Ryobi One+ Drill Driver, Impact Driver and 4ah Battery & Charger $199 @ Bunnings Warehouse


I've been keeping an eye on ryobi batteries. The $99 deal for a 4ah battery and charger is one of the best value deals I've seen in a while.
Noticed a new kit on the bunnings website recently, it's not logged on price hipster so I assume it's a new kit.

If you're in the need of a drill and impact driver, this is honestly a killer deal. I paid $200 just for the skins, so the way I see it, you're getting at least another $99 worth of value.

Makes a great Christmas present for your pops too :)

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  • I bought this a few weeks ago, couldn't find it in the website though.

  • Are they brushless?

    • Unfortunately they don't come with brushes, I'd try the painting isle.

    • Nope. Love my brushless version

      • +8 votes

        I wouldn't buy one with a brushed motor… Less power, less battery life…

        • are they usually that dusty?

        • For the odd job there is no point paying 50-100% more for a brushless motor.
          I do love my brushless gear though.

        • If I were replacing mine today, I'd probably go brushless….

          ….but I've had my brushed version for about 8 years now and it's still going strong. I've used it on big projects (building a deck, probably a few thousand holes) and small (fences) no dramas. For the average home handyman, I think the brushed version would be 100% fine and potentially worth the savings.

        • We have had both the brushed and brushless versions of the drill and the regular brush drill is totally fine.
          It has enough power that you need 2 hands firmly on the drill to hold it if you are trying to use all it's power.
          With a 4ah battery it would last for an extremely long time.
          It has lasted many years without failure.
          We tried the brushless version but it died within a few weeks.

  • Am getting a 404 on that in WA. Just the 2x 2.5Ahr version for $259.

    But I think the Ozito range is the better value these days, if you are starting out. Einhell make them now, and the quality is good.
    There have been some great deals on brushless tools.

    Ryobi is great value from Home Depot in the US, but not so much at Bunnings.

    • Nah, its mostly a step up from Ozito and the batteries can be used for so many things. Ozito you mostly get naff stuff, with some gems but ryobi tend to be ok with most stuff.

      It pays to keep an eye out and buy deals, some of the pricing can be weird at times.

      I have some ozito and some ryobi among other tools….mostly ryobi for things I dont use all the time.

    • +1 vote

      Am getting a 404 on that in WA

      No way…

      That departs from Melbourne…

    • Ozito does the job for DIY

  • this is the best battery deal I have seen for a while

    • Yeah I agree but I’m almost certain none of us will have luck getting that price. It’s for a much older kit and I talked to my trade account manager he reckons theres no chance anyone will price match.

  • This is full price, seen this being sold the other week when looking at the Ozito for $45 which that was also full price

    • I know. Ryobi and Bunnings is just weird with their pricing (very rarely do you see good discounts) and since this is a new kit I think it’s worth sharing since it’s comparatively better value than other bundles

  • Surprised this is under the cordless sanders category:

    Our Range
    Power Tools
    Cordless Sanders

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      I'm not.

      Bunnings master data is F#$%ing awful.
      They always stuff up like that. Makes it real hard to find what you are looking for half the time.
      The Dewalt impact driver I bought was also in the Sanders category and I spent ages trying to work out why the hell I couldn't find it again.

      And don't get me started on their stock availability system!!!!

  • Is this good for car suspension parts or would I need something stronger?

    • You'd need the torque from a good impact wrench rather than impact driver i'd imagine

    • No. Cordless impact drivers do not have the torque necessary. They are good for spinning off nuts/bolts of they've already been cracked though.

    • The impact wrench linked is not that powerful, does not get wheel sockets off, you have to break them first.
      I rarely use mine, I would get a breaker bar first, excellent tool. Especially for brakes/suspension work.

      And get an alignment after please.


  • This would be a killer deal if it was 150 or less! 200 it's kind of normal price, excluding the rrp madness.

  • For all OB camping and adventurers I would suggest the rattle gun skin(Speed Impact Wench) you can replace tyres in just a few minutes and I also use this for my caravan stabilising legs

    • Impact driver and screw in tent pegs when camping in extreme winds are a great solution. For extra hold down use m12 *300mm coach screws instead of pegs!

  • Why is this listed under "cordless sanders"?

  • Not sure if this will help anyone, but i went into Bunnings earlier today to buy the Ozito 5 piece kit as an Xmas gift for the son in law.


    It was in the catalogue but no stock at Virginia,Qld or Keperra where i went later. The helpful assistant tried calling another store a few times that was showing as having stock but they didn't pick up.

    I pointed to this Ryobi pack and asked if I could get a better price .. she called the manager and got another $80 off .. so $319.


    Yep it was $70 more than the Ozito and i lost the sander but picked up a better quality & larger range to build on and one slightly bigger battery.

    It looks like the Ozito pack wasn't delivered to a number of stores, if you go in and can't see it you could try getting a similar deal to mine.

    • Any chance to get a copy of the receipt? That's a good deal.

    • That’s actually incredible good job mate

    • Please post receipt :D

    • Hi guys, Here is the receipt (hopefully)


      • Legend!!!

      • I tried, the manager laughed at me and told me he'd never sell it for this price!

      • I tried as well and was told they don't match their own stores only competitors! You must have just been really lucky with that manager

      • I think in a lot of managers' eyes, providing an unlucky customer a discount sits much higher on the likelihood/herejustforthebargain scale than the person rocking up with a copy (easily edited of course) of the discounted receipt looking for the same discount just for asking….

        I could be wrong, but asking if they can "do a better price because xyz" will would be much more successful… If all else fails, then whip out the docket!

        Just my 2c… The pos/neg votes will dictate what the crowd thinks :)

  • This deal has expired :(

    I got the whipper snipper skin only as Xmas present and need to get a battery and charger - it seems that's not good value by itself so considering one of these kits:

    drill driver + 2x 2.5Ah battery + charger = $179 https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-one-18v-2-5ah-drill-driver...
    hammer drill +1.5Ah + 5Ah battery + charger = $199 +https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-18v-one-1-5ah-5-0ah-hammer-drill-kit_p0087752

    I've borrowed a 5Ah battery and it's sufficient to finish my yard (only just). The smaller 1.5Ah Battery I used seems mostly suited to a quick drill use - it ran out way too fast on the thick buffalo lawn edges

    I guess 2x 2.5Ah batteries should be sufficient but leaning towards the more expensive kit because hammer drill seems a little more versatile - I don't own a drill but I've mostly managed with my Dremel so far since I've drilled holes in plastic, gyprock and wood…