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10% off Sitewide @ First Choice Liquor (+ 22% ShopBack Cashback ($25 Cap, Expired))


My first post, apologies for any mistakes in putting this deal up.

First Choice Liquor: 22% cashback from ShopBack, 12-4pm AEDT today Dec 7.

Capped at $25.

Stacks with Sitewide 10% off code SITEWIDEXMAS.

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    R.I.P my liver

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    Thanks OP. Great deal.
    Does anyone else find the website completely terrible to use? I’ve tried to get stuff in previous deals and just given up after finding most things were out of stock.
    I’m looking at beer now and I’ve set to six packs and it shows one item! Can’t tell if this is due to the store I’ve set or they just don’t like to sell six packs online!

    • Yeah it isn't great. Though mostly don't like how click and collect takes 2 days to confirm for me :(

      BWS took 5 minutes…

      • +2

        Yeah but BWS is expensive :/

        • Heh true, but I only ever buy stuff when it's on sale and combined with a big ol' cashback bonus like this one

      • I call, after placing an order saying I need the beer in the evening and it took 5 minute to confirm:)

      • You mean you get to pick it up on the second day?

        Happens to me all the time. In my case I think it's because I'm using a VPN (and multiple email addresses 😉). The system flags the order as suspicious, and an admin team member needs to look at it and send out a "verification" email requiring you to reply with a redacted photo of your drivers license and credit card. Since I'm in WA and they're busy, even if I ring up and try to hurry it along it usually takes until the next morning before they get around to viewing the order and sending out the email. (Recently, since I'm a "frequent flyer", they've been just authorising the order instead of sending the email—still takes until the next day for the C&C, though.) Why they can't just automatically send the email I don't know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • They don't really do split packs online.

      • They do did. Up until a few weeks ago, all the "craft" beers were only available by the pack. Now they're almost all only available by the case. They decide per beer variety if they're available either by the pack or by the case.

    • +2

      Yes the website is an abomination, with it almost impossible to determine whether whole cases of my preferred beer are actually available locally or not. There are rarely any available bargains there anyway. I find myself giving up, especially with all the dramas I had getting paid for a Cashback claim earlier in 2020 from First Choice.

    • Yep, their website sucks.

      Liquorland and First Choice Liquor have crap websites where they decide per variety whether you can buy beer by the pack or by the case. (Dan Murphy's and BWS's sites allow the customer to choose.)

      I think you are in the minority complaining about the lack of choice of beer in the packs. I think the majority of us OzBargainers are celebrating the switch to cartons of the "craft" beer range, which until a few weeks ago were only available by the pack. (The "normal" beers have mostly always only been available by the carton.)

      Better to get the big savings on the cartons and have to go to the store to buy the packs, than the other way around.

  • Does the code currently work for anyone? Or does it activate at 12pm with the Shopback promotion?

    • +1

      the 10% code works currently

      • Sigh. I tried publishing a Master Coupon Deal for the SITEWIDEXMAS code (which is live now and runs for two days) and was changing this deal so that it is just for the upsized cashback, with a link to the code deal, but my deal was unpublished. I've raised a TWAM issue about it. Just waiting for a reply.

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    Activates at 12pm today

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    Wish I had a store close to me, oh well it saves me from another argument with the Mrs.

  • Any good recommendations on red?

      • Thank you ☺

        • I should have mentioned, I originally stumbled across it when it was supposedly "half price" from the RRP of $40 (whatever) for a Secret Santa at work, and of course had to try it to make sure it was decent. I thought it was a great red, and the Secret Santa recipient also loved it. It's not an in-your-face McLaren Vale or anything, but for the price I'd thoroughly recommend it.

    • In the spirit of Ozbargain.. "Hidden Gem" cab merlot. It's $3 and a cracker for $3..it's a hidden gem. Also does amazing things when it gets together with lamb shanks.

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    Balvenie12 is a rippler price if you cam stack 10% on top of catalogue price

    Dalwhinnie 15 not bad either

    • +1

      Thank you! Exactly the comment i was after.

  • Great price on the Singletons!

  • I never got an SMS saying my order was ready to pickup from my last order….

