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Samsung TV Plus Launched in Australia [Free to Stream 30+ Channels for Select Samsung Device Owners] - VPN Req for Android App


Launched in Australia few days ago.

Google Play Store
News Article

30+ Channels free to stream for eligible Samsung device owners (Samsung Smart TVs 2018-2020 and on Samsung Mobile devices from Galaxy S9 onwards. 100+ Channels available free on US region - tested via VPN on mobile app).

Some of the channels in Australia include Bloomberg TV+, Made In Hollywood, Timeline, Wonder, Horse and Country, Gusto TV and many more. May or may not include Foxtel Binge. Service likely to expand available content, for example in USA allegedly includes Netflix and Disney+ for free. (Netflix/Disney+ is not verified and NOT available via the mobile app over vpn)

TV App will appear automatically on eligible Samsung Smart TVs - gradually being rolled out.

Android (eligible Galaxy devices) App not yet natively available in Aus Google Play/Galaxy app store. Can be sideloaded from Apkmirror link thanks Wilder94. Note - A US vpn is required to stream via mobile app which provides the US catalog. On demand content also available for streaming.

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    We saw this the other day on our main TV, pretty cool, has some decent stuff and quality is great on the stuff we've watched.

  • Too bad no more lockdown.

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      Hotel quarantine about to start again…

      Give it a few weeks…

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        What are you talking about? It never stopped

        • Starts Monday for Victoria.

          • @sheepdog: It's a revamped program but returned travellers quarantining in hotels never stopped.

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              @King Steuart: I'm a bit confused on that point given you quarantine at your port of entry and Victoria hasn't been accepting international travellers for months. Do you mean interstate travellers? In which case: 1) Considerably lower risk and 2) We never closed our domestic borders besides to SA recently.

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                @sheepdog: https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/health-wellbeing/dozens-of-re...

                They're still rolling in. Police took over back in September.

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                @sheepdog: A tiny number of exceptions were allowed.

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                  @CJ31: Which still needed/needs round the clock 24/7 security, manned by VicPol.

                • @CJ31: My friend just came from Sydney to Vic on the plane on the 21st, no checks to nothing - all government hot air and no substance

                  • @MrChum: Then again. My cousin who is in victoria whose work colleague just came back from sydney are now both in quaratine. So theres that.

                    • @xoom: Must of arrived during peak time ;)

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    The actual link to the app?

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      It's loaded to the device itself, in my case the TV.

    • Android app only works with a VPN for the time being it seems

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    I've tried downloading the app on my note 9 and keep getting the message that the app is not available in your country so not sure how we can access it on the phone

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        'The service isnt available in your country'

        edit: works on USA VPN. Thanks for the APK!

      • Thanks adding to OP

      • Thanks the APK worked for me after I accepted the warning before installing. The thing is though do I want to watch 30 year old movies, very retro. Will still give it a try over time. All content is live so you have to go with whats on at the time.

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          The thing is though do I want to watch 30 year old movies,

          Why not? The age of the movie doesn't suggest its quality.

          I mean, as a random one that springs to mind: Jack and the Beanstalk by Abbott and Costello is ancient (and public domain now!) And is still one of the absolute best musical comedies.

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    Apparently it's ad supported so that's how they get their revenue

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            @Iwantthebestprice: Paying per month and getting ads is the problem, getting 'free' service that's supported by ads isn't the exact same :)… If you use your foxtel service there's nothing to be sad about just enjoy it haha

            • @scud70: Thanks Scud :) all very true, $25 a month for 3 months is not the worst.. $104 I can see why people are like wtf and ads!

    • For the channels I have watched I havent got any actual ads. It just loops for a few minutes intermitantly on a Samsung TV plus animation where im guessing the ads may be eventually.

      • I noticed that too on some channels (e.g. a cooking one). Some were actually showing ads while I haven't noticed anything at all on movie channels/free movies (in the discover tab).

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    Yea I could only get the app via USA store. For TVs the app is being pushed out gradually on the eligible devices.

    • How did you download it to the phone via the us store?

      • have google account in USA region.

      • Download it to your PC then send it to your Gmail drive & install it. You don't need to use a VPN.

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    I installed apk manually, worked fine for US stuff via vpn, but didn't work when I tried to access AU stuff.

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    Australian free channels has no Netflix or Disney+ so nah right now

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    So Failarmy is the best channel?

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    2016-2020 Samsung tv :(
    My 2015 tv is still going strong …
    Missed it by that much ………

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      Description says 2018-2020? Guess that rules out my 2012 Samsung plasma? :(

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        And my 2010 Sammy plasma

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          And my 1988 Samsung CRT

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            @heal: And my axe!

