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$300 off Samsung Galaxy S20/ FE / Note20/ Phones (for Existing Samsung Users) @ Samsung Studio Stores


Walked in to the Samsung Studio at Chadstone and was offered a $300 discount on S20 Series phones since I already had a Samsung Phone. Said the discount is for existing Samsung Family only. There was no trade in required. Just a proof of existing Samsung device.
Got a S20 for $799 with the discount

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        • my s20 fe passes the first test of just doing simultaneous swipes up with 2 fingers (no issues), but does exhibit the jumps very occasionally when doing the second test of alternating swipes up (it registers as a jump from one side to the other on maybe once every 10 seconds of swiping continuously at speed).

          Not enough to impact daily usage I'm guessing, but I'll keep an eye out for it. Multiple fingers typing seems to be fine, so it's pretty limited to specifically doing swipes with 2 fingers alternating…

  • For people who need a dual SIM phone, you're out of luck. All S20 FE models sold in Australia are SINGLE SIM only!

    • This reminds me of the Note 9. Dual SIM with Snapdragon. Can’t understand why they have come back to Exynos after that.

    • the 5G version (qualcomm) are dual SIM apparently. Can anyone confirm?

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        I've checked with Samsung AU support specifically for 5G version as it has SnapDragon 865 CPU that I wanted: it is SINGLE SIM only.
        No Samsung for me!

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        I have S20 FE 5G from JB HiFi, it is single sim

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    I bought a Samsung S20 FE 5G 128GB today for $699 at Samsung Westfield Fountain Gate. I was satisfied with my previous purchase with Cellmate. I should have waited for this promo. But just the same, with Samsung you get much of the latest technology with less the price as compared to Apple.

  • Can anyone who tried this in QLD report back where and how it went? Thanks!

    • I did this at mt gravatt yesterday, i even gave a heads up to a lady who had the s20fe display in her hand who also got the deal. Gave me the thumbs up across the counter. Now i did have a huawei p30 pro but she looked at it and said i see you already have a samsung so i just played along with it. all in all was in and out in 10 minutes.

      • EYYYYY nice lol. Thanks big davo. Gonna go do it ASAP.
        Thats hilarious though that the samsung worker didn't know a samsung when they saw one (or maybe they were just being a good lad)
        Good job helping the other customer. Local legend.

        • this was earlier today for stock.
          s20fe 5g
          white 4
          orange 4
          lavender 3
          navy 3
          mint 2
          red 1

          • @david6509: Oh damn I better get in quick. Thanks for the info! Mt Gravatt is actually the closet Samsung store to me which is good.

            • @fd9: if you manage to get in there before me can you ask if they still have stock of lavender, going to try get one for my partner for christmas.

              • @david6509: Definitely will do! I am just waiting for Kogan to confirm I'll get a refund on my defective oneplus pro 8 (and not a store credit) before I pull the trigger, so I don't think it will be today sorry!

  • Went to Samsung store at Highpoint, Maribyrnong. I was told that to receive the offer, I need to trade-in my old phone. And to trade-in i have to pass the test using the Samsung TradeUp app (which ai didn't). I tried to explain them about the offer and how other stores are giving it without trade-in but they didn't know about it Thinking of trying out the Chadstone store tomorrow.
    Has anyone got the deal from chadstone shopping store?

    • Only studio stores are doing it. It was mentioned by rep at the start here

      Studio store = the small circle looking small stores. Mentioned here

      The OP got this deal from chadstone store and others have commented that they got it at chadstone.

      What samsung do you have? Just be aware they may deny it if its too old.

      • I have samsung s8+. Chadstone was too far, so tried at highpoint thinking i might get lucky. This deal is too damn good to miss, so now have to drive all the way to chadstone.

  • +5

    Perth OzB'ers - just went into Carousel and got the S20 FE 5G 128GB with the $300 loyalty bonus taking it to $699. All colours except for navy blue are available.

