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Half Price: Mr Chen's Frozen Dumplings 904g or 1kg Bag $10.50 (Was $21) @ Woolworths


First time posting, not sure if it's duplicated.

Just saw this on Woolies online, all Mr Chen's big bag frozen dumplings are half price.

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    Ridiculous normal price when you can buy the Aldi ones made in Australia $8.99 everyday price.

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      Tried - won't buy again. Prefer the taste of other ones

      Aldi Dumplings & Gyoza have been discussed before - opinions vary. It depends what you're used to.
      With Gyoza, seems Pork ones are Australian made & Prawn are from Thailand (have the empty packet).

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        I'm sure you don't need an empty box to prove your opinion on the iNtErNeTz.

        you don't need their validation lol

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          I think he told us that to share how he knows where it's from.

    • You can't buy Aldi online so how am I supposed to get it?

      • By going to the store ?

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          So does $8.99 include the airfares? Aldi isn't available nationwide you know? Woolworths is.

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    I would recommend this
    Australian made and yummy.

    • These look interesting, can't say I've ever seen them in my local Woolies stores though

    • Will try - local Woolies stock them.

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      the chicken&ginger ones are horrible.

    • Second this recommendation. Soup dumplings are amazing - broth inside the dumplings gains all the flavour from the pork and it means the meat is super juicy and tender. Flavour explosion.

      Even better with a little black vinegar.

      Only found these recently in supermarket, below prawn Har gow shelves. Not sure if relatively new or just hidden due to placement

    • Agreed. These are great.

    • Legend. Good one.

    • I got a pack of the Marion's kitchen ones at half price a few weeks ago and I think it's ruined the 1kg packs for me now

  • KB, Mr. Chen, and Aldi dumplings/ gyozas which one is the best?

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      KB are japanese style, Mr chen are chinese style they're quite different

      Personally prefer Mr Chen and KB over aldi brand but they're not worth the massive price difference. I'd get aldi if i was craving and the others weren't 40-50% off

    • Comments in previous Deals debate this…

      Depends on the style of product within the brand, your experiences / expectations with this type of food (eg Chinese or Japanese style, what you did or didn't grow up with or have eaten in restaurants, etc), personal taste, & how you cook them.

      Best way is to try same style from a few brands & compare.
      Then stock up on favourites when on special & enjoy.

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    My opinion: Prawn Hargow and Prawn & Chive Wontons are best. Skins of other flavours are bit wrong somehow, tough.

  • Got a Chinese mum approved at Woolies, step one, bought one, get some. XD

    • Got a Chinese mum approved


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        You ask her?

        • She said it similar to the taste at yum cha place and save time to hand made them.

          • @Braday: They are nowhere near as good as a well made dumpling in a yum cha place but for the price/performance ratio, they are great value vs yumcha.

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    Asian groceries are your best bet tbh

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    i reckon some of the asian restaurants are actually serving these

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      Lol. Was at Costco, and a bloke literally piled up the trolley and cleaned out half the fridge. First think came to my mind was, some Yum Cha in Sydney serving costco product.

      • there you go !!!
        they are actually really good and resto quality.

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        He might just be buying them all to eat. I often buy trolleys of these for the family haha

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    made in vietnam…. I would prefer something local … maybe south melbourne market dim sims…

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      The 'meat' probably comes from outer space

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    Don't disagree that these taste good, but I'm not a fan of any farmed sea food. Raw (where possible) and wild caught for me.


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      yes, taste good but once I read the vietnam farm prawn bit that puts me off…

      • Might be better just to eat the steak like in the Matrix

  • I prefer mr chens to the aldi ones. I love the mr chens pork and chives dumplings.

  • I love these but just found out they're made in Vietnam…

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      Why does it matter where they were made?

      And it it does why did you never check?

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        Lol mate I'm Vietnamese and I can tell you now I prefer my food made in Australia.

  • Labours in Australia are too expensive. They’d rather make it in Vietnam, shipping in by flight, pay all the tax, deliver from airport to warehouse, still save a ton of $$$. Or even worse they came to Australia by cargo, have been in the freezer for 1 month before being put on coles shelf.

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      Some might find it offensive, but the reality is the labour here is both expensive and not productive. I should say myself included. I really don't understand it when people say MIC = poor quality. Honestly, if you just buy cheap MIC stuff then you should expect the quality to be subpar. That does not mean Xiaomi, Oppo or Huawei etc products are of poor quality.

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        Totally agree would I go all out looking for made in Australia electronics?? Just look at all the Aussie made Toyota Camrys the fit and finish are poor in comparison to the same model made/assembled overseas.

        • imagine an iphone 12 pro max made here, it'd cost more than $4000 per phone. Lol

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    these aren't very great and is a far cry from anything you could get from asian grocers. The stuffing especially has this paste-like consistency and a lot of non-prawn filling.

    They're alright, 6/10. Nothing to write home about

    • How much do the ones from Asian grocers cost, by way of comparison?

  • Personally prefer KB to these.. The wrapping is pretty thick and the filling isnt very prawny on these ones

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    went to local woolies, one of them no stock so went to next closer .. grab the last 5 from the cooler..

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      • Riveting story isn't it

        • Had me in the first half, not gonna lie

          • @kiitos: User name checks out

          • @kiitos: I liked the way it made me think afterwards. Here's a man, for which no obstacle, no matter how minor, is enough to deter him from a cheap dumpling. 🤔

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    Are these made by Ms Chen?

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    I gave up on the frozen imported ones, and had a go at making them myself at home. Watched a youtube vid, spent just over $10 on ingredients and made about 90.

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    Last time I got the 1kg hargow for half price, I discovered there was a 200 gram frozen satchet of soy sauce inside. Felt pretty ripped off.

    • Good point.

      They still do have 'dipping sauce'.

      On the back on woollies website, you can see that the dumplings are 41 * 21g (approx. 860g) and the soy sauce is 4* 48g (approx. 150g).

      So it's not exactly a fair comparison for unit price to the KB brand that is on special at coles this week.

      • EDIT: 'and the soy sauce is 3* 48g (approx. 150g).'

  • No politics, let us enjoy the food, but the way, after having Mr Chen for years m, I found another one new brand ( cannot remember the name, but it must be a Hong Kong brand) which always have half price those days, their chicken dim sim and BBQ pork bun are just so amazing! It is a must try.

  • Thank you OP these are my absolute favourites how did you know!? What this even in the catalogue?

    • I was doing my online shopping then came access this on half price section. Not sure whether this is in the catalogue or not, tbh.

  • This has almost no difference from the restaurants where they sell them for $5 for 3. Strongly recommended and approved by Chinese lol.

    (Stop throwing shitty racist comments on dumplings anymore, plz

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