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[ACT, NSW] TCL 75P8MR 75" P8M 4K UHD Android LED TV $899 Inc Delivery (Some Areas of NSW and ACT Only) @ Home Clearance


Whether it’s for relaxing after a long day of work or leisure, watching the latest sport match, or playing the hottest game, the Series P 75 Inch QUHD TV will bring your favourite content to life. With AI Integrated, control the functionality of your TV by speaking into the microphone on the remote. You can even connect Amazon Alexa-enabled devices to change the channel, adjust the volume, and more, through voice commands. Dolby Vision technology delivers incredible quality images by using dynamic metadata to optimise colour, brightness, and contrast levels for each individual frame.

Access all your favourite video streaming apps, including Netflix, Stan, and Youtube, through the Entertainment Hub. Freeview Plus provides access to the very best of free-to-air digital television, along with a 7+ day program guide and Catch Up TV. Clear Motion Rate works to reduce visible motion blur during fast-paced scenes, maintaining a clear, crisp viewing experience.

Sound: 2 x 10W and 2 x 5W
Video Streaming Apps: Netflix, Stan, YouTube, Freeview Plus
Screen Resolution: Ultra High Definition
Depth (mm): 402.9
USB Input: 2
HDMI Input: 3
Motion Rate: Clear Motion Rate 200
Screen Size: 75"
VESA Wall Mount Size (mm): 300 x 300
Width (mm): 1680
Height (mm): 1036.6
Weight with stand (without stand): 34 kg (33.5 kg)
Display Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160
Release Year: 2019
Additional Features:
AI Integrated
Android TV
Dolby Vision & Atmos
Google Assistant
Works with Alexa
200 CMR
Netflix / YouTube / Stan / Amazon Prime

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +4

    Really good price for a 75" UHD. I paid $2400 for a Hisense 75" a couple years ago and back then it was a great bargain.

  • +2

    Anyone have any experience with tcl. I've heard good things

    • I got the 55P8M for a year now. Pretty good so far. They got that weird setting by default that makes dark scenes even darker. Once it is turned off, the image is great. Sound is a bit flat though.

      • +2

        Which setting is that one?

      • I was only experiencing this super dark scenes with Disney+ with HDR on. Definitely annoying and can't find the life of me to turn HDR off within the Disney+ tcl app!

    • Bought a 55 inch X7 Qled last Black Friday for $700 and it’s actually such a good tv. I paired it with my Apple TV as the os is faster than using the android os. Although the Android os is still faster than I’ve experienced on hisense tv’s. Also has a good onkyo sound bar as well. Would recommend TCL if you get the right one, as some wouldn’t be great I’d imagine

      • Sounds like a good bargain, where did you buy it from?

        • It was through Appliance Central eBay

    • In my experience TCL do not update the software on tvs, so be ready for no support and no updates to your tcl tv. Still cannot get amazon prime app on the tv and it is only 2 years old. Also ours takes literally 3 minutes to boot/turn on. Quick standby literally makes the tv crash and require a hard reset. picture quality is not bad but they are a very weak company for updates. You have been warned!

      • Yeah what's the go with the quick standby setting crashing the TV? mine does that too, infuriating because it takes so long to turn on

      • Yep after updating the firmware on our TV last year this screwed up the ‘quick turn-on’ feature and now it takes ages to turn on. Honestly doesn’t sound like a big deal but when it happens every single time you sit down to use the TV it quickly adds up and becomes infuriating.

        Their support was okay to deal with but as jimmy stated above their software & firmware are very infrequent.

        Also TCL pre-loads a couple of Asian TV apps that you can’t remove (T-channel, etc.) which also bugs me..

      • I think you definitely want to make sure you're getting the right smart tv when buying hisense, tcl etc. I bought my TCL last year and researched a lot to ensure it had full android with the play store etc so I could get any app. Agree though if you get the wrong one, its a pain

    • +1

      I have a Samsung q80t in the lounge, and a TCL 55p715 connected to my PC.

      In bright scenes, the TCL is just as good

      In dark scenes, there's quite a lot of ghosting. It's pretty bad.

      If you look up TCL online (note: we don't have the same models and panels) Reddit rants and raves about how good they are how they're the best value for money all this. But as soon as you google 'tcl issues' the sentiment and responses are 'what did you expect for the price'.

      they have a pretty diehard cult following, because they're selling decent TVs at an affordable price theyre Robin hood or some shit.

    • I have dead pixels and they won't respond. Also they got done with spy back doors in the Android software in the US.

  • +1

    Any reviews on this? Seems like a crazy price for a 75 inch!?

  • +7

    I have waited for this, trust me lol ….But why you have to make call to order??

  • +5

    I really want this TV but no delivery to brisbane queensland. I've been waiting for this TV.

