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6,000 Free Pints of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (Delivery Fee Applies) @ Uber (Available between 3pm to 10.30pm Local Each Day)


Looks like a pint is usually worth $15 via Uber Eats.

Offer is available in each City between 3pm and 10:30pm (local time) on that City’s Promotion Date.

Redeeming the offer

1) Your City has a unique promo code, which will be revealed on the Promotion Date by a local influencer via their Instagram account
2) Visit the @uber_eats Instagram page for hints about who your City’s influencer might be
3) Launch the Uber Eats app
4) Search for a participating Ben & Jerry’s, Dessert Store or Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop
5) Add a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pint totalling at least $12 to your cart
6) At the checkout screen, apply your City’s unique promo code and check that it is still valid
7) Place your order for delivery (delivery fee applies).

  • Melbourne – Tuesday, December 1 – 2,500 available (MELBPINT)
  • Sydney – Wednesday, December 2 – 2,500 available (SYDPINT/REIDSYD/REIDPINT)
  • Brisbane – Thursday, December 3 – 1,000 available (EMMAPINT)
  • Perth – Friday, December 4 - 875 available (LIVPINT)
  • Adelaide – Saturday, December 5 - 625 available (ASHPINT)
  • Gold Coast – Sunday, December 6 - 375 available

Full T&Cs

Referral Links

Drivers Only: random (28)

Referrer gets $300 once referee completes at least 40 deliveries.
Referees may be eligible for special offers based on the number of trips or deliveries they made after signing up through an invitation.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • $8.99 delivery though

    • Was $4.99 for me

    • $2.99 delivery, although the driver can't leave at my door as they don't have clearance. Can't pick meet outside. This will go well…

      Edit: already delivered and went flawlessly. Just met them outside lift. I'd just about given up on delivery drivers after Menulog lol.

  • REIDPINT worked for me on my computer, but not my phone.

  • Thanks op still works for me just used REIDPINT

  • +2

    promo code not working for all stores with B&J pints. only stores labeled as Ben & Jerry's work with the discounts, but they all don't offer pickup.

  • +1

    Thanks OP —— REIDPINT still working for Sydney…just ordered one.

  • +1

    I give up :(

    • +1

      Username checks out :(

      Give it 10 mins and go try again, you’re probably locked out my friend!

  • +1

    I just randomly tried it again after spamming the promo button for a loooong time earlier, then trying a few random times since then giving up until now… and it just worked!
    Worked first time on my wife's account much earlier and finally now working on mine.

  • +2

    Used a free delivery with $20 spend. Ended up paying $5 for a pint + 2 shorties. Better than paying $5.99 delivery fee for a pint

  • +2

    LOL order was cancelled after 45 mins. No one picked up the order.

  • +1

    REIDPINT is now working folks. Managed to get in an order. Guess everybody has stopped trying now freeing up the damned servers….

    • I get "Oops! You've already applied this promotion". I have not.

  • Paid $6 but still worth thank you OP

  • Finally worked for me. I did it from the app

  • Got mine.
    $5 delivery. Still good!

  • +1

    Works now but my local is out of stock and another shop immediately cancels the order.

  • +4

    None of the Sydney codes work

  • +2

    Freaking useless. Cancelled twice. So much for promotion :/

  • Worked for me 1hr ago. Delivery was within half hr after I ordered. Fee was $5.99 though cuz the nearest shop closed already which would have cost $2.99 only, so I had to order from one further out.

  • Just had mine delivered (ordered at 3:30, scheduled for now).

  • SYDPINT -Promotion has expired

  • SYDPINT - oops, this promotion has expired
    Reidpint - oops, this promotion is no longer available.

    Oh well.

  • +1

    As a hint for the next cities. When in instagram search the #ad for most recent posts at 3pm. The influencer's post should show up might even be posted before uber eats publishes the story.

    • You were on the money - thanks (even though so didn’t go through with the promo). I was able to post the code here 45 mins before Uber posted on insta.
      LEGEND! 👍😁

  • Our systems are receiving unusually High Traffic, please try again in a few minutes. Thanks for your patience.

    I've been getting that for the last 5 minutes for all three codes. Word of advice - order ahead of time.

  • None of the SYD codes worked for me until right before 10:30pm when my order went through and then it was cancelled :(

  • anyone know Brisbane code?

    • -1

      Look at the Deal codes!

      • says it’s expired. They’re probably changing it up?

      • Updates when code available

  • +1

    Brisbane Promo has expired

  • BRISPINT does not work

  • First the code is expired now server load issues. What a joke you are uber eats

  • $6.99 cheapest delivery for me - hardly worth the time & hassle
    Was 2 for $15 @Woolies on Tuesday - didn't bother buting.