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            @heal: Oh, that's was the "World Best" advertised one. What a joke that was

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      Its a sad, disposable world where we praise a tv that is still working after 5 years.

      • My Sony bravia died after 14 years of use. Will be glad if its replacement panasonic oled last as long.

  • Thanks OP for the apk. Works in Note8, activation needed vpn connection to US.

    • Apk works on Pixel 3, then cast to my dumb TV via Chromecast.

      Thank you!

      • Can you share the apk? I installed on my OnePlus 7 pro but says can't installed

      • Got a pixel 3 and it won't install.
        Did you do anything special to get it to install?

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    Just installed the apk. Fired up the vpn. Connected to a US server. Samsung TV plus works fine.

    • Free Disney +and netflix for you then!

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    Other than screen mirroring, is there any way to cast to Chromecast from the mobile app?

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      I haven't tried with this app specifically but Chromecsasts are stuck using Google DNS which is how they stop you casting overseas Netflix etc to your Chromecast, even if it's working on your mobile device and VPN combo. It can be done, apparently, if you have a router and firewall that can kill the Google DNS queries and force it over to another service but it all ended up in my too hard basket when I tried.

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    maybe someone should post what devices without a vpn its supposed to work on….

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    Me sitting here with my lg TV :|

    • +1

      Me with my Samsung…

      You’re not missing much.

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    Couldn't find any information on the Samsung website that this includes Netflix and Disney +

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      Actually this was the article https://mumbrella.com.au/samsung-launches-its-free-streaming...
      Maybe some content is available on demand.

      Don't have Samsung smart tv to try but mobile streaming content works ok

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        I'd be surprised if Samsung was giving away free Netflix or Disney+ without any marketing or PR.

        Like @profeeder55, I can't find any mention of Netflix or Disney+ anywhere else other than the mumbrella article.

        What I guess happened is that some journo saw the Netflix and Disney+ apps next to the Samsung TV+ app, and wrongly assumed Samsung was giving free subs for those two services.

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    i own a s9+ how do i get the app

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      To get it working, you will need to first attend school so that you can read all the comments above and learn to follow simple instructions

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        School would've taught manners as well I thought, unless someone didn't go to school.

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          Rules without enforcement are just guidelines.

          • @rifter: Rules without enforcement aren't rules - full stop.

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        Surprised there are 11 negs for this. Surprised that there are any negs for this.

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      Apk link provided in OP for sideload until app published in Aus play store

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        thanks for being polite

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      Poor guy's getting downvoted for asking a simple question?


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    Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders channel is in there?

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      Lol yes it is.

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    This came on my TV automatically the other day with Bloomberg blasting out.

    Seems to have loads of TV trailer trash to me. Is there anyway to get free to air TV on it?

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    Aussie installable App is not loading on Samsung S9 phone via Google Play. I don't have VPN. Presumably, this means the article by OLIVIA KRUIMEL is factually incorrect (a Journalist being wrong would not surprise me in the slightest). Either that or the app is yet to be updated to allow Aussie access.

    • Only Aussie TVs are getting it at the moment, there's a blurb on the US app store saying the app is only available in USA

      • Fortunately, I am patient.

        Content is likely to be 'popular' (as opposed to quality) US drama in any case.

  • I bought the TU8000 just over a week ago. Been watching Samsung Plus Tv since. I didn’t realise it was such a new feature.

    • How often ads come on? Like regular free to air tv?

      • I haven’t seen one ad that’s not already built into the channel. For example Bloomberg will have their usual ads about trading platforms or failarmy will promote their fail army app. Looking at the privacy policy on the tv it says “Most of our ads appear on the launcher menu”.

        Update: I flicked to some random channel I never watch and there was an ad about some Xbox game.

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    Came up automatically on my 1 year old RU7100 😁

  • How do I get free Disney +? I'm confused

    • Apparently need VPN , I tried and can see around150 channels. But no Netflix and Disney.

      • I have my US VPN activated. The app works but can't see Netflix or Disney. Must be doing something wrong

    • Updated OP to make clear. No Netflix/Disney seen on mobile app - may be a USA TV feature as different markets support different TV models eg USA supports from 2016 models, S Korea from 2013.
      The mobile app provides 100+ channels with on demand content too.

      • Thanks for the response!

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    Does this work on non-Samsung devices too, such as the Nvidia Shield? Or is it locked to their products?