    • +1

      I have this one and I am in Brisbane. Bought from Harvey Norman in Feb or March this year. Looking to upgrade, PM me if you are interested.

      • I am but I can't pm you for some reason. Pm me please.

  • +2

    Tempting but the comments in this past big deal makes me nervous.


    Basically the reviews on this model was very bad and not sure if it is still bad or fixed now.

    • I wouldn't get this one. Read up on x7 TCL, that I can assure is solid for the price

      • Thanks I'll check it out.

        Edit: after checking some reviews I have concluded that this is not the one also I don't think it comes in 75 inch.

        Thanks though appreciate it.

  • why no delivery to VIC :(

  • I have been looking for 75 inch qled or quhd for a while…… It's too good to be true.

  • +6

    Please don't bother with this. I had the same tcl 75 p8m. Would never buy tcl again. Good screen but horrible software. Crashed all the time. Blue screen of death crashes… Who needs that.

    Took tcl to ombudsman to get my money
    back. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/501086

    • +5

      Get a shield lol.
      The built in UI should be extremely low on the list of issues with a TV.

      • Yeah, I want one for my movie room going to use a PC to run it. Eventually.

  • I picked up 55" 715P last week for use in our gym room. I find it to be perfectly decent so far (other TVs I have at home are Sony X9000E and AF8). I was choosing between Hisense and TCL and in the end, being an Android TV made me go with TCL.

  • Does it have Chromecast built in?

    Edit: Their own website says it does!

    • +1

      It does and it doesn't.
      The built-in menu even says it has Chromecast but I can't get it to connect to anything on mine. I have both a separate Chromecast and a Voda TV, so I just use those instead

  • All sort of problems with this TV n we hardly use it now

    Takes forever to turn on. Quick boot didn't work most time you need to shut down n cold boot. Slow updating from play store. I mean 2 hrs to update 1 app. ARC didn't really work either.

    Stay away if you enjoy watching tv

  • +1

    You get what you pay for, tcl has the worst software and you cant turn off the clear motion tech

  • +1

    got one of these, same issues as everyone else regarding software and long start up, colour is ok after spending the time to adjust it, but truthfully sony so much better for colour. sound lags sometimes when watching things through hdmi so be careful of that.

    on the other hand it is Android TV so don't have to worry much about not have apps and such

  • +1

    If they want to make a cheap TV that sells well they should just worry about a functional panel with no smart features. Let people buy Apple TV’s and the like.

  • +1

    I have this TV.
    It has… quirks. It took a while to set up, and these were some issues with it randomly turning off and on.
    But I did a software update manually, rebooted it and then turned it off for an hour, and it came back to life. Much better, though there is the odd glitch when it puts itself into 'Safety Mode', whatever the hell that is.
    As for picture quality, I spent a couple of hours playing with the settings and it's fine now. I turned Motion Clarity off and left Micro Dimming on, it's not as good as some hi-end brands, but close.
    I use the native apps for Netflix, Stan, ABC, SBS and others, and my Apple box plays Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Kayo and some others. Works fine.
    Pleased with it for the money. Under a grand, I would have a dip.

  • +1

    I brought this TV in April. You need to update firmware to v606 and it has fixed most of HDR issues. Now I like this TV very much

    • Was the firmware update automatic through the TV?

      • not really, I mean TCL still does automatic firmware update but it won't be the lastest firmware they release. I always go to whirlpool to find the lastest firmware. I believe the lastest one is V606 and it makes this TV near perfect (considering the price I paid)

        • Are you able to send me a link to post on the forums please. Thanks so much.

          • @gypsyboy: sure,no problems, link is below


            Just make sure your chassis is RT51

            • @Zxie8: Thanks heaps for the info but I have 1 last dumb question. How do you check what chassis you have?

              • @gypsyboy: Sorry, not at front of my TV but surely you can check via setting, and then you should see something like this: V8-R851T02-LF1V379.016620

                If you see R851T, it means chassis is RT51

                • @Zxie8: Thanks heaps mate.. got it.. I ended up installing the same version as you

    • +1

      +1 for the v606 firmware, sorted my TCL 50" P8M. Was driving me crazy!

  • Can only order by calling between 9am & 5pm. 5 left at 11pm last nite & all sold out at 8.30am this morning. Sounds like they realised the price was a mistake

    • Price should be correct. I brought same TV from TGG in April at $11xx, so I think it is quite normal that there is a $300 price drop after 8 months, considering this model is EOL now and it is a clearance offer

  • Why is this at $900. Something really doesn't look right…

  • sold out at 9am, lol

  • Cheap Cheap Cheap

    • For a reason.

      • Fingers crossed it turns out well. People spend thousands sometimes and are disappointed. With this price anything positive is a bonus :)

        • I mean if you are not picky it's still a great screen.

          Just don't look at higher end screens to avoid disappointment.

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