Will You Be Trying to Boycott Chinese Products?

Hey All

With the diplomatic row between Aus and China over the last few weeks culminating in the tweets from the Chinese embassy, there’s been an obvious rising of tensions between the countries.

Given how ridiculous and ironic china’s position is, to have the gall to call out Australia for human rights abuses do you feel more strongly about trying to avoid products manufactured in China?

The report itself was Australia holding itself to account, it could have easily been covered up never to see the light of day but Australia relative to the rest of the world is one with more integrity than that.

I don’t see how China could ever lecture a country like Australia when it comes to war crimes/human rights abuse given their long track record, most notably the persecution of the Uighur population as well numerous other violations ranging from censorship to imprisonment/torture of dissidents. I don’t see China holding itself to account for those crimes anytime soon.

I like the idea in theory of boycotting Chinese made products but the reality is unfortunately from my perspective is that the supply chain is far too integrated in China to be able to boycott anything. Hopefully western businesses are more incentivised now to move their supply chains away from China but that will a long and slow process over many years possibly decades.

So TLDR will you be trying to avoid Chinese made products or are we in a situation that these products are so pervasive with our current lifestyles there’s nothing we can really do at the moment.

Edit: Poll added. Good suggestion.

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    Yes I will and do avoid Chinese made products wherever I can
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    Yes but only if the equivalent product is the same price and quality
  • 331
    Would like to avoid but can’t because of limited choice/availability/price
  • 239
    Don’t care whatever’s cheapest
  • 131
    Don’t care at all and would still buy Chinese made even if there was a choice of equivalent produc



    Would not be eating bats


      yanks paid millions for em - ask fauci - wait you can't - he's still hidden in the shithouse

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    USA invade other countries, persecute Assange who is an Australian, do you boycott USA products too?

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      Terrifying numbers of civilians killed and families destroyed in Iraq and Afghanistan and dozens other countries involving US and their allies. When US does it, it's delivering freedom and peace with guns and bombs. When others does it, it's genocide.

      I lived in a few countries with more neutral news channels that analyze things from both sides and they were a breath of fresh air.

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        australians are racist and have double standards.


          Its easy to boycott american products since they make shit all anyway… i cant think of a single american product i own…

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    Guys guys guys, China man our friend. China woman our friend too. We soon all become a hybrid of Chinese and India. We need accept. We all beige colour soon.

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      White man love China women.

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    Good job PM Scott Morrison.

    Australian coal exports to China were worth $13.9 billion last year


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    To all those arguing for Australia to stop selling goal or tax coal export to China, your wish have come true. China now increase buying coals from other country. Yeh more cheap coal for us like lobster. You so smart, me lup you long time while our economy go south.


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      Can only blame the liberal national party

      Those who bite the hand that feeds you are asking to go on a diet
      In this case headed for anorexia


      You got what you vote for Australia
      so reap what you sow

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        Current Pm seems to have no signs to deescalate tensions with beijing but rather adding more fuels on it. Wow, bloody incredible. While 5eyes and other so call allies countries on paper tiger urging strongest support for australia for the situation, yet they are eagerly taken away many trade opportunities from australia with china to boost their own post covid economy.

        so eagle eye on australia's diplomacy and the politics by this govt. every word the politicians - current Pm and it's ministers come up every week will be another industry sanctions. oh wait, but who's the one suffer from the whole damn thing.

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      The champagne socialists have been whingeing for years that Australia should stop selling cheap fuel to 🇨🇳. Their wish just came true with Santa stuffing our 🧦 full of coal.


    Will be buying more from china this christmas. Not only made in china but chinese brands. I have a hisense tv, white goods, xiaomi phone etc. Never going to non-chinese brands. As Australians we have shit on china for far too long and we deserve the solid pounding we are currently getting. All the china hawks will be eating crow when our living standards drop like a rock and when it comes to quality of life T1 chinese cities are already ahead of us in many ways.


    I would like to stick it to Winnie the Pooh but sadly everything comes from China.


      winnie wants nothing to do with us - we support deforestation by hellfire…another ignored crisis by the yanks in canberra


    Buying cheap Chinese goods is bad for China, pollution and reputation for China. Boycott cheap Chinese goods so that China could learn from this and make it an opportunity for China to evolve and focus on innovation and quality. Quality and sustainability should be king!

    The convenience of cheap accessible imported goods is an addiction that countries like Australia and the US should move away from. We've been spoilt for too long as a nation and it's time to fight this hipocracy of ours to diverge ourselves from easy money. It's time that our nation should really work for our economic prosperity.


      we haven't had cheap imported goods since the yank liberal party slapped on a regressive border tax…the yanks make the cheapest worst shit in the world, and they dump it in their vassal states because they can't sell it at home…


    Must be another Australian got paid by CCP to write this?

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      Yep white monkey. There’s a few of them and they have their own YouTube channels as well sprouting CCP propaganda.

    Merged from 'Made In China' - Are you buying?

    Hi guys,

    Long time lurker, first time poster so go easy.

    With the CCP effectively banning a lot of 'Australian Made' goods by use of high tariffs and dubious justifications; I want to get a feeling for the broader sentiment about 'Made in China'.

