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Acer 23.8" IPS 144hz Gaming Monitor $229 @ Harvey Norman


Just picked one of these up instead of the AOC that is very popular.

Apart from terrible menu buttons, it's a great monitor. Tilt stand, very slim bezel, good brightness and contrast and viewing angles, overclock to 165Hz, seems to have very decent colour out of the box. Happy with it for this bargain price.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • seems like a pretty unknown monitor, cant find any reviews on it

    • It's a new model

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        Since you own one, would you be so kind as to put a tape measure across it, horizontally (wide).

        Im trying to fit a monitor into a gap and only have 535mm, most are 540.


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    does this monitor have vesa mounts? cant see anything on the website

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      There seems to be two eg0 monitors, the one on acers site has it, but the one on harvey norman doesnt show it and the skus not on any other website.

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        I'm no expert in tech sales so this is just from my own observation and I'm happy to be corrected if wrong.

        I suspect that HN/Domayne/Joyce Mayne group seems to be like Office Works in that they will pay manufacturers to make slightly different model/SKU numbers that they can distribute to a local market just so they don't have to price match.

        Just another tactic, like exclusive deals with the local arm of the manufacturer so you have to go to them if you don't want a grey import. eg. try getting an Epson ET-7750 anywhere other than HN/Domayne/Joyce Mayne, or look up local retailers on Epson's site. Or the Brother HL-L2375DW which Brother prominently displays is exclusive to Officeworks.


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      Yes it does.

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    What refresh rate can this get through HDMI? I find it hard to know this as some monitors are a specific refresh rate only through DP, but they don't specify for HDMI.

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      Hdmi at 1080p, usually as a minimum cap of 120hz. Sometimes you can push further.

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        Thank you, this isn't the first time you have answered a monitor question for me. Appreciate it!

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          Civil and helpful/grateful. That's how it should be. Good on you gentlemen.

      • Is it possible to find a UHD monitor (24" max) with a similar refresh rate without breaking the budget too much? Want Netflix and gaming on the same screen :)

  • Still waiting on my order from Harvey Norman. Customer service is a pain.

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      That sucks. I just walked in, picked up my own box, and left. If you want something done well…

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    Monitors are confusing the hell out of me. Will this be better than my current IPS 1080p 60hz monitor for CoD on Xbox one X? Will this one running at 120hz actually make a visual difference?

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      On a PC, massive difference if you have a gpu that can get you there. Like, game changing difference for me.

      I don't think on Xbox there will be any difference. They are either 30 or 60 Hz, the old models anyway.

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      Motion is significantly smoother, to where playing at 60Hz feels laggy. You end up reacting to enemies much sooner with higher refresh rates, up to a 30ms drop in reaction time between 60hz & 120/144hz which is a huge difference.

      Will it be better in the sense that it would improve your performance? Not necessarily, since there are many more factors like map positions and accuracy, but at least your death appears butter smooth.

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        But on Xbox One X I think he will be limited to 60Hz, is my understanding.

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          I quickly looked up XOX on google and it appears they do allow for up to 120Hz refresh rate, so it might be possible. I did not, however, look if this screen would be compatible with that over the HDMI that I assume the Xbox one X uses.

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      Xbox, unlikely.

      PC, even the jump from 60 to 75hz is significant.

      Once you get above 100fps, opinions vary; but anywhere up to there is usually quite universally agreed upon.

    • thanks for the replies all, much appreciated.

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      The problem with the XBoneX is that while the GPU kicks ass (better than an RX 580), the CPU is a pre-Ryzen Architecture which is significantly worse than even say an Intel core i5 2600 or something.
      So it can run nice textures at high resolutions, but it can’t run high frame rates, due to the weak CPU, which is why it’s games are usually locked to 30fps frown face. That’s why the Xbox series S is the better system, because even though the GPU is weaker, the CPU is much stronger, which enables much higher framerates, albeit at lower resolutions.

  • I'm curious how this compares to the Acer VG252Q P that I got earlier this year for $300

  • Any ideas for a UHD version of this (maximum 24") anyone please?

    • 4k on 24"… Feels like that's a pretty unique use case? You must have very good eyes or have it strapped to your face? 😉

      • I can't fit anything bigger than 24" in between the monitor space allocated on my computer desk and wanted to stream Netflix in 4K. So you can't really tell the difference between FHD and UHD on a 24" screen?

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          You'll tell the difference; it just won't be a good difference.

          maybe in video? For other apps and such you'll be unplugging it and putting the old monitor back.