    • Just went to Perth Cannington, guys said they havent heard of Loyalty Bonus. Finally they gave up by telling me 5G is out of stocks. I was told they aint stocking the FE 5G 256g (its end of the line or something).

      • When you say Cannington, do you mean Carousel?

        • Yes. Westfield Carrousel in Cannington.

          • @Jcruzi: My missus just went into the Carousel Samsung about 15 mins ago and they said they hadn't heard of it

            • +1

              @Daneox: Cheeky people - they definitely heard about it. One of the staff mention to me OZBargain too. Lol - they will tell you out of stocks.

              • @Jcruzi: Im at carousel right now 12th of December at 9.30am. Currently trying to get a FE 5g 128gb red for $699. Will update.

                According to Samsung this is hybrid dual eSim.

                All sweet. Picked up a Red (no black left) for $699. Good luck. Bring your old samsung phone.

                • @hypie: Sweet! They lied to me then?

    • What did you say to them to get it mate?

      • OZBargain :)

  • At Garden City..

    Still a couple of colours left of the S20FE 5G

    Red and & White have sold out.

    • Garden City perth?

      • Queensland

        • Thanks

    • Lavender S20FE 5g Sold out there now(was there today). but they are getting more stock, probably in the next week. They will allow you to preorder/purchase.

  • I saw someone mention only for s8 and newer models? Can anyone confirm older models are accepted? I have an old s5 I'm thinking about upgrading(missed out on the s10 when they had it)

    • +1

      There was no upgrading or taking of serial numbers when we got ours today.

      The store person just asked what phone we were currently using (S7), but didn’t ask to see it or get any serial numbers

      • Thanks, good to know. That was at Garden City(Mt Gravatt)? I was going to try Carindale, but Mt Gravatt is not too much further if I have no luck there.

        • +1

          Yep Garden City..

          We got ours at 4:45pm.

  • -2

    To whoever mentioned the touchscreen issue. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. From my research the touchscreen issues afext the carrier versions in the USA almost exclusively. Don't make comments on a phone you done actually own.

    • +2

      I bought a s20 FE from JB HiFi last week and yes it has the touchscreen issue. Planning to get refund tomorrow.

      • Thank you for coming forward and reporting.

        I have a Note 9 and was contemplating the S20 FE 5G.

        I felt the phone was a downgrade in many respects, except the 120hz screen and the presence of 5G.

        I think I'll just wait for next years offering or something.

        • i tried my friends s20+ and the result it the same. I think s20 in general has multitouch bug. I tried it with my xiaomi and it works fine

        • I feel the same way. Phones have massively increased in prices but the improvements over the previous generations are small now. Sometimes they even remove features you may use or replace them with features that don’t work as well as previous technology. Unless you have issues with your old phone I wouldn’t be in a rush to replace provided your phone is still supported with security updates. Samsung support their flagships for around four years, by that stage a new flagship should be a noticeable improvement.

    • Not all of us are bots.. lol

    • From your research?? So you don't own it as well..

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    Has anybody been to the chadstone store recently? Is the offer still valid there.

    • +5


      The last reply you got about Chadstone store was less than 24 hours ago. A few in here confirmed they got the deal from Chadstone, including OP. A staff member said it is available at Samsung Studio Stores, not only Chadstone but across VIC and NSW.

      I don't know what more you want lol

      • Just wanted to cornfirm that the deal is still available. It a 1hr drive to chadstone from wher I live, so wanted to make sure. Thats all 😁

        • Probably no stock left anyway

          • @8azinga: would be good to know if stock left, i live 2.5 hrs away from Chadstone and would be calling in a favour from a Melbourne friend. Wouldn't want to send them there for no reason. Anyone with an update? Will send them with an IMEI of an old Samsung , thanks to all those who have instructed how to go about it at Chaddy

            • +1

              @rensman: Other people also had success stories from Doncaster and Fountain Gate if those are closer, just not highpoint from the sounds of it.

