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Alienware 38" AW3821DW Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor (IPS, 144Hz over DP, G-Sync) $1777.83 (RRP $2248.99) Delivered @ Dell AU


Greetings everyone, thought this was full sharing as it was very popular on the initial allocation last week and even cheaper now. Full credit to calvinbui for sharing.

This monitor only just released on the Dell website today and this can be purchased with the stacking coupons to get an excellent price.

Product Specs:

Device Type: LED edgelight system
Panel Type: IPS
Aspect Ratio: 21:9
Native Resolution: 3840 x 1600 (DisplayPort: 144 Hz, HDMI: 120 Hz)
Pixel Pitch: 0.229 mm x 0.229 mm
Brightness: 450 cd/m² (typical)
Contrast Ratio: 1000 to 1 (typical)
Color Support: 1.07 Billion
Adaptive-Sync Technology: NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate
Response Time: 4 ms (gray-to-gray fast); 2 ms (gray-to-gray super fast); 1 ms (gray-to-gray extreme)
Interfaces: 2 x HDMI (ver 2.0), 1 x DP 1.4 (rear), 1 x Audio line-out jack (rear), 1 x Headphone-out jack (bottom), USB 3.2 Gen 1 upstream, 3 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 downstream, USB 3.2 Gen 1 downstream with Battery Charging 1.2
Features: Ambient light sensor, LED edgelight system, Flicker Free technology, Dell ComfortView, Nano IPS, HDR 600, 95% DCI-P3, 130.6% sRGB color gamut, USB 3.2
Display Position Adjustments: Tilt: -5° to 21° / Swivel: -20° to 20° / Height: 130mm
Screen Coating: Anti-Glare with 3H hardness
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand: 89.48 cm x 29.36 cm x 44.95 cm
Diagonal Size: 95.25 cm
VESA Mounting Interface: 100 x 100 mm
Weight: 7.93 KG
Bundled Services: 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee

As always, enjoy :)

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    Just order Dell 27 Gaming Monitor - S2721DGF for $389.12 AUD from Dell.com/en-au i think this is the glitch, hopefully they will honor the deal.

    • What? How do you get it for that price?

    • Yes how thanks?

      • Dell.com/en-au go to monitor deal. Click to buy and check out. The price will jump down. Double check it.

        • not popping up for me. do you have a direct link?

        • Still showing as the $594 if LOVEKEANU is added. Did you use browser or mobile?

        • I just check again. The price jumps back to normal. Sry guys. Btw i use mobile.

    • Yeh, I don't see it. Got a screenshot/proof?

    • which codes did you use?

  • *Estimated delivery time of 30 days.

    I was looking at getting one but opted for an LG CX48 OLED in time for Cyberpunk 2077.

    • any deals on LG CX48 OLED ?

      • I got one for $2300 on singles day but cancelled the order.

        Main usage is productivity and it would crush me if I got burn-in

        • Can you please link me where you got this deal or found a stock? Jbhifi ran out of stock while I was am thinking about it. Thank you

  • Wish this was a freesync premium/gsync monitor.

    • It does work with Freesync as well. It's compatible with Adaptive sync which is just another name for VESA freesync

  • Was looking up Dell's website for AW3420DW but seems the page doesn't exist anymore? Is the 34 inch model no longer advertised on Dell's website? Hmm…

    EDIT > spoke to Dell support and was advised AW3420DW is end of life now.

  • Thanks, got one too!

    ETA 9th of December.

  • Tempting but still waiting patiently for the LG to stock up their monitors…

    • This is effectively the same panel. If you're tossing up between the two, i would get the Dell at this price.

      • Thanks for the info. Would you still consider even though the Dell is without USB-C?

        • I'd say that's 100% up to you but I bought this monitor as only use Displayport from my main PC and that's it. Never need to plug in a laptop or anything USB-C so it doesn't phase me at all.

          • @camshandez: Yeah I have a MBP. Kinda keen on the option of a one-cable solution without any other peripherals/docking station.

            • @7speed: yeah that's understandable… there's also a lot of people wanting HDMI 2.1 for next-gen console support as well. But yeah it's obviously down to preference, if you need the USB-C then LG's monitors would be best suited this round.

  • +1

    Sooo tempting after talking myself out of this last week.

    Have the original Predator X34 … any opinions of this is enough of an upgrade for the money?

    • Personally I'm waiting for a 5k2k true hdr10 ultrawide at 144hz+.
      But it's good if you don't mind spending!

