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Save 4c/L at Shell Coles Express via Linkt App (Linkt Toll Account Required)


Just re-post of my previous deal, not sure why it is marked as expired

  1. Linkt toll road account holders only
  2. Update your Linkt App on Google Play/App Store or Login your account on their website, the Reward program is introduced on 18 Nov 2019
  3. Tab the Reward page and redeem offer
  4. Once redeemed, you will be eligible for a new barcode by 9am the next calendar day.
  5. Excludes Diesel, LPG and Adblue. Min fill 2L, max fill 150L per transaction.
  6. Stackable with other Coles Express offer, including Coles -4c dockets, "spend $20 in store to save 10c"
  7. Not stackable with other Viva Energy offer, such as carsales App offer or shell racing team offer.
  8. Long running deal expires on 18 Nov 2022

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  • You can add another 4c off with carsales application

    • Oh, I thought you can't. Did you try?

      • +1

        Yep overall 12c off with my employee card, and you can stack it with another 10c off with 20$ purchase.

      • +1

        Last time I tried Carsales and Linkt didn’t stack.
        Will try again..

    • +3

      You can save 45c a litre by not getting petrol at shell. These 4c things are junk

      • Hahaha, sadly this is so close to true

        • Actually here on the GC at least it isn't true. Shell is normally 5 to 7 cents above the best price around (on Motormouth) and with 4C+5C discounts it's then the cheapest. Occasionally they have the best price (or equal best) to start with and then with discount they're way ahead. Fact!

    • Linkt & Carsales do not stack. Have tried.

  • +1

    Stacks with Coles 4c off voucher too

  • No diesel……

  • Been using this one for a year or so now. Easy win this one! Thanks for reposting for those who aren’t aware yet!

  • What's worthwhile spending $20 instore, each time you fill up at a Coles Express? Most things have convenience-inflated prices, no?

    'scuse me

    • 2 x Quilton TP 20 pack at $10 each.
      65 litres in = $6.50 discount. That makes each pack $6.75.
      Bigger the tank, better the discount.

  • +1

    Actually diesel is not excluded.

    I know the T&C state it is, but I pay for diesel using 4c Linkt coupon + 4c Coles coupon and never have an issue.