          4k netflix doesnt have enough bitrate anyway, its not amazing.

          At 24" if you use a computer at all, get 1440p/2k.

          • @MasterScythe: Many thanks for the advice. I watched some UHD documentaries on Netflix on my 55" Bravia and they looked amazing. I was just looking for a similar effect but then haven't given a thought to the things you mentioned, I'm obviously not very knowledgeable about this. I also wanted to do some gaming on it, just bought a unit from the Dell XPS deal with RTX 3070 on. Also got a free Assassins Creed :) So, a 1440p/2k screen would be the best of both worlds? What about choosing between IPS and VA, TN etc? It just baffles me. Any suggestions of a specific brand / model? Really appreciate your help!

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              @ozyack: People will have opinions; but unless you wanna study all the niche differences:

              IPS will be the most all around agreeable, better colours, less smudging in fast moving scenes, better ciewing angles; at the cost of greyer-blacks.

              TN ignore, VA can be good, but you NEED to look up each model (amazing blacks, possible ghosting).

              Yes, 2k/1440p is preferable below (and possibly even at) 32" . Also more realistic for your PC to be able to run at the resolution.

              Make sure the screen does at least 75hz. Higher is better, but if you've only seen TV's and 'normal' monitors (aka, 60hz) even 75hz is a good improvement in smoothness (25% in fact!).

              Hope that helps :)

              2k, ips, 75hz+, 27"+

              Thats my advice :)

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      why would you have 4k on a 24inch screen? unless you are a few cm from it you wont be able to tell the difference between 1440p and 4k on such a small screen

      • I can't fit anything bigger than 24" in between the monitor space allocated on my computer desk and wanted to stream Netflix in 4K. So you can't really tell the difference between FHD and UHD on a 24" screen?

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          Time for a new desk LOL. I see free desks all the time on Gumtree. Someone was throwing my current one in a local council cleanup. It probably cost a few hundred and looked nearly new so I took it home. Actually most smallish computer desks I've seen could easily fit this with a few cm to spare. You realise 24" is on the diagonal measurement, right? (Making the width smaller than 24" ?) Someone above said the width is 540mm which = just a little over 21".

          • @Faulty P xel: Haha, I thought about changing the desk, too but not at the moment. My current Samsung monitor is also 24" and it just fits in. The computer desk has a large surface but the section to fit the monitor in is limited. Its design is something similar to this: https://www.dshop.com.au/buy/everest-large-multi-function-co... If I remove the top of the desk, then it'll free up the space but then I need to figure out what to do with everything else on top of the desk :)

  • As everyone is being so helpful here, can I ask a. would this be okay for a PS4, then possibly a PS5 next year? My son plays on PS every 2/3 days, plays NBA, Cricket, CoD and Fortnite. Sorry if I sound daft, but I have no idea. At the moment he just has a TV screen (small). Many thanks all!
    Sorry, something else. His TV screen is 23". Also I have looked at HN and see they have 27" screens for $177 to $194, Samsung Lenovo and Acer, just to add things to the mix :)

    • I don't think it's necessary if he only plays on PS because most of the games on PS have been locked at 30fps or 60fps. However, you can choose a 2k or 4k monitor or even TV which will definitely improve the gaming experience. Btw, I am not Aussie so can I ask is it frequent to see parents buying gaming stuff for their children, so jealous lol

  • Great price with those specs. Doesn't look like this can rotate to display vertically. Can anyone confirm?

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      Doesn't rotate, very basic stand which has some tilt adjustment only.

  • Are there any drawbacks to this monitor considering it's IPS and 144hz while being priced relatively cheap? I've seen from the comments that the stand is pretty basic but apart from that is there anything else that could possibly prevent a consumer from purchasing this?

    • I don't think it's any worse than the other budget monitors like the AOC 24g2 which are close to the same price when on sale.

      I haven't noticed anything anyway. And I like to think I'm an educated buyer 🙂

  • Bought this yesterday, do wish I had thought it through more and saved up for the Xiaomi ultrawide monitor but other than that I am very happy with the monitor and would definitely recommend if you can't save up for the ultrawide

    Only cons are that mine is mine shakes (the stand that attaches to the monitor, not the base itself, not sure if I can fix it somehow), and the menu isn't the most intuitive

    144Hz is very smooth and you can definitely tell the difference vs 60Hz

    • This ones ips at least, so better colours.

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