  • +1

    The whole monitor market sucks. So many delays on various panels and the best monitor is…a 48" lg cx tv..?? I guess depends the purpose but give me an oled 32-35" HDR widescreen please.

    • You can run the LG CX 48 @ 3840x1620. Best of both worlds.

      • ATM I am ~70% productivity, 30% gaming. I think the burn in would be an issue. They look so nice though :(

      • That is a really good point. Shame it isn't curved

        Have seen BF5 running on one. Looks amazing.

    • +1

      I feel you…I’ve been waiting on 32” 4k144 IPS panels for a year now…the Acer XB323QK, Viewsonic XG320U are nowhere to be seen (apparently Q1 2021 now)…27" 4k144 panels by AUO are now EOL (which is why monitors like X27, XB273K, XV273K and PG27UQ are discontinued) but the successors are nowhere to be seen after previews at CES

      • Yeah I'm with you. And if they cost more than an OLED 48" 120Hz 4K screen then something is wrong …

  • ordered one thanks for the post. felt bad for missing out on the ebay one last week.

  • +1

    Got one.

    Estimated to Arrive By: Dec 9, 2020


  • so this deal will arrive earlier than the one which sold out within 45 seconds?

    is this really a good monitor? worth using for next 5 yrs? its not even 4k.

  • +2

    Seems like delivery isn't correct as per LiMaaa

    Update: To those reaching out regarding the 38" on the Dell site. Yes it's about $20 cheaper than deal, coupons were meant to expire before launch but have been extended.

    Bear in mind those thinking of grabbing that deal, the shipping will likely be Jan or later, whilst the shipping from this deal is as follows:

    70% of AW38 units should reach you guys within 1-2 weeks. All units should be shipped before Xmas.

    Personally, I would pay 20 more to receive my product potentially 3-4 weeks earlier. Cheers.

    • +2

      Yes, you know those pesky eta notices you get from Dell, they don't apply to my deals generally. They will apply to website deals, so this is eta of 30 days but it's not uncommon for delivery ETA to be pushed back after purchase. So just keep that in mind, otherwise if you don't mind waiting, it's a good deal.

      • Wait, are you saying that the delivery ETA I received staying it would arrive by 07/12 is our by a whole month??????

        What's the point of delivery ETA if they aren't "estimated" correctly??

        • Basically yeh, sometimes they're on point, other times they're unreliable. I talked directly to Dell and they stated website orders would be 30-40 days, so just being transparent with you guys.

          • @LiMaaa: Nah I appreciate your transparency.

            My issue is getting an email and confirmation that my product will ship today.

            Surely they have some responsibility to ensure that these estimates aren't completely off???

            What am I going to play Cyberpunk on?? Haha

            • @Canberran: Haha, I mean I can't comment on internally what you're being told, perhaps you're lucky and squeezed in for an early shipment, I'm just going off reliable information I've received in regards to stock and realistic shipping forecasts for the majority. :)

              • @LiMaaa: Yeah sorry not asking you to comment on what I'm being shown internally, but maybe escalate to someone that manages the information that is being displayed if it is incorrect to manage expectations.

                Fyi this is whay my order details page still says:

                Estimated Ship Date

                Dec 3, 2020
                Revised Ship Date

                Not available

                Not available
                Estimated to Arrive By

                Dec 7, 2020

  • +2

    Launch product deals, hell yeah. ^^

    • Any comments as to why some of the later orders are being fulfilled first? A few OzBargainers aren't too happy, myself included, and custom support is almost useless…

      • Later orders? Do you mean website orders being fulfilled before the ebay deal I helped organise or ebay orders being fulfilled before website orders?

        • Judging by a few of the comments here, it seems both?

          • @Canberran: This was explained in an update here

            • @LiMaaa: Thanks for the clarification, but this just makes it more confusing to be honest haha.

              So now I have no idea when my unit will arrive, as it's already passed the original delivery date ETA provided by Dell, and also past the revised delivery date provided by Dell.

              Can you confirm if those orders delayed via this page (non-ebay) will also receive the mouse (Alienware 610M) due to all the confusing delays and missed delivery dates?

              • +1

                @Canberran: Haha, sorry, I'll try simplify.

                Orders from the dell website (non eBay): I have no info when you'll get your purchases, I suggest relying on Dell website ETA or feedback from chat representatives / support.

                Orders from my deal (ebay sale): Will have an accurate shipping ETA update in a couple days which should clarify when customers will get their purchases.

