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10% off Sitewide @ First Choice Liquor (+ 22% ShopBack Cashback ($25 Cap, Expired))


My first post, apologies for any mistakes in putting this deal up.

First Choice Liquor: 22% cashback from ShopBack, 12-4pm AEDT today Dec 7.

Capped at $25.

Stacks with Sitewide 10% off code SITEWIDEXMAS.

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      • Same i use app for everything now. Tracks everytime.

    • I've stopped using Chrome for cashback now, due to multiple failed trackings. Microsoft Edge has worked every time so far.

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    Has anyone received a notification that their cashback has been tracked?

    • +2

      I'm still waiting for my purchase from last week to be tracked.

      • +1

        same. I bought some last week, and bought some this week. The click was tracked but nothing after that.

        • +1

          Yes, exactly same situation here. I'll wait for delivery and will start a missing claim process.

    • Ordered at 12.30pm and still waiting to be tracked

      • Ordered at 12:15 and got my cashback notification at 3:15, all good.

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    Wow, just got this email flybuys

    Collect 2,000 bonus points
    when you spend $50 or more online with First Choice Liquor Market!
    Activate now
    Offer valid Mon 7 Dec to Sun 13 Dec 2020
    Offer redeemable once

    If can stack, its going to be a stupidly better deal

    • How old do you need to be to start collecting flybuys points?

    • +1

      Yeah, I just got this email as well. Now to browse!

      • +2

        My liver and me are now mortal enemies

        • I'll side with you.

    • +1

      with all these crazy deals lately it's going to be super hard to justify paying full price ever again.

      • That's right. I've got heaps left. Whenever there's a 20% or 25% cashback, I'll stock up

    • That email came through just in time. Indecision over.

    • I got this offer too. I cancelled my existing click and collect order and ordered again to take advantage of this offer.

  • -1

    Case of Heineken 500ml cans for $48 normally $67, cant argue with that.

  • +2

    If anyone looking for cart 'stuffers' to reach the $150 free delivery price threshold (before the SITEWIDEXMAS) coupon - first choice has schweppes 1 litre mixers @ 2 for $3.40

    So you can pad the cart to get to $150 - then apply the SITEWIDEXMAS coupon which should take it down to approximately $135 and still qualify for free shipping.

    You then get the $25 capped cashback too.

    So everything in cart delivered for approximately $110

  • FWIW: https://www.firstchoiceliquor.com.au/spirits/jinzu-gin-700ml... is a pretty decent price after the extra discounts for an interesting gin.

  • +2

    Gentlemans Jack for $28 including 2000 flybuys points for me


  • Mornington Brown Ale for about $31 (after 2000 Flybuys and 10c deposit refund) for me https://www.firstchoiceliquor.com.au/beer/mornington-brown-a...

  • How long does it take for click and collect usually?

  • Gah, FCs own stupid xmas promo code advertiser kept blocking payment screen…past the 4pm cutoff..still says 22%. Extended shopback?

    *Edit - 3mins past…3%. They maybe have a 2 min buffer..

  • +2

    My shopback cashback did not work when they had this for the BWS special with $25cap. Once i chased them up, they only gave me a $18 cashback instead of the full $25 cashback. Too many times these specials never work with shopback…

  • +2

    Their website is horrid. Could not verify payment. Tried on phone, laptop, different browsers, wifi, cellular, multiple cards. Hopeless.

  • Not available to your region. You can eat p o then first choice liquor f u.

  • +1

    Work got busy in the last hour and missed it! Damn

  • Bought Talisker Skye and Caol Ila for $113 after 10% disc and $25 cashback + 2000 flybuys points. Never tried these so good one to do now..and free delivery = winner

  • Order tracked!

  • Wtf I placed two orders

    One of them I got the cash back email but no notification from First choice yet the order is in their system when I went to click and collect

    The other order , no cashback email but did receive a email from first choice

    Yet store can’t find the other order at all

    Weird as hell

    • Check out my comment above for a possible reason why one order hasn't been sent to the store.

  • Surely cash rewards will better this deal today?

    • Don't say that! I've enough beer to last 6 months. Don't want to have to buy more!!

    • Cashrewards rarely betters Shopback in terms of cash back percentage

  • AWST
    Ordered: 12:47
    Tracked: 17:39:42
    Email: 17:42

    There goes my run of getting tracked within 2-3 hours! Took almost 5 hours this time.

  • Ordered 6 bottles of wine, system only allows 4 bottles so you can not get the lower price for 6. they have plenty of it, as I checked under another account as well, and it did the same thing, plenty of wine, but limits you so you don't get the cheaper price. Put in the coupon code, and it charged my full price for the wine as well. Then when I tried to cancel the order, they say they can't find the order even when I gave them the order number from the confirmation email. Also they can't find my account details, said they will ring me back tonight or tomorrow to do the cancellation. This mob is pathetic.

    • You could get banned for having multiple accounts and claiming discounts/cashback

      • +1

        I am talking about my first choice account.
        I am not referring to any shopback or cash rewards account.
        Anyway, my wife also has accounts for both and as far as I know there is no law against her having/using accounts as well.

  • I ordered a couple of slabs to click and collect with this deal. FCL emailed today demanding me email them a scanned copy of my license and credit card. Can't present them in person. Sketchy as.

  • 2 FCL offers thru shopback and neither was granted the offer… just ended up cancelling both orders as shopback funny enough tracks other website promo just not FCL

  • Anyone not get their C&C SMS confirmation yet?

  • Not tracked again, sigh. Another claim.

  • ShopBack should simply be banned and sued for making false claims
    This is the response I got for my $25 cashback claim with invoice submitted
    “We have investigated and found that the merchant has deemed ShopBack ineligible to earn commissions on this transaction which results in us being unable to pass the Cashback along to you.”
    Edit: negging coming for all future ShopBack posts

    • +1

      All SB deals should be taken off main page. Not tracked, where's the deal. Lucky dip.

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