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10% off TCN Him/Her & Kayo Gift Cards, 20% off Toys Including LEGO @ Big W


New catalogue sale for Big W starting on Thursday. Both gift cards and 20% off toys sale finish on 09/12.

Participating Retailers
The Him Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi, ASOS, Universal Store, Culture Kings, Tommy Hilfiger, Hype DC, Platypus, Foot Locker, Xbox, Aquila, adidas, Glue Store, Drummond Golf, Academy Brand, Calibre, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Edge Clothing, Neverland, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, Timberland, Van Heusen, H&M
The Her Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi, ASOS, Kookai, MAC, Princess Polly, adidas, Showpo, H&M, Universal Store, Sportsgirl, Platypus, Calvin Klein, Forever New, Glue Store, Adore Beauty, Aveda, Hype DC, Seafolly & Sunburn, Tiger Mist, Culture King

20% off toys - excludes price drops items, low price lines, clearance, pre-orders, gaming, nursery, sporting, cycling, skate, scooters, trampolines, swings sets, inflatable castles, cubby houses and aquatic.

Credit to living4music for the gift card details.

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    • nah, you can grab as much as you want, the check out staff would have to inform and issue you a Scam Alert leaflet though to ensure they have warned you of scams as their retailing responsibility. some would scan 5 cards at a time, and max is 10 cards at a time.

      • Cool cheers!

    • The official limit is 10 per person.

      • I visited few stores so far, none of them bother to limit this or that. Some are comfortable to scan 5 cards at a time, some do 10 (max doable on their checkout system, don't used the self-serve check out as it is limited to 5 cards max plus still need assistance from staff)

  • +5

    I'm already exhausted thinking about running around trying to find these cards :(

    • +2

      perhaps you been running around the wrong places where convenient aka more people want them, try some surround suburbs where they don't have JBHiFi stores ;)

  • I'm assuming the physical gift cards can only be used instore?

    Can it be used to redeem online for jbhifi vouchers like the digital version of TCN.

    Sick of standing in the line as the staff work through it one by one.

    I have been lucky with patient staff so far but I can definitely see the frustration in them.

    • instore only, JB stopped letting people buy/convert JB cards. to make the transaction as smoothly as can - you just need to scratch them at home, check balances, remove from paper packs then it would be much easier and staff would never mind

      • What do you mean, you can’t use these to buy jb gift vouchers on their website?

        • no. these are physical gift cards aka used in store only, and JBHiFi stopped vouchers/gift cards due to 3 year expiry vs no expiry difference (some were lucky to exploit that loophole though which eventually fixed now)

  • And they will hide the cards. 😂

    • lol, they do, some hid the $100 behind $50 already in BigW, I already got what I want so no need to get them, but they are good for iPhone 13 and 14 if you can spare some lol

  • +1

    It seems like most people missed this deal which is still on for effectively 10% off JB HIFI


    • Yeah good for small purchases. Not if you're after a $1400 iPhone 12 like me

      • Is it worth going the extra mile trying to get 14 cards? I debating on whether I can so I can use the saved value towards apple care+.

        • definitely mate lol, it saved me 600-700 easily with iPhone and Macbook

        • -1

          I don't think you can with the deal above. It's only 2000 flybuys points per card type so you can only really get 10% off a couple of $100 cards. I think that's how I read it.

          • @iShibby: I think you mixed the other deal with this lol

            • -1

              @webtherapist: I was replying to Videlity who was linking to this deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/585020

              With that deal you can only get 2000 flybuys points per gift card type.

              If I can't find any of the Coles 15% off ones today I will just try to get $1400 worth of the BIG W ones on Thursday.

    • I wonder if this is better for me? I just want a gaming headset which is around $127 on sale at JB! I've been waiting forever on Amazon for a sale and I'll probably wait for Boxing Day and nothing will happen bahaha

      The ultimate gift card online, or a physical card ?

  • just been to big w southland and they have already taken them off the shelves

    • Brilliant! Maybe they're holding them for Thursday

  • how do you use the home card (good guys) ?
    the website states that to use one instore i need to add to wallet and i can't see how to do that - the TCN app asks for a phone number to log in - i provide that and nothing happens - no txt is received and i can't get any further ?

    • You can directly go and swipe the card to pay instore

  • +1

    Anyone knows if the TCN cards could be purchased with WISH e-gift cards (in store)? And if yes, is there a maximum limit on the amount to spend in one transaction?

