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Ubiquiti UnifUnifi Dream Machine Pro for $539, Dream Machine for $429, UAP-Nanohd for $217, UAP AC LR for $139 at Wireless 1


Almost pulled the trigger to buy UDM Pro from Shopping Square and found cheaper in Wireless with 2020EYC code including more other items.

Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine Pro $539 Delivered
Ubiquiti UDM UniFi Dream Machine $429 Delivered
Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-NanoHD Compact MU-MIMO Enterprise Access Point $217 + Delivery
Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-LR AP AC Long Range Access Point $139 + Delivery
Ubiquiti UCK-G2-PLUS Unifi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus – 1TB HDD $274 + Delivery

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  • Grabbed a UDM Pro. Thanks a lot.

  • Why UDM pro? Any benefit if I have existing USG gateway + unifi switch 8 port ?

    • USG and switch would still need a controller. If you add on the cost of a cloudkey it works out slightly cheaper.

      • Sorry I have a controller as well, g2 plus. So probably not worth buying if I have them?

        • Yep not worth buying. Also FYI the UDM pro can only be managed from the internal controller.

    • I don't think the USG supports connections over 250Mbps either. Could be wrong.

    • USG is severely lacking in performance. With NBN now and 100 Mbps downstream connections becoming common, it's processor can't handle the load with IDS/IPS turned on.

      With IDS/IPS turned on it is limited to 85 Mbps

    • +1

      USG / USG Pro / DM Pro = 85/250/3500 Mbps with full IPS enabled

  • Is there a new version of the UDM pro being released soon? Are retailers clearing their stock? I bought mine 2 weeks ago and I thought it was a bargain, but prices have continuously dropped since then.. Should've bought it with price protection..

    • Guessing it's just the usual black-friday/cyber-monday/xmas season deals. Perhaps they weren't moving enough units either.

      I was on the fence since i didn't mind the option of rolling my own cloud-based controller, and using an alternate security layer, but the way it's all packaged together really saves me time and effort - so that's worth a fair bit.

      So far pretty happy with how it looks, although I haven't really used it properly yet. Just adopted my first AP and configured some basics.

    • Check the UI early access store. I haven’t seen any new UDM hardware.


    • There are rumours of a new version of the UDM coming soon, UDM-SE will come with SFP ports and PoE., but as with all things unifi no dates on when it will drop.

  • If i get the dream machine do i still need to use the Telstra Gen2 modem?

    • The DM Pro can't terminate a VDSL+ connection - but I've never had FttN NBN so I can't remember if your NBN NTD does that part for you and hands off as Ethernet. If it does then no, you don't need anything else. But if you have to supply your own modem+router with FttN then yes you'll still need an VDSL+ modem.

      • +1

        The NBN NTD hands off as ethernet.

        • Easy then. Although remember the DM Pro has no wireless radio's like the DM - you need to supply your own AP's, or you could keep the Gen2 if it does wireless as just a wireless router.

  • Noob question, can you mesh network with two Nanohd and a netgear router? or you have to get the switch or from Ubiquiti?

    • Do you mean having two nanoHD AP's wired into the switch ports of a netgear router? And not using the netgear's own wireless? Yeah easy. There's no requirement to use UniFi switches.

      You can even set them up as both standalone AP's - but you miss out on a heap of functionality. If you really don't want to setup your own controller locally there is a way to have one running in Google Cloud for free as long as you don't mind it being a bit laggy (the management - traffic doesn't go out)

      • Yeah Im trying to use existing gear and cut the cost, currently running two router one main and other act as AP, thinking to grab two nanoHD or similar to build a mesh network so I dont have to switch networks while going between the rooms.

        • +1

          Just get an AC Lite and try out the range, you might be pleasantly surprised how well it covers depending on your building. The nanoHD's are pretty powerful and likely overkill.

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed a UDM. Missed out on the $389 sale a while ago, I figure it probably won't drop much cheaper than this for a while.

  • Has this expired?

  • Also trying to grab this deal but code isn't working.

  • Anyone have any other Ubuquiti bargains for boxing day?

    • Yeah. Looking for this too

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