            • +1

              @rensman: Should also point out that Chadstone was totally out of stock for s20 fe 5g as of Sunday, they expected more this week no idea if they got it

        • No stock left at chadstone. Didnt know about deal. No more 20 are being ordered not much stock in australia. Only s20 FE is able to be backordered

  • Thanks OP, picked up S20 FE 4G one at Westfield parramatta today only red colour remaining and no 5G left.

  • WA Samsung Westfield Carousel anyone tried it Studio store too so?

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/9773258/redir

      if you click 'view all' next to the page numbers, you can see all comments on the same page. Then ctrl+f to search

    • There is one saying yes and one saying no…if you do go please let us know how you went. It's a long haul for me so don't really want to chance it without some clarity.

      • Did you end up chancing it?

  • Picked up a S20 FE 5G from Chadstone today after they got in a new batch of stock, but was told it was the last one they had available atm

  • Went to Parramatta today. Told only blue left for S20 4G, no S20+, had the S20Ultra in black, FE 4G in red, lavender and 1 other colour. Limited quantities and likely sold out of more after today.
    Told they were unable to take orders for the S20 as they had a lot already and to come back in a week to see if they would take orders again.
    Salesperson said if its ordered, it takes about 1 month to receive.

  • +1

    Pked up S20 FE 5G from Doncaster today. Got the last one cause all others were booked already.
    When asked more about the offer, they said that the offer is valid till 24th Dec, so if anyone thinking of buying one can do a booking now and recieve the phone later when they have stock.

    • thanks for the update, so to book the units, I have to prepay for the phone in-store then they will call when the units arrive yea? Have to drive more than an hour to Chaddy as well so just want to make sure I don't waste my trip.

      • Not sure about Chaddy, but they are soing at doncaster. I wanted to buy the lavender colour which they didn't have in stock and was told to book it now and collect it afterwards when they have stock. But I bought whichever they had in stock (i.e. red colour) Others were doing the pre-booking by pre-paying while I was there.

        • that's helpful, thanks mate

      • Chadstone didnt mention the deal today. Only have s20 FE on backorder left. No more s20 all variants outside FE sold out and no backorder as at end of life

  • +1

    Went to the Samsung studio store today at Fountain Gate. No stock of s20+ (4G or 5G) and they checked other store stock with none showing in their system or in warehouse. They have plenty of the S20 FE but I'd rather not take the chance on that considering it's touch screen issues. Also tried to price match with other stores and none will budge. Oh well.

    • no option to pay now and pick one up when they get more in stock?

      • Unfortunately no. I asked about this and the other stores that had offered this were not supposed to do that, Parramatta apparently had 40 orders yesterday that were held for customers but will end up getting refunded because they don't have any stock or any plan to get more.

        • I was at a Parra yesterday in the morning and they said they weren't taking any orders already. I think it was orders from the weekend that look like they are getting refunded?

          • @8azinga: Maybe they just got the memo late but from what I heard those purchase orders will be getting refunded.

  • +1

    I just went to Parramatta this morning. new stock arrived.

    s20 fe 5g

    • Do you know if they had any S20 4G in grey?

      • +2

        They told me they had no stock of s20.. only fe and plus models available i believe

  • -1

    Can someone get a photo of this deal if it is advertised?
    Then we can use it to price match. I've never seen a samsung studio in WA

    • +1

      It's not advertised and it's a loyalty discount so I doubt anywherre will price match

  • Went to Carindale(QLD) today to find the Samsung kiosk store is no longer there. I know they shut down earlier in the year with Covid, but apparently have not/are not coming back. Just a heads up in case anyone else like me decides to go there. (went on to Garden City).

    • +1

      These are the only stores still open. Of that list, Sydney and Maribyrnong aren't studio stores so arent doing the deal.