    • Ooh I'd like to know this too

    • +1

      If it's anything like Woolies i don't think we'd be able to use WISH e-gift cards to purchase gift cards either unfortunately :(

      Would love to be proven wrong though.

    • I think with the WISH e-gift cards you can put any denomintion on them up to $500. So for me I need $1400 I could just get 2 $500 cards and a $400 card?

      • +2

        Yeah technically you could, but like i said, i don't believe you'd be able to use the WISH e-gift cards to purchase gift cards at Big W. Unless someone has experienced otherwise.

        • +1

          the answer is no, they don’t even allow you to use egift to purchase iTunes, hope this helps

    • +1

      Nope, just called my local Big W and you can't use a gift card to purchase a gift card :(

    • +1

      Good thinking! Was briefly kicking myself for not using Wish e-gift cards last week, then I remembered it was at Coles. :D

      The T&C probably states that you can't purchase gift cards using gift cards, but not sure if the system enforces. Worth a try for a small amount. Or if you regularly shop at Woolies then just get the discounted e-gift cards anyway. Try at the self checkout in case they stop you at the counter.

      If you can get 5% discount on e-gift cards and it works, then it is equivalent to 14.5% off.

      Edit: looks like not allowed from above comments.

  • Hmm got a click and collect might as well wait until thurs and go early.

  • I use to buy at BigW specials with 5% off Wish cards ( no gift cards accepted online now ) now Amazon is cheaper mimicking with 3-4% off cards ( be it a short time for the good ones ) . I can't get my a$$ into a store where they finally can be used :)

    Payment by gift cards for gift cards at BigW hasn't been there for a long time .

  • How can you use for ASOS?

    • +1

      you redeem them on the TCN for a ASOS voucher took me 5 mins yesterday then use the voucher on ASOS

      • Ok thanks

  • +1

    Forget about the gift cards, cut me a slice of that ladybird Android tablet!

  • +1

    Just passed through Big W Parkmore VIC for some candles, seems like some ass already "reserved" all the $100 cards

    • Reckon they hid them? Some people are desperate 😞

  • does these cards work at Calvin Klein or Nike factory outlets?

    • +2

      Was able to use at a Tommy outlet. Not sure about the other brands.

  • The participating restaurant using "The Restaurant Choice" card can be found from here which those cards are providing 10% off at the same time. (this card was provided by Blackhawk Network)

  • So $1500 worth of TCN physical gift card cannot be converted them into JB GC (physical or digital?) by purchasing online on JB site?

    what is the TCN card expiry date?

    • 3 yrs.

  • +1

    These cards are in store purchase only. Dropped by Macquarie centre first thing this morning & got told they're out of stock. The sales guy said "might have them at North Ryde" but he wouldn't bother checking. Just gave up. Click & bait as far as I am concerned. Will avoid BigW in the future if I can help it.

    • I was going to go to my local Big W at 8 but after the stashing comments I decided not to bother. Glad I didn't now!

  • +2

    Went to Big W Eastland when they opened. No cards to be found. Probably all hidden/sold out. Staff said that the cards were their entire christmas stock and they won't be restocking. Better luck elsewhere.

    • Went past Eastland yesterday as well to scope it out and they had none, doubtful then even had any at all

    • hidden? SOunds like everytime they have prepaid modem on sale =) hard to find

  • +1

    Are there card limits on these ones like there were Coles? Probably not worth going out if there are

    • There are waaaayyyyy less Big W's than Coles and Coles sold out fast. I wouldn't bother with this one.

  • +2

    Doncaster sold out prior to 9am

  • +1

    Big W Geelong CBD cleaned out. Grabbed the last few $50 cards.

  • +1

    Don't give up hope guys as I was walking out my local store pulled out a stash from under the counter and refilled. My eyes almost popped out :o [pic] (http://imgur.com/a/3oFnRjW). Also there doesn't seem to be a limit with how many you can buy at once.
    Also this was at bankstown

    • Dare we ask which Big W lol

  • Went into Carns Hill Big W at 8am nothing on the shelf. Only ultimate one is in stock.

    • +2

      Check out Bonnyrigg store - they had heaps left at 9am this morning

  • +1

    Went in at 8am this morning to Watergardens and they had about 9 (7 after I left) $50 ones there and that was it. Realise now I was lucky to even find some.

