Calling on Kiwis

G'day OzBargainers, from wherever.

Yea dot verily, it's coming to the end of an unusual year…
This an odd post to end an odd year.

An unintended companion piece to this thread..

I clicked on the other day, for first time in a long time.

My recollection at least, is of more activity on the website than seems maybe the case, now?

Curious to know if many Kiwis, in KiwiKakapo-land find themselves on busier OzBargain, instead?

Anyway, thanks for cute and toothy Jacinda.

Belated thanks also for many a Heavenly Pop Hit, maybe especially those from The Bats.

Members remaining coronavirus-free?
Recent release of great new album, 'Foothills', indicates that to be the case.

Many earlier great songs, too, and here are just a handful.
I hadn't seen this live performance of 'North by North', excellent.

Real and scary Covid Boogeyman - along with the sad donnyboy creature feature, around for a bit yet.

Smoking Her Wings
Sighting The Sound
North by North

Enjoy, for anyone new to those.

Kia ora

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  • Bruh, the weed referendum failed. So I'm curious as to what you have been smoking to get that high and post this post ?

    • -3 votes

      You couldn't have listened to all of those songs in that amount of time, mate. See end of comment here, may be relevant to you. This thread not for you, clearly, and that's fine.

      I've never been much up for lyric interpretation, especially when obscure at all. Just jangly strings and great lilt making for a great song in my books, Tom.
      Many of my favourite songs in languages I don't even speak.

    • Ah, someone new to OP's randomness

      Good thing you never had to read the back n forth between OP and JJB 😱


        That is fair comment… and in saying that I'm trusting that you didn't join the brigading sad snark from presumed usual sad suspects, in the downvotes? :)

        Yis, certainly some random interaction with JJB and also with his very wayward bride.

        After that alien thread he posted, it's reasonable to assume that they both ended up as just one more dinner course, alongside a Vogon Grandmother…
        It happens :(

        Take it easy, spackbace.

  • when people talk to you IRL, do they seem perplexed and look at you funny? Did they just go 'ahuh' and stepped back?
    The train of thought and convo just seems so random

    From choice cheapies, then

    "Anyway, thanks for cute and toothy Jacinda.

    Then "Real and scary Covid Boogeyman - along with the sad donnyboy creature feature, around for a bit yet"
    and seemingly random selection of songs

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      The post could have been much longer, if listing all of the great things about New Zealand, too much rain and cold aside.

      You would be surprised.
      You, however, and few others on OzBargain, this is your refuge from the people who would struggle to put up with you, IRL. That I don't doubt, Payton. Ring true?
      Have a good day

      • cute and toothy Jacinda.

        is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just saluting the PM?

  • What is it with lunatics and posting links to random YouTube music videos, along with their blog worthy musings?

  • Mate.. are you alright? Having a stroke there are ya

  • A nice gesture by you to shout out to Kiwis in this forum, and speak approvingly of all things Kiwi, from wildlife to rock bands. Wouldn’t happen to be a Kiwiphile, would you? Or even a Kiwi yourself? :-)

    Who could blame you, lots of things to admire about beautiful NZ, for sure. If I weren’t living in Australia, the next best country would be NZ.

    Thanks for the song mentions. Very catchy this Heavenly Pop Hit … hearing it for the first time. I found a link with slightly better sound quality, although it does not have the nice vid of yours.

    Also, thanks for The Bats links – checked them out in addition to new songs in Foothills album. Beneath the Visor is a good one.

    The world is suffering from too much cynicism and misinformation. Nice to see something positive.

    Have a lovely day :-)

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      You have a nice one tomorrow, bluesky.

      A few things arrived there together to make for an idea, for whatever that was worth…

      No, not a Kiwi, bluesky. Yes, ordinary sound quality in first clip there, but good enough to link - just.

      I'll send you a clip from another band, I think you'll enjoy the song.

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    Too big for boots Zealandia unrelated, but worth the end of year theme link.

    Even allowing for a few late contenders, this remains the quarantine/lockdown song of the year. Piano by Leah Chisholm. Beautiful