ANY 1660 Super on eBay which is good deal at the moment?

  • This code can't be applied to your order ๐Ÿ˜’
    Does it require Ebay plus?

    • Is the seller one of these?

      • Thanks for sharing link. The seller is not listed here.

  • Thanks for this. I have had issues with Shopback tracking in the past, so I hope this one tracks.

  • +1

    Can I can multiple transactions to get to the $30 cap?

    • Per user/ account

    • Rep can you please confirm this? thank you :)

    • Sorry… that should have been "Can I use* multiple transactions to get to the $30 cap?"

  • -1

    Just made an ebay account, and made a purchase through Shopback. And apparently my ebay account has now been suspended. Huh?

  • Can anyone who has bought tell me if the eBay gift cards through SB arrive instantly?

  • Only once per account?

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