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Berkley 200 Piece Ultimate Tackle Pack $29.99 (Was $129.99) @ Anaconda


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Looks like a pretty solid deal - lot of gear inside the kit including a few lures and some plastics. Also nice to have a carriable bag rather than a plastic box!

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  • Going fishing soon, first time.
    Is this good to get started?

    • Plenty of hooks and sinkers, and a few more advanced options (soft plastic lures and hard lures) if you feel like experimenting. As mentioned below, there are plenty of cheap Kmart/target options for ~$20 that could also land you a fish

  • Great deal, go catch yourself a 2.8 metre flatty!

  • +2

    Still feel expensive even for $30 but might be ok, how dare it can be $100+ as original price and doubt who will buy this for $129.99

    Personally I prefer Jarvis Walker Tackle Box Kit which can carry by hand and easy to get out what you want in seconds, cheaper in Kmart without lures

  • +3

    I think this would make a good xmas gift for an 8 year old just starting to get into fishing. I'm going to get one so thanks!

  • Yeah doesn’t feel like great value

  • +3

    This is more a beginners or children's set for calm water fishing targeting very small fish. Most of it is not useful for the average recreational anglers. Its rrp is crazy high and its barely worth this discounted price except maybe as a child's gift.

  • Looking at the original price, I was expecting much more tackle in it. Still, I guess you get a carry bag for when you want to fish light.

  • Certainly an option for gift for kids that are just starting out to just give them some gear.

    If you are buying for yourself, IMO you are much better off finding someone knowledgeable in BCF and getting them to set you up with the basics, not an off the shelf kit.

  • Cheers OP, perfect xmas gift for my kids. It's not a great buy, but certainly a good buy with a nice range of tackle for fishing around Adelaide.

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