                No, orders from the Dell site won't receive the mouse as it was compensation for giving away the units from my deal which was organised before this monitor was even listed on the Dell website. I assume the AW3821DW via the Dell site always had an expected shipping time of 30 days or more and only displayed sooner eta as they were accidentally using stock already secured from my deal.

                • +1

                  @LiMaaa: A very well written response to an extremely complex situation. Thanks for taking the time to clarify :) Can only hope I get my monitor soon, a mouse would have been nice too haha.

                  • +1

                    @Canberran: Thank you. It's a nice gesture from Dell.

                    • @LiMaaa: Wish it extended to those orders that they gave false expectations to, twice over!! Sigh

  • i cant find the audio details - PLEASE TELL ME IT HAS SPEAKERS!


      • i see the grills on the bottom but nothing in the specs???? WDF BRO

        • It actually doesn't haha
          There is however a 3.5mm jack at the bottom though

      • Are they LOUD?

    • Can confirm that there are no speakers. Only a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

  • I suppose people who can afford PS5 would get this.

    I would wait for 2 years at least

  • Was thinking of getting this but I'm now settling for a 34inch 144hz IPS until such time that monitors are actually worth spending big bucks on with at least OLED tech. At this point any IPS panel will do as it won't really increase your satisfaction by spending an additional $1k


    • One of my biggest fears about using OLED for PC work is that there's often a process that keeps my screen on, sometimes for hours or even days without me noticing.
      Until they can build image retention protection into the OS I don't think OLED will become a PC monitor standard anytime soon.

  • Just got one. Thanks so much for the codes.

  • +1

    This needs serious graphic card

    • -1

      Hoping my strix oc 3090 may be okay for now :D

  • Is it worth getting this or a 2k/4k monitor for games like CP2077?

    • Always ultrawide. More FOV from an ultrawide is way more immersive for gaming. Plus this UW has around 20% more pixels than standard ones.

  • Got one,
    Estimated Ship Date: Dec 4, 2020
    Estimated to Arrive By: Dec 8, 2020

  • Great post! Was looking to get this even if it was a bit more expensive.

    Ordered one yesterday but have no eta just order received. Anyone else have the same?

  • Would I be able to get a refund if I cancelled my order before it shipped?

    Sorry for the simple question but haven't bought direct from Dell before.

    Tossing up between this and the Acer EI342CKR allegedly coming out later in the month.

    • That Acer model has had the ship date changed so many times lol. I've had 2 friends that were waiting for it only to be burned twice as the eta approached.

    • I'm also getting the Acer :)

    • The Acer equivalent to this monitor is the X38P which is $2800

  • LOVEKEANU no longer applies here for me.

    • I just went to buy one…… same issue

      • use EPP2020

    • Oh well, time to list the deal as expired someone?

      • +1

        Use EPP2020 bit less but better than nothing

  • Anyone know if this has an LG panel in it? Specs look very similar to LG 38GN950. I;ve got the LG on back-order now, but its more expensive than this Dell..

    • So did I. Had the LG ordered for an epic amount of time, with multiple eta's that went past. Got fed up and jumped on this.

      • I ordered in early Nov for a 2nd of Dec ETA, and now that ETA's shifted out to mid-December :(
        Got my pre-order all paid tho, so would have to ask for a refund if the ETA keeps slipping.

        • I had a pre order down the day it went live on mwave WAY back in 12th of August 2020. So good luck waiting on that lol… I'll stick to the alienware that's arriving at my doorstep tomorrow.

          Long story short, the "eta" is fake, and will constantly change as the date approaches or on the supposed eta date. Massive timewasting drain. Do a quick google search on the 38GN950 and people with panel issues, warranty experience with LG etc. More of a reason to not go with it.

  • +2

    Just got a notification that my monitor has shipped out 4/Dec/2020 (Dell website).

    • What was your date and time of order placement out of interest? Still waiting on mine.

      Original ship date was estimated 03/12 and nothing yet.

      • +1

        Wednesday around lunch time.

        It's with startrack express, just picked up at 10:34AM today.

        • Right. My order was 7pm Wednesday. Can only hope it's not far behind :'(

          Thanks for the info!

          • @Canberran: If you want up to date info on it, just call their customer support line. That's what I did.

            Asked them to check both ebay order number and the website. Agent assured me the website one was due first, so she helped cancel the ebay one.

            • @HybridGT: @LiMaaa if it's true website ordered are being shipped out before eBay orders, going to be very disappointed. Cheaper and receiving earlier. Still a good price at $1800ish, but still disappointing I think for those that were able to secure the original eBay deal. eBay is saying delivery by 21st December. I hope that is the case.

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