  • +4

    Code is EMMAPINT

  • +2

    Brisbane: todays is "EMMAPINT" go go go go

  • Thanks all

  • +1

    So the influencer is Emma Sheppard and her insta is https://www.instagram.com/emmashepparddd/?hl=en


  • +1

    I can confirm EMMAPINT works

    • Did you manage to order?
      it keeps saying high traffic for me…

      • Try closing the app and open again. This allowed me to order.

        • Never worked, on PC and mobile :(
          Tried different stores too, oh well.

        • Nvm, just worked at 7pm, it's a miracle!

  • $7.99 delivery for me….

  • Has anyone actually got through!?

    • Yup! My driver has just picked up my order. I was speedy quick and ordered within 1 minute of the ig story.

      • how much was delivery for you?

    • Decided to order @$6.99 - picked up & on way. So many school zones on way - long delivery time

      Delivered 30min after ordering

    • Yep, EMMAPINT worked @ ~3:10. I got $3.99 delivery

  • Can't get through…

    What's weird is that on my phone it says delivery is 4.99 while on my desktop it's telling me 3.99

    • Probably surging due to demand, mine was 2.99 but has since gone up to 3.99

  • Ordering from BP or Caltex doesn't work now :( Has to be a merchant named 'Ben & Jerry's' , 'Dessert store' or 'Ben & Jerry's scoop shop'. None of those near me

  • +2

    Was near by the scoop shop. but only delivery. so i had them delivered in front of their shop lol

    • +1

      Thats what real oz-bargainer do :)

    • LMAO :))))

  • Confirm [email protected]:58

  • Worked for me inner east Brisbane. Thanks OP and to whoever found the code!

  • Got some thank you!

  • Thanks! Got some

  • Finally went through, 4 hours later! Don't give up hope y'all!

  • Thanks op.
    Got one

  • PERTHPINT: looks like code expired

    • Starts at 3pm.

      • Thank you:)

      • 3:08pm, tells me PERTHPINT is expired via app

  • Codes not working yet 🙃

  • Looks like they might have expired PERTHPINTS and will have a new code hidden somewhere

    • +6

      Code is LIVPINT

      • -1

        Da real MVP!

        Code is accepted, pity there are no participating places near Belmont for pickup or delivery :(

      • Cheers, Chapstick!

  • I got delivered the incorrect flavour…. $4 ben & jerry's isn't to be sneezed at but I am craving the mint choc i didn't receive….

  • -1

    10 mins before 3 the Adelaide code “ADEPINT”. Says it’s expired 🙄

    • +1

      I assume the code has been changed like other states. Anyone one have the new code?

      • Unusually high traffic in the promo code screen

  • +2

    ASHPINT for Adelaide

    • Anyone manage to get one yet? The error message is still coming up for me

      • I haven’t bothered. I live so close to the Richmond store and it’s still $7 delivery. Honestly can’t be arsed.

        • +1

          Yeah i only have one place that's doing $3.99 delivery and the rest $7.

          Weird someone negged me for asking that lol

    • +1

      Thanks worked a treat

    • BTW the genius in the comments who advised to check the most recent hashtag #ad on insta at 3pm deserves a LOT of upvotes 👍👍👍

  • Thanks, keeps telling me “high traffic, to try again in a few minutes”

  • Thanks OP, got code to work but not valid for my order. Turns out it has to be from a B&J scoop shop, which I am nowhere near, oh well.

    • +1

      Damn, didn't realise that. Closest one to me is the one at Hoyts Norwood for $8 delivery which kinda defeats the purpose.

      • I am in Hallett Cove and my local stockist ( which I think is from the local servo) is unavailable atm, then when I looked up scoop shop there is one in Norwood and one at Adelaide oval.

      • I didn’t realise it was scoop shop only, I changed my address to Norwood just to try the scoop shop and still came up with error code. Otherwise I have been trying Ben and Jerry’s north Adelaide.

    • It says in the code Ts&Cs that it’s any store in the app named ‘Ben & Jerry’s’, ‘Dessert Store’ or ‘Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop’.

      • +1

        Still not working. At north Adelaide “Ben and Jerry’s”

        • Well this was a joke 😑 I think we just expected to have the same success as we saw from the SYD/MELB Ozbargainers, where there seemed to magically be a Ben & Jerry’s on every street corner. But we live in…ADE 😐

  • +1

    Yeah well for us chumps in Adelaide they basically don't exist, so why bother. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think one is at Adelaide oval, I assume only when there is an event on, and the other is in a Hoyts cinema.

  • Can confirm they just blocked us out, just arrived at the girlfriends house and code worked first try. “Ashpint”
    on her account

  • +2

    Anyone have the Gold Coast code?

    • isn't it GCPINT? and i'm having trouble finding the store on uber eats, any help?

      • +1

        It's saying the code has expired.

        • Using 'REBEPINT' gives me 'our systems are receiving unusually high traffic, please try again in a few minutes.'

          Maybe that's the code - Rebel Wilson

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