      New South Wales
      Sydney - 2000 (Open)
      Parramatta - 2150 (Open)
      Maribyrnong - 3032 (Open)
      Doncaster - 3108 (Open)
      Fountain Gate - 3805 (Open)
      Chadstone - 3148 (Open)
      Western Australia
      Cannington - 6107 (Open)
      Chermside - 4032 (Open)
      Upper Mount Gravatt - 4122 (Open)
      Robina - 4230 (Open)

      • I didn't even think to check before we went, as I knew they were there at Carindale. I knew they had Shut during lockdowns with Covid, but assumed they were back now. Guess it would have paid to check the Samsung website before I went. No problem though we went on to Garden City (Mt Gravatt).👍🏻

  • Update for Perthers
    I got 128gb 5g for 699 at Carousel. Called the 1300 number to o confirm stock because it is an hour away for me. Told the guy I got an email and he discountedd it straight away.
    They got a delivery this morning so have all colours available.

    • Hi mate, what number did you call? Neither of the 1300 numbers listed (1300 425 299 and 1300 362 603) actually go through to the store.

      • +1

        I called Samsung Concierge amd they got ahold of the store.

        • which number is the samsung concierge mate?

    • +1

      Hey mate. Did you get an email? Where can i find it?

      • Hey mate, what email are you referring to, and how to get it. Is Samsung notes 10 + eligible for the $300 discount? From Perth and keen to rush to carousel. Thanks…

        • Update - went to carousel this morning and managed to get the S20 FE 5G on the same offer $300 off. Offer is still on for those who are interested in Perth.

          • @Ezecof: For those who are going to try Carousel in Perth….
            I went there Sat 12/12 and the guy acknowledged the offer but spun some BS about how they were out of stock on the S20 FE 5G and wouldn't have any more stuck until after the offer finished at the end of the month.

            I'd suggest asking if they have stock first, and then ask for the offer.

  • 1300 362 603
    1300 425 299 if you can't get through. Just press star 1

  • This deal is expired I suppose, went to Parramatta store today. They are now selling all the phones based on price at website.

    • Anyone else having the same experience in Parramatta? Offer no longer valid?

      • Just got mine from Parramatta store, $599 for s20 fe 4g. Has more stock for s20 fe 4g, or s20 ultra/note 20 ultra

        • wow, that's great to know!!
          did you have to asked separately about the deal? Cause they were just showing me the price from website. Never mentioned about 300$ off offer.

          • +1

            @Christiano: No I just ask him if the deal of $300 off for existing Samsung user still available. Remember to bring your old Samsung phone (not for trade in, just check serial number)

  • -1

    anyone know if the deal is still available at parra Westfields samsung pop up store?

    • +1

      Yes still available. I went today and picked up a S20 FE 4G. They didn't have all colours available however.

  • Merged from Samsung S20 FE 5G - $605.00 after Galaxy S8 Trade-up - Victoria Online/in Store

    Hey everyone,
    First post and not sure if you'll consider it a deal as it doesn't apply to everyone but, here's the details:

    • Samsung are offering "trade-up" bonuses of $300.00 for Samsung phones, even if the phone has a smashed screen as long as other elements all work
      -I traded in a perfect condition Samsung Galaxy S8 for $95.00, then received a $300.00 bonus credit
      -The $999.99 price of an S20 FE 5G became $605.00.

    I did this in-store at Highpoint and I think its an amazing deal.

    We also did this with a smashed screen S10 and received $325.00 on a separate S20 FE 5G purchase.

    Type "Samsung Trade up" in the Play store and download the App and it gives you a trade up value, then add $300 on that number

    Note: I was told by Samsung staff at Highpoint the Studio store deal of $300 off was off RRP, whilst this was off the current reduced $999 price! Plus no need to go to the only two studio stores in Vic.

    I am aware some people have got the $300 off the reduced price, so it's hit and miss. Good luck though!!

    Have fun all

    • The Samsung Kiosks that were around me have all closed to go try this

    • Wonder if they'll take the mrs' s7 edge

      • +3

        When I looked to "trade up" my s7 Edge for the S20 Ultra, the app said "congratulations you have earned $35 credit towards your new phone"…

        App deleted.

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