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6,000 Free Pints of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (Delivery Fee Applies) @ Uber (Available between 3pm to 10.30pm Local Each Day)


Looks like a pint is usually worth $15 via Uber Eats.

Offer is available in each City between 3pm and 10:30pm (local time) on that City’s Promotion Date.

Redeeming the offer

1) Your City has a unique promo code, which will be revealed on the Promotion Date by a local influencer via their Instagram account
2) Visit the @uber_eats Instagram page for hints about who your City’s influencer might be
3) Launch the Uber Eats app
4) Search for a participating Ben & Jerry’s, Dessert Store or Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop
5) Add a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pint totalling at least $12 to your cart
6) At the checkout screen, apply your City’s unique promo code and check that it is still valid
7) Place your order for delivery (delivery fee applies).

  • Melbourne – Tuesday, December 1 – 2,500 available (MELBPINT)
  • Sydney – Wednesday, December 2 – 2,500 available (SYDPINT/REIDSYD/REIDPINT)
  • Brisbane – Thursday, December 3 – 1,000 available (EMMAPINT)
  • Perth – Friday, December 4 - 875 available (LIVPINT)
  • Adelaide – Saturday, December 5 - 625 available (ASHPINT)
  • Gold Coast – Sunday, December 6 - 375 available

Full T&Cs

Referral Links

Drivers Only: random (69)

Referrer gets $300 once referee completes at least 40 deliveries.
Referees may be eligible for special offers based on the number of trips or deliveries they made after signing up through an invitation.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +10

    Upcoming codes for some cities:

    Sydney – SYDPINT
    Brisbane – BRISPINT
    Perth – PERTHPINT
    Adelaide – ADEPINT (Mod: Edited in. Thanks sween64)
    Gold Coast – GCPINT

    • lol for real?

      • +4

        Yes, attempt to enter them into the app, you'll get "Promotion cannot be applied because it has not started"

    • +2


      • +2

        Congrats, you worked it out, it's ADEPINT
        The only one I didn't try lol

        • +5

          Well on one hand I'm happy we worked it out, on the other I'm disappointed it's not RADPINT.

          • +3

            @Unherd: You’re such a delight!

    • Anyone know Sydney's code?

  • +38

    Just waiting patiently for that Ozbargainer who finds the free delivery fee hack, God bless you sir.

    • +4

      Kudos if you can sneak in a referral bonus on top of it!

    • There was a targeted 100 free deliveries before the end of the year, wonder if that will stack?

    • Promos don't stack anymore :(

    • Vic clue is the person could be Right next door?
      Anyone know any Neighbours influencers. I don't know any influencers so I'm no help

      • +7

        Melbourne clues point to Bonnie Anderson since she was the masked singer and on Neighbours.
        It mentions the influencer will reveal the code on their Instagram. So assume you will need to keep an eye out until they post the code

        • +1

          Never heard of her. haha.
          I could be wrong though. In my head though a Neighbours cast member matches the clue

        • Thanks mate you are the real MVP

      • Where is this clue from? Can't see anything on the Instagram

        • It's on the Uber website: Melbourne: “Rather than unmask the location of our first code, all we’ll reveal is that if you live in Victoria this person could be right next door”.

    • +1

      I thought I had struck the jackpot when Ben & Jerry's showed up in my list of free delivery stores for the next 5 minutes. Unfortunately, adding a promo code removes the free delivery. Still, $5.99 for a tub delivered is well worth it.

  • -2

    Have no idea how to get this.

    • +2

      To bring on the sweltering heat, we’ll help app users work up a mental sweat as they go on a cyber treasure hunt to find the code of the day. We’re not going to make it too tricky, the Uber Eats instagram page is a pretty safe bet for the latest daily clues designed to reveal which famous local face has the code for their city.

  • +47

    This is stupid promo

    • +1

      Agreed! Either riaking more delivery drivers on bikes to be run over or adding pointless pollution.

      • But everyone’s sugar addiction brain would’ve gotten their hit (judging by the comments here) and well on their way to their heart attacks - so well worth this promotion/deal.

  • -2

    What’s Melbourne’s code

    • +33


  • +2

    in before haters talk about b&j ethics

    • +1

      I love a b&j

    • +6

      BJ ethics, as in you must reciprocate?

  • It says "Rather than unmask the location of our first code, all we’ll reveal is that if you live in Victoria this person could be right next door." No idea though

  • +4

    As soon as the discount codes are known it is IMPERATIVE it is posted here!

    • Yeap after I have my fill .

  • +6

    Melbourne clues point to Bonnie Anderson since she was the masked singer and on Neighbours.
    It mentions the influencer will reveal the code on their Instagram. So assume you will need to keep an eye out until they post the code

    • You beat me to it! :-)

      • Good job in figuring this out… now when is that code dropping!!!

        • +2

          When all their friends finished using it ;)

  • +3

    Ok my guess for Melbourne is Bonnie Anderson - she was on The Masked Singer and Neighbours - lines up with the 'unmasked' and 'right next door' clues.

  • Great…Tasmania has been left out again……..

    • +2

      Nope retracting my comment.
      It's delivered from Ben and Jerrys stores. We've got none of those here at all.

  • +2

    Choc Fudge Brownie or Choc Chip Cookie Dough…Tough choice…Half Baked it is!

    • +3

      I will be half baked while eating this…

  • +4

    Calling it "free" is an interesting use of the word when a mandatory delivery fee applies.
    What would be a typical delivery fee?
    Uber doesn't make it very easy to find on their website.

    I am also curious if anyone has experienced ice cream deliveries before and if it arrived still in an "ice" cream state?

