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NBNCo Now Offering Free Technology Choice Upgrade Quotes, Was $330


NBNCo has gotten rid of the pay wall.
You now no longer have to pay to see what you would pay!

My FTTN to FTTP would cost me $13,455

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  • Apparently requesting a quote for something in the skymuster area makes the form go boo boo.

  • from HFC to FTTP: $ 32,553 inc. GST

    I see why Tony didn't want to pay.

    • Cost $ 33,573 inc. GST for me

  • Is it worth noting that nbn is considering to overbuild part of the network anyway ..
    Just saying that you should think before you pay for the upgrade, as there might be an upgrade coming anyway (corporate plan) - and then you would only have to pay the lead-in(?):
    "NBN Co will proactively build a Local Fibre
    Network (LFN) from the existing node
    placing fibre deeper into neighbourhoods.
    The fibre already built to the nodes as part
    of the FTTN build, known as the Distribution
    Fibre Network (DFN), will be utilised and
    incorporated to deliver new FTTP services.
    Fibre lead-ins from street frontages to
    individual premises will only be built when
    customers order higher speed plans.

    • +2

      Read the fineprint.

      Current plan is for doing it for up to a max. of 200,000 FTTN in 2023 and 200,000 more in 2024.

      Even if you do win their FTTP lottery it won't likely be for at least 2.5 years and if they get sold off in the meantime, forgive me for being cynical, but suspect that any promises or plans made will be a long, distant memory.

  • +1

    Cost $ 33,573 inc. GST Sylvania Waters 2224 NSW.
    What do I win??? 😂😂😂

    • +3

      Pretend you're happy with your current connection, and you saved $33,573 :-)

    • Sylvania Waters

      Probably because the TV show was so bad…

  • +1

    Lmao my quote increased

    Pre-TCP going free it was 16K for HFC —> FTTP

    Now after they've made it free its somehow 42K for Postcode 2164 area

  • +1

    thanks OP decided to go ahead - bought 4 !!

    • +2

      this is ozbargain, don't you mean 'brought' 4?

  • +2

    What? NBN was charging $330 just for the quote and now they made it free? They really needed money that bad?

    • Up until about 2 years ago, desperately.

  • +1

    shocking, Normanhurst NSW, $ 15,825 inc. GST

  • Only $23,801 😢

  • +3

    I remember when in 2013 the ALP were saying it could cost up to $5000 to upgrade from FTTN to FTTP and Liberals all around the country were hyperventilating about the lies and misinformation of the ALP!! And they were right!! It's always way higher than $5000!!!!!

    • libs knew that would be the cheapest amount!

    • https://www.malcolmturnbull.com.au/media/coalition-broadband-policy-frequently-asked-questions#$500

      Labor’s reference to paying for a connection is classic spin. While we anticipate that for the vast majority of consumers in the areas serviced by FTTN the speeds offered will be more than adequate, there is the technical possibility to run fibre to one or more customers in an area served by a node. In the UK this product, known as “fibre on demand” is made available for a fee. For a customer living 500 metres from a node, for example, the charge is GBP1500 or about $2,250.

  • $ 43,752 inc. GST LOL!!!!
    Wattle Glen, Vic.
    This pretty much ensures my suburb wont get a free upgrade.

  • +2

    Lol $ 37,246 inc. GST think I will stay with HFC for now.

    • why would you change from HFC? i find it just as good, ping is 7 instead of 4 on a speed test but i dont think it's too much of a worry

      • +1

        Lol was sarcasm love my HFC 110/39 ping 11
        When I was on cable was like 100/1.5 ping 2.

  • $15K in Braybrook

  • In a greenfield development outside of suburbia on Telstra Velocity "FTTP" and the quote came back as undefined… so I went ahead with an application to request the cost. It looks like almost 9000 applications have been submitted with the new-ish NBN "Technology Choice" program. Right now Telstra is in dispute about upgrading Velocity FTTP to NBN minimum standards, to which Telstra state it's not possible and requires a "complete rebuild". This will be an interesting quote, if they even get that far!

  • Best for provider for speed and no dropouts on HFC in area code 4051. I’m about 1km away from the exchange. With tpg and we had a 3 day outage last week. Contract is up on the 20th of January.

    • The exchange distance is irrelevant on HFC. Was it a TPG outage or nbn HFC outage?

      • Doubt there was a 3 day TPG outage, most likely HFC - from what I've seen HFC is the least stable of all the hardwired MTM.

  • $8800 to upgrade FTTC to FTTP ooh yeah

  • HFC > FTTP = $43,257 incl. GST

    • same

      HFC > FTTP = $ 40k incl. GST

  • +2

    $12,092 - I’ll forward it to the landlord and see if she will cover it


  • I got 8986 inc GST from FTTN >>>> FTTP Kilburn SA.