    My bad that was Liquorland

    • +1

      That was very poor customer service. I always get an SMS message from my local store usually 2 hours after purchase. Not as quick as Dan Murphy's

    • Same here.. Looks like some bug in IT system. I usually call next day re the order and they say it is already available to collect and I should have received the sms…

      • The last 2 orders I placed for click and collect I have not received a confirmation text. After waiting over a day for the text on my 1st order, I rang up the store and they told me it is ready to pick up. When I queried why I didn't get the text, the guy shrugged his shoulders and said that it was a problem from the online side of things. Great customer service.

        2nd time, I just waited 2 days and popped in to pick it up. When I queried it again, at least this time the lady said that sometimes the computer misses the last digit of the phone number. Hopefully they get it sorted out.

        Just wait for the confirmation email, wait a couple of hours and pop into the store to collect.

        • Rang up. Same response. It was ready same day but no SMS received. They don't know why no SMS was sent.

        • I had issues with not receiving sms and found i had to fix my mobile to be 04xx not +614xxx as the system is stupid and cannot process the number otherwise.

          Was really annoying as everytime I went to pickup they said I had to have the sms…

          • @Kamppinator: yup, had the same issue in the past and CS confirmed its the '+' at the start of your submitted mobile number

            • @mouseman99: It's actually worse than that. I've always used 04xx xxx xxx but I don't always get the sms. Once, the customer service team member actually told me she could see that the phone number was missing the last digit.

  • will this include beer and cider? im assuming not

    • Beer and Cider included but Cashback not available on GST

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    Now to find a bottle of whiskey that maximisers this discount roughly about $125

  • +5

    Cashback limit is $25, cashback is 22% not including GST.

    For max value don't exceed:
    $138.8888.. (before 10% code)
    $125 (after adding 10% code)

    Effectively 28% off the current prices you see online.
    (If I've done the math right)

    • Good math. So spend $139, after 10% and 22%, the cashback will be $25.02. You lose 2 cents

    • 27.82% to be exact

    • Often with first choice the cashback applies to the value of the order before any promo codes are taken in to account. No guarantees though.

    • Is this per purchase or per account? If I make more than one purchase, will they each get cashback separately?

      • Per account. If you max out the cashback, further purchases will still get cashback, just $0.

    • Just got my cashback detail, I got $25. My shopping was $130 before discount, $117 after. So obviously I've capped out.

      22% of $117 is $25.74. Pretty happy I maxed it out close enough.

    • -1

      When is the shopback cashback calculated from?

      If I have 2 cartons of beer = $100

      I have 2000pts offer ($10)
      22% cashback
      10% sitewide code
      10% staff discount
      10c/ bottle deposit refund X 48 ($4.80)

      Does this mean
      - $10
      - $10

      $100 - $56.80..

      Ie. Better than buy one get one free

  • Does anyone know if the cashback works with the Coles team member discount?

    • It worked for me last year. I presume that has not changed this year (no longer a team member).

    • 10% TM discount at current too. I have never had cashback issues with TM discount

      • Interesting…sitting here stroking beard.

        So are we saying all stack through shopback?

        They both do apply via FC. All about shopback allowing it

    • Thanks all

  • +1

    Shopback will still work with the SITEWIDEXMAS code?

    • +1

      Yep, as long as it’s an approved code on ShopBack which it is.

  • Blue label $151 after cashback . XR $130. 18yo $65 very attractive prices

  • any idea if i can do multiple purchases of $125 and still get the cashback each time?

    • +2

      No its capped at $25, after $25 cashback you'll get standard rate.

      • -2

        you can just make another shopback account with a different email

        • Nope, you'll get permanently banned, T&Cs state one account per person.

      • Actually, after $25 cashback, subsequent purchases earn $0 cashback.

  • +5

    Asahi cans for $68 are back, hooray!!

    • $65 for me. Must be different for each states

  • +1

    Wtf - it seems like there's always a 20 percent cashback every week at Liquorland/First Choice. I've still got slabs of beer and 1 slab of cider waiting to be picked up from my last TWO purchase. Now this? Blessed be my lifer.

  • Oh my liver……but still looking for something to buy wahahahaha

  • +1

    Anyone has done the hard work and picked out the good deals? I am so lazy…

  • That's a bottle of French Rosé at $7.02 (10 dollars - 10% - 22% cashback).
    Can't really get any better than this.