    • I went to the Highpoint and Sunshine Big W today, but these Him/Her cards weren't on display, asked the staff and they said it's probably sold out, they couldn't check the system for me. I called the Watergardens store and asked them about it and they said it's all gone :(

  • I bought $500 worth of physical HIM cards and question is will I be able to combine it with my JB HiFi gift cards?


    • +1

      Yeah I can't see why not

      • +1

        I'm gonna do BTO for the macbook pro, will that be alright?

        • Yep all good. Gift cards are just a payment method, can use on anything

        • I used my 15% off Coles cards on a BTO M1 Mac Mini :)

          • @iShibby: Cool Thanks :)

          • @iShibby: how do you do BTO from JB? i thought they only sell stock standard Apple configs?

            • +1

              @powerhead: No they’ll do BTO if you ask them. If you have access to UNiDAYS they will price match the Apple edu price on there.

              • @iShibby: oh JB will price match prices from Apple edu website? Just need to show them you have access to it?

                • @Kenb0: Yep. They will bring it up on their screen to check anyway.

                  • +1

                    @iShibby: Thanks mate. Might get a mate of mine to setup access to unidays since he works at a uni and then use that to price match off. Extra $$ off is always good.

                  • @iShibby: This applies to non-BTO also? I am just looking for the Macbook Air M1 base model (8/256) and edu pricing is $190 less than regular price - so even better than the 10% black friday discount at JB (i have access to unidays)

                    • +1

                      @bajirao: Yep they're pretty good at price matching and the edu price isn't "much" of a difference to them so I've found they always match, BTO or normal.

  • Winston hills also sold out, hope they will stock again.

  • +1

    Went to Big W Carindale QLD this morning. Still had lots of $50 ones.

  • +5

    Absolute scenes at Big W Macquarie this morning, arrived at the store and there were no cards on the shelf, someone else asked for the manager. Manager came back saying she didn't have many cards and gave some to the person who initially asked her. Then proceeded to put them on the shelf and it was an absolute free-for-all with 5-10 people grabbing what they could. Managed to get $300 of HER cards but others came out with more.

    • Who can be bothered honestly.

    • +2

      Spending 300 to save 30….

      • It sounds like 10% according to my maths

  • Has anyone tried to buys these GC with staff discount card? any additional discount?

  • GF went to the Rockdale Big W. They said limit of 10 cards only, she got all the $50 ones lol.

    No $100.

    • I took it, lol

      • Lolol bahstad lol.

        • Only worth $100 x 5 and I`m only 2 mins walk to get there. :)

  • +5

    Absolute scenes at Big W Rivo, arrived at the store and there were no cards on the shelf similar to a previous post. Big W employee opens a shaft at the top of the gift card stand and reveals 20 HIM and 20 HER cards and gives it straight to 1 man and his wife/gf. They proceed to take it all and proclaim that it's theirs.

    There were 5 other of us and he gave us 1 each in pity and claimed that the rest for his. He walked away with 35 x $100 cards


    • +1

      Hehe , it wasn't me :)

      I would shared the love and not be so selfish and give the others 1 each .

    • Wow that's crazy must be reselling them if they want that money

    • None left at BigW Livingston WA too at 9am this morning.

  • +1

    Wollongong people Warrawong big w still has heaps looks like not even been raped yet….

  • +1

    Nothing at Waverley Gardens VIC

  • +1

    SUNBURY - VIC: I have just been there. Few may be 4 $100 HIM cards and loads of $50 HIM cards still left on display. The store is imposing a limit of 10 per person.

  • Does anyone want to trade me their Him card for my Her card? I just prefer the Him card as it has some stores I'm interested thanks

  • To clarify, are you able to buy the BIGW TCN Him card to use at JB HIFI to buy Ebay gift cards? Does JB sell Ebay Giftcards or permit a cross-purchase such as this?

    If so, any limits per transaction?

    • I would like to know as well but looks like you can't

  • None at Merrylands NSW.

  • Gungahlin ACT- all gone

  • Thanks, Op. Grabed a few $100 n $50 cards from bigw epping.

    • any more $100 left when you leave?

      • Nope. I wanted to get d cards to buy the iphone 12, but ended up getting only $350 worth of cards.
        Itseems someone place a hold yesterday, on a huge bulk of cards n only a few wer left.