    Really !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • $ 11,175 inc. GST for HFC to FTTP.
    Is it some kind of random number generator?
    Be interesting if it offers a different $ figure in a day or so.
    Would be good if it gave a breakdown.

    NB have 250Mbps available on HFC.

  • Anyone tried doing the neighbours' addresses? or know how the neighbours' quotes compared to yours?

    • +2

      I did my street. Prices range from $9190 to $10,683 - which is our place at the end of the street.

      Time to write to the neighbours to see if we can get a group switch going

  • +7

    Here’s the reasons you’d do it:
    - You have an awful internet connection. Slow (12-24 Mbps) and constant dropouts.
    - You’ve rewired your house for a single phone point and it improved nothing.
    - You’ve had to deal with Telstra and others to try to get the lines fixed. Your internet is out for a week at a time.
    - NBN techs tell you the street cable is decades old with hundreds of faults but they aren’t authorised to replace it.
    - You’re in an area where wireless internet won’t work: a dead spot for cells and no line of sight to a radio tower for a roof antenna.
    - You need internet to work from home. Eventually you’ll lose your job.

    So yeah if you don’t have those problems then no price is going to satisfy you, but the process also doesn’t exist for you. If you do have those problems then you pay because you have to.

    And no you can’t claim this on tax. I funded an investigation into it with an accounting firm. Private rulings have found NBN installation costs are to be treated as if they were capital expenses (because they quack like a duck, even though they’re not a duck), and are non-deductible.

    • +1

      This guy gets it.

      • You’re in an area where wireless internet won’t work: a dead spot for cells and no line of sight to a radio tower for a roof antenna.

      Optus seems to not be offering 4G Home Broadband in lots of FTTN areas at the moment when you do an address lookup. I'm guessing they're getting over congested in these areas as COVID has shown people how shit FTTN is people have been signing up to alternatives.

      You need internet to work from home. Eventually you’ll lose your job.

      Yep. I have FTTP but still pay for an Optus 4G connection as a backup. Not having to commute everyday easily pays for two internet connections. With that said in 8 months with FTTP I've only had one outage that lasted about an hour and that was an ISP issue.

      • +1

        The new Optus NBN plans come with a 4G backup modem in case that helps you (or others).

    • +2

      If anyone is considering spending $10k+ on the TCP upgrade to FTTP, depending on what speed you want and how metro you are, NBN Enterprise Ethernet (may require an ABN) is delivered over fibre and at the moment offers free install (*) on 36month contract which could be more cost effective and probably tax deductible.

      100/100Mbps NBN EE in metro area might be as low as $350/month with $0 install over 36months. (~ $12,600)
      250/250Mbps NBN EE in metro area might be as low as $450/month with $0 install over 36months (~ $16,200)
      up to 1000/1000Mbps for around $1000/month with $0 install over 36months (~ $36,000)

      Being a monthly cost for the service with free install on 36month contract, helps spread the cost over 3 years and shouldn't be a capital expense, so probably tax deductible. (I'm only guessing - seek professional tax advice).

      Not sure what happens to the fibre install/equipment at the end of the term.

  • You had to pay in order to know how much to pay?
    Insert confused cat meme

  • +1

    just got my quote back for fttc to fttp $2,869 inc gst

    • +3

      I'd jump at that.

  • $15,289 to replace my HFC, hard pass.

  • +2

    All I need now is an OzBargain coupon code for NBN code that gives me a 99% discount on the upgrade

    • Every one would love to know that… lol

    • +1

      I have a good one for 100% off

      Don't do it! It's a trap!

  • I thought mine was bad at $2600'ish, then I saw other peoples' quotes here…

  • $ 10,303 inc. GST XDD FTTN to FTTP

  • +5

    $12k for me (HFC->FTTP), I think I'll pass. But doesn't the following article mean that many of us will have a faster connection anyway eventually for free*?:


    *Free as in actually paid for twice via our taxes :(

    • *Free as in actually paid for twice via our taxes :(

      2023 ozbargain will have a code bring it down to zero or cashrewards 100% cashback XD

  • $2660 for me.

    What's the current best plan for FTTP?

    • Best price to speed or fastest plan available?

      • Fastest plan

        • 1000/400 but not many ISPs offer it. 1000/50 is more common.

  • FTTN to FFTP $ 20,134 inc. GST, country SA. No thanks !

  • From the research I've done the govt is spending $4.5B so that an additional 400,000 households will be upgraded from FTTN to FTTP for free, by 2025.


    'NBN customers in multi-dwelling units and regional areas will likely be excluded from fibre upgrades altogether'

  • These prices look jacked up compared to before so NBNCo must be milking it.