  • +1

    I have a claim in for the last similar promotion as mine didn’t track.

  • +1

    Big reminder to all Don’t pay with gift cards as any gift card payments (full or partial) void cashback eligibility.

  • Would we get cashback if we used the SITEWIDEXMAS code, because shopback condition says only shopback code

    • +1

      Looks like that was asked and answered above.

  • I'm still waiting for my Cashrewards to track from the promo that ran on the 25th. Feel like it might be an issue with First Choice.

  • +1

    my goto sipping rum .. a great drop at a good price ..


    • How does this compare to Ron Zacapa?

      • +1

        leaps and bounds ahead - i tried ron Zacapa after it was recommended as an alternative and found it nowhere near as smooth, let me know what you think!

        • Thanks, I ordered one before you replied so I'm even happier now! I've read elsewhere of others liking this one so I was happy to have a punt, especially at this price. I'll let you know after I taste it - cheers!

    • Definitely a good sipper. I probably prefer the flavours of the Appleton Estate 12 but this is up there as one of my favourites.

      • Cool….I'll give that a blast next .. I like Appleton but not had that one.

        • Which Appleton have you had? The 12 year old is the only one I've tried.

  • Hi all, Does this works OK on the app on the phone or do you need to go through PC to ensure cashback works? I usually use the PC for these deals but wont be home.

  • +1

    Reminder QLD'ers - its live now.

  • +1

    Just FYI Third time I've bought from first choice and they have never sent me a pick up confirmation sms. I just rock up the day after and it's sitting there ready to go. Thanks Op.

    • Yep, never get a pickup confirmation.

      • +3

        Ordered two bottles of Pimms from Braddon ACT store, got pick up text about half an hour later

        Same with Baileys last year

        Sounds like their online ordering system requires staff to push a button, not sure why so many seem reluctant to do it

        • That’s the same store I’m picking up from!…but no text. 😅

          • @ne-us: Funny, I actually got a pick up notification from this order later that day. An employee must be on here reading the comments 😂

            • @Rode: Yeh, I think I might be blacklisted on their system cos I ordered something from their eBay store once and I cancelled it through messaging their eBay store but the pickup store just kept calling me and I ignored all their calls. 😬

  • +1

    If anyone likes Canadian Club - its a 2 bottles for $72 deal.
    Take off 10% = $64.80
    If you count Cashback of 22% takes it down to $25.22 per bottle.


    Same goes for Jim Beam, Smirnoff etc.

    • Yep 2 bottles of beam for 64.80, plus cashback, plus 2000 points on $50 spend (targeted), plus 10x points from shake and shop game. Lucky me!

      • The 2x700ml bottles isn't that great a deal I don't think - I think it's better value per unit to go for the 1L options.

        • They have 2x 1L for $100 or 2x 700ml for $72.. So yea slightly better value..
          Until you consider 2000 points on $50 spend, which is a flat discount worth $10.

          Incl 10% off with coupon and $10 off flybuys:
          2x 1l = $80 = $40/l
          2x 700ml = 54.80 = $39.14/l

          Plus I prefer to have smaller bottles 😉

  • +1


    Bought Hakushu Distillers Reserve Whisky 700mL

    Dan's price $129.95, FirstChoice original price $136, on sale for $120, after the discount code it's $108, with $21.6 cashback it's down to $86.4
    it's 33% off Dan's price.

    • Good pick, I did so in the last cashback offer and bonus points. Thoroughly satisfied with the drop, shame 1st choice don't hold Nikka FTB or Yamazaki Distillers reserve

  • Adding more than $150 worth of beer after discount, and they want to charge me delivery fee… what am I doing wrong?

    • +2

      wine and spirits only for free delivery

  • Do we know if the capped $25 cash back applied for each transaction or for all transactions?

  • Picked up a Woodford Reserve for $50.40, less $10.08 cashback, less $10.25 from Flybuys = $30.07

  • +1

    Ordered and received pickup text.

  • Didn't track with the Chrome plugin. Not having much luck with these at the moment - similar story with Ebay using the shopback phone app last week. How likely are they to track once I put the claim in manually?

    • adblock? I used to have all sorts of issues with chrome and shopback - these days I do it all exclusively through APP

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