[QLD, NSW] 6 Free Coffees or Frostbites When You Sign up to Owlclub @ Nightowl Convenience


Nightowl Convenience Store launched their new app. When you sign you get a free coffee or frostbite (slurpee) then you also get another voucher for a 5 free coffees/frostbites (one per week for 5 weeks). Also another voucher for a free frostbite when you sign up via referral. They also have 8c of petrol when you spend $10 and a competition game where you can win instant prizes.

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Free Frostbite for referrer and referee.

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  • The game I have played for about 2 weeks and have only one instant win prize pickup in store.

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    What about a Windows Mobile app?

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    They also have 8c of petrol when you spend $10


    That's about 50ml of petrol !!!!

  • These guys must be getting demolished by 7-Eleven

  • This offer is way too good.

    1) Got a signup free Small coffee (8oz)
    2) Got five additional Regular coffees (10oz).
    3) Got a FrostBite on signup using referral.
    4) The App has a Flip Flop Flap game which you can play once a day (for 30 seconds) and it gives instant prizes. Won a Sunkist 440ml can and redeemed as well. The prize can be redeemed anytime till midnight on the day.

  • The 5 free coffees (one each week for 5 weeks) was displayed as "Regular Coffee" (12 Oz) in the App, however it would scan as "Small Coffee" (8 Oz).
    NightOwl has gone ahead and fixed it on Sunday, 20th Dec, so the App now displays "Small Coffee" in the App as well. I was lucky to get my First Coffee as Regular, but second and third were Small.

  • Has anyone won the "Summer Merch Win" in the Flip Flop Flap game ?