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SteelSeries Rival 300 CS:GO Fade Edition - $60.00 + Delivery @ Toys "R" Us


+$20 Cashback via Targeted Commbank Rewards Deal

Noticed this special at Toys R Us. Original price was $119.99. Delivery should be $7.95 for standard shipping and through the Commbank Rewards app you can grab it for $47.95. I think it's a good deal and potentially inexpensive gift for Christmas. Standard Delivery is 4-10 days according to the website. This is my first post sorry if the formatting is wrong.

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  • Not sure of I need this but hey, cash back is cash back

  • lots of steelseries products are discounted on the site check them

    this being the biggest saving i think
    https://www.toysrus.com.au/steelseries-white-siberia-650-rgb... $150 from $400

  • I have the Rival310 (considered the upgrade to this 300) bought in the late 2018 and I really can't recommend this mouse.

    It's fine to use, but it's a little flimsy. The cable is plastic-ky, thin and feels like it won't last and my left mouse button does not maintain full contact when holding (it 'stutters')

    The lifetime of this mouse is relatively short for mild use (<<1000 hours over 2 years). Maybe it's just my mouse, but I'll probably look for something that's a bit more sturdy

  • Yeah I can't recommend steel series mice anymore. They are built to last until the warranty fails, with the wheels showing wear and failing usually the quickest.

  • This is a very old model. I dont buy steelseries anymore as i find they break down near to or just outside warranty period. (I had a keyboard). Their software required for colorchange also has an update every other week which is a pain as it stops my color scheme working till update