    There are people on Whirlpool who paid for a quote ($330) earlier in the year and now when they try the automated quote system and the quote comes back up to $1500 more.

  • Mines $ 5,188 inc. GST

  • FTTC to FTTP
    $ 2,981 inc. GST

  • The quote tell me i need to pay $5432 inc. GST to upgrade my current FTTN to FTTP. I am in Perth. That is way too costly for me.

  • $8,674 … Pity I have neither the funds nor the will to pay for something we all should have had from the outset.

  • $2789 to upgrade from FTTC to FTTP. Seems really stupid not to just reactivate my old optus cable connection which is still connected to my premise.

  • $2,888 to upgrade from FTTC to FTTP.

  • 2850 but I no longer care now I have 400Mbps on 5g

  • I've been lucky in my last 3 places I moved to was FTTP. But I have to move in 5 months….. so lets see what the cost is lol

    • you don’t seem to stay long in one
      place ☺️

      • +1

        Nope :( Not in the last year

        1st place - Parents sold the house in April because of covid and thinking they will get a good deal towards another house during covid
        2nd place - Moved to a unit with the parents while they were looking for a home to buy
        3rd place - Move in with mum because they divorced towards the end of the 2nd place lease.
        4th place - Who knows, we wanted 1 year lease here at the 3rd place, but the landlords wanted 6 months and will extend it if we are "clean people". lol

        • +1

          I hope you find the right place to settle…with FTTP 😉

  • +1

    I paid $330 for a quote couple of weeks ago. I got $2219.

    I just tried this free quote again (with my wife's details) and I got $2849.

    • Others are reporting the same on Whirlpool forums.

      NBNCo are getting greedy so they can shove this upgrade option up where the sun don't shine and the Liberal Party are dead to me forever.

    • Looks like the "free quote" is being incorporated into the cost of the overall upgrade quote.

  • HFC —> FTTP. $ 13,602 inc. GST

  • $7000 and the NBN box is on my verge , 10metres from my front door .

  • Is the quote instant?
    I submitted mine back a few days and all I have was "NBN has received your request"

    • Yeah it's instant. You should have got an email.

  • Form down for maintenance

    Apologies for the inconvenience, we are currently performing routine maintenance. This form will be up and running again shortly so please check back soon.

  • +1

    I have FTTN available which with NBN got me 50/20 speeds, they won't come to address the speed issue as it is "within their parameters" because that's all the property achieved when it first was commissioned. Despite my neighbour getting 110/40~, my phone lines are old with many joins in the pit right outside my house. I'm only 100m from the node and pillar.

    Anyways, I got optus 5G which is $70 a month unlimited (probably will price hike soon) but it gets me 150mbit/70 up; or if I am right at the modem on 5ghz I can get 400mb down and 70 up… https://www.speedtest.net/result/10543758203.png

    Is there any point doing this? FTTN > FTTP was $5095. What speeds does this get me? Seems whilst Optus 5G is available I shouldn't upgrade as it is working well and super fast..

    • +1

      I was on the Optus 5G and now switched to NBN.

      Why? Because:
      1) the Optus 5G is very fragile, speed fluctuates from 370mb/s to 10mb/s.
      2) modem often needs a power cycle to get the 5G signal again
      3) the fallback 4G signal is horrible, flaky around 10-20mb/s
      4) poor ping, sits around 30m/s

      NBN 100/20 with ABB on the other hand is solid, constant straight graph with under 10m/s ping.

    • It’s good if you run a home business, $5k is cheaper than some companies pay to install fibre

    • What speed you get depends on how much you want to spend a month. More importantly is the FTTP stability and low ping.


  • +1

    form still down argh come on form

    • HaHa - Form still down… seems to take NBN a looooong time to perform some routine maintenance……

  • +2

    Thank you for your interest in the nbn™ Technology Choice program.

    Due to the high volume of interest for more complex applications, the online quote tool is temporarily unavailable at this time. We’ll continue to explore ways to further optimise the customer experience of the tool.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.


    • +1

      I got the same. Had to laugh @ "further" optimise. I guess that means "actually maybe make it work" in normal-person speak.

      It'd be great if, just once, the NBN people weren't utterly full of excreta. Just once.

      • They might be making adjustments to the estimating software because several people on Whirlpool forums said they got a price now much higher than the quote they paid for 5 or 6 months ago.

        • +1

          i.e. They're just tweaking the random number generator a bit haha

    • Same here…

  • I don't get it… previously you had to pay $330 for knowing what you need to pay…???

  • Still showing:
    Thank you for your interest in the nbn™ Technology Choice program.

    Due to the high volume of interest for more complex applications, the online quote tool is temporarily unavailable at this time. We’ll continue to explore ways to further optimise the customer experience of the tool.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.

  • $23k for my house. Guess I’m stuck on HFC 😂


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