    My neighbour recently grilled me for looking at buying a Chinese phone, in the end I opted to buy a Vietnamese assembled Samsung.

    Are you looking for alternatives for Chinese products or do you not care? Is it price sensitive? Are you willing to pay more for 'Australian Made'?

    If yes; What are some of the products you have found local alternatives for?

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      My neighbour recently grilled me for looking at buying a Chinese phone


      Huawei staff both in the Netherlands and in China were able to eavesdrop on all mobile numbers on the KPN network, according to an internal company report

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        I thought the thread was closed?


          Opened by popular demand.

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      I still can't believe we outsourced Snickers bar to be made in China.

      What a joke. Can't even make a chocolate bar on our own shores these days.

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        That is just a temporary situation whilst the Australian factory is being renovated.

        Any day now manufacturing will return onshore.

        Any day now.




          its cheaper to import all materials overseas, make the product, and import it back
          then make it locally…

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        outsourced Snickers bar to be made in China.

        Does it actually say made in china? if so, gross..

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      Poll doesn't match the question. Yes I like to buy Australian made…

      But no I don't care if my phone is Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese or Russian. Australia doesn't make electronics so it's pointless to care.


        Look fair point on that. Obviously Australia doesn't produce electronics.

        I am living in Vietnam currently so it is the most appropriate example I have.

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      I made a conscious decision of not buying Chinese made stuff. If there is no alternative then I will buy it. Having said that we rarely buy anything these days apart from food so my decision isn't that hard :P

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      Vietnamese assembled Samsung
      with 99% of the parts made in china

      for food i am for aussie made, everything else i've given up, 99% of everything we buy will have something made in china


      As China has put tariffs on many Australian goods and as we will soon be at war with China, we should all 'boycott' Made in China products and China owned / controlled companies wherever possible

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      There's a difference between 'Made in China' and 'Chinese'.

      I'm not adverse to products physically manufactured in China by international companies, no issue with that. Apple products made in China is fine. ASUS products made in China is fine.

      I do have a negative preference to Chinese company products though and do not personally support them particularly when linked to govt. Grey market products from Aliexpress/Banggood is a no from me. Xiaomi/Redmi/Oppo/mass produced 'OEM' products is a no.

      To clarify, this applies to mobile phone and internet connected devices only. Couldn't care less where an egg boiler or heater or speakers are made in.

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      I buy the best product for my requirements regardless of where it's made.

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      Even when you think you are buying Australian made you may well be still buying, aussie made but profits off to China!


        Chinese owner’s ‘catastrophic failure’ drives Australia’s biggest dairy farm into the ground

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          The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), which scrutinises international takeovers, attached undertakings to the 2016 deal including requirements that Moon Lake employ an additional 95 staff and invest $100 million into the business.

          However, five years on insiders say the conditions have not been met and many skilled staff have been replaced by foreign workers who haven’t been sufficiently trained.

          China screwing Australia every which way possible.
          This disastrous deal was approved by Scumo - no surprise there. Is this scumbag ever held accountable for any of his blunders?


            @DoctorCalculon: Your bagging the Prime Minister who is the only one holding China to account atm ? WTF ?

            The issue is not Scomo but the FIRB does not have the judicial powers to easily rescind the original deal. Its a legislative issue if you read the FIRB acts


            @Agent_of_China - It is China that are scumbags not the Prime Minister



              It is China that are scumbags not the Prime Minister

              China/CCP will continue be the greatest scumbags / currency manipulators / human rights violators.
              Politicians like Scumo and on both sides are in bed with them.

              The article clearly states:

              was sold to Moon Lake for $280 million in a deal approved by then-treasurer and current Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

              Not surprised coming from the scumbag behind the robo debt scheme.

              only one holding China to account


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                @DoctorCalculon: It was PM Scomo that introduced the "Foreign Interference Bill" NOT Labor or the Marxist Greens

                Take a breath and be a little more patriotic. Your anger should be at Chine / CCP for manufacturing the China Virus as a future weapon in a war.

                3 Million dead to date. More than any war in recent memory.
                Worldwide C19 Cases: 141M
                Worldwide C19 Deaths: 3.01M

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      I will just buy whatever is cheapest but meets my own minimum quality expectation.


      Yes, except for food and high quality items where cost cutting is counter productive.

      The food is not a tit for tat reaction, but a health choice.

      E.g. David Jones recently had some wool thermal clothing for sale. They had shifted the production from Australia to China. I saw both and the Chinese stuff was already close to being holey, while the Australian stuff was fantastic quality. On the other hand, compare a Xiaomi air purifier to an Australian produced one and you can probably get 3 X's for 1 A of similar quality.

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      I’m not fussed about buying Chinese produced electronics, but from reasonable brands.
      What I really dislike is companies like Blundstone that were profitable with Australian operations, but outsourced to Chinese manufacture to get more profits.
      They lost a customer, and I bad mouth them every chance I get.


      Its worth having a look for Australian made products when making any purchase. Sometimes you pay more but nearly always you'll get a better product. Support your own county, we all feel the benefits in the long run.

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    Will buy made in china ALL DAY EVERYDAY, unless you can get us decent quality goods with AFFORDABLE price. from 5 blinds countries or any other no matter