    • +3

      I can't speak for the delivery cost, as last time I used Free Delivery code.
      The Ice Cream though arrived perfect - completely frozen, and we had to even let it sit a few minutes before we could scoop it easily.

      • +3

        Fair enough, thanks for your reply. I am amazed to hear it arrived still frozen. I guess my suspicions were unfounded.

        But considering this is regularly on special for $6-$10 in supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths (e.g. Currently $9 in Coles), the delivery fee would have to be low to get me interested.

        • +1

          Well, FWIW it was only about a 5-6 minute drive. If you're further away it certainly may not be as frozen! :)

          • +1

            @Xianese: Yeah, I guess if it is 40°C+ like over the weekend in many cities, even a 5-6 minute drive could be too long ;-)

        • +2

          For a 2km drive, delivery fee is about $5.99. It rapidly goes up as high as $8.99 from there - my local, an eight minute drive away, is $7.99. My experience with these offers though is that they usually apply a dollar value rather than "free ice cream pint" and if that dollar value is more than the item, it eats into the delivery fee as well.

      • +1

        Deep freeze like the Moderna vaccine, and who says we don't have the necessary facilities?

    • I find that whenever they have similar promo, I get "No delivery partners nearby" and I am looking at the Richmond store. BS I say, as any other store works in Richmond. Do these other stores use drivers from Mars

      • Hmmm, dodgy.
        This makes me even less likely to bother.
        It is sounding like an ebay "lottery" for something I can buy at a similar price next time I go to the supermarket.

    • +3

      Depends on your distance. Mine's usually $2.99 since the store is close by. The furthest out one I've ordered from is $7.99.

      I order Ice cream a lot. It sometimes comes a bit soft if the driver is making other runs and the store is far and its a very hot day, but usually comes extra frozen so I can't eat for a few minutes. I've only every had issues really with ice cream extra toppings from other dessert purchases, never when I'm buying from an ice cream store.

      • +1

        Thanks, much appreciated.
        That at least gives a "price guide" that is missing in the post and can't easily be found on Uber's website.

        If the delivery fee approached the price I can buy in the supermarket, I likely wouldn't bother.
        It isn't that difficult for me to plan ahead some ice cream next time I go shopping and the supermarket gives me far greater brand and flavour choices.

      • why dont you just buy ice cream from the supermarket?

    • +2

      You can search for local Ben & Jerry’s stores in the app now. I see $2.99, $4.99 and $5.99 depending where I set my delivery address and from which store I order from.

      • +3

        $6.99 or $7.99 delivery, for me in Brisbane.

        Currently 2 for $15 @Woolies!

        • Currently 2 for $15 @Woolies!

          You get two at a similar price each, and no convoluted process involved in getting them.

    • I just checked near me and delivery would cost $3, so worth it for me.

  • +4

    Delivery drivers dying? Better give out some free ice cream.

    • +2

      40 degree heatwave? Why go out for ice cream when you can make some poorly dressed overheated gig worker deliver it to you?

  • +2

    Thanks to OZB, most of us don't have to fall in the trap of influencer's shenanigans. Please share the code here whoever cracks it first :)

  • +6

    "influencer" I guess sounds better than "shill"

  • +1

    No $14 cashback this time? :p

  • Is there a potential free pick up option? I do know Uber Eats are doing that now!

    • -1

      The whole point of this is to advertise their delivery and ordering experience. Offering pick up with this promotion defeats the purpose!

  • Huh… @uber_eats isn't a real Instagram account?
    Offical ones are @ubereats_aus and ubereats

  • +6

    Available between 3pm to 10.30pm Local Each Day

    Realistically 3pm to 3:02pm.

  • +1

    Hashtag dealswithoutCanberra

  • Is it normal that most pints are sold out? 6/10 pints from local store (prahran) are - before promo period - already marked as sold out.

  • +3

    Delivery from B&J store shows as $6.99 or $7.99 for me, if lucky enough to score 1 in this promotion.

    Currently 2 for $15 @Woolies, which is much more certain.

    • mine in 1.99 :)

  • -1

    5) Add a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pint totalling at least $12 to your cart

    1 ice cream pint is $14.95, so do we need to pay $2.95 + delivery?

    • +1

      Hopefully just the delivery.

    • +1

      I reckon it’ll be free no matter how much more than $12. Just pay delivery which for me is $2!

    • +1

      This offer is for a free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pint (individual item) ordered for delivery from a Participating Outlet via the Uber Eats app if you order at least $12 (excluding delivery and other fees) (Offer). Delivery fee applies. Other fees may apply. $15 will be deducted from your total order value as a promotion.

      • just notice it is in the T&C, thanks for pointing it out!

  • +2

    cries in canberra

  • +18


    • +3

      they said 30 minutes in an IG comment just then

      • in 30 minutes time?

        • i guess! but stil smash that refresh

    • Share before buy!

  • +44


    • Thanks!!

    • Legend, got one :)

    • Thank you! Nabbed Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pint!

    • Thank you!

    • AND it was just delivered :P

    • +1

      got one thanks sammajohnson and the ice cold icecream is in my hot little hands now… =)

  • +9

    Code is MELBPINT

  • +4

    Code is MELBPINT.

  • Got it! Thanks! 2.99 delivery.

  • +4

    MELBPINT- Goodluck all

  • +1

    Ordered with MELBPINT - let's see if it gets fulfilled

    Thanks OP and code finders

    • I already received my pint :)

  • +1

    Got one $2! Thanks OP

    • Eating now. It’s great

  • +2


    code for melbourne

    • Thanks, just got it.

  • $7 delivery :( lucky buggers with $2 delivery

  • For Sydney guys

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