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[eBay Plus] $1 Tuesday Deals: Bluedio Earphones (OOS) | Apple AirPods 2 $99 (OOS) | 8ft Trampoline $169, Massage Gun $39 @ eBay


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Tuesday 8/12/2020 2pm

One item per transaction, two transactions per person.

Wednesday 9/12/2020 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm

Thursday 10/12/2020 2pm -

  • 8ft trampoline with kids’ enclosure - $169 (was $279.95) - 200 available.
  • Monopoly Christmas edition - $29 (was $58.95) - 100 available.
  • Braun Series 6 Wet & Dry Shaver - $129 (was $189) - 200 available.
  • Massage machine - $39 (was $59.99) - 200 available.
  • Belvedere vodka - $49 (was $79.99) - 180 available.

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  • Is Braun Series 6 any good?

    • I want to know too.

  • So can you have a trial ebay plus account for this do you have to pay for it?

    • Trial fine. Just remember to cancel it.

      • alright thank you

  • Is this AEST? Can't find it on the site without plus. Also, is it 1 set of airpods per account? Or can I try to pick up one from each drop? I know getting multiple would be very difficult anyway but need a few for Christmas presents

    • +1

      One per ebay plus account
      as the promo code can only be used once per account

  • +1

    Please anyone can confirm that I got Airpods 2 in $99 in recent ebay deal but that one is Malaysian ones.

    Have you recieved and checked?

    • -1

      my looks like from china.. it says assembled in china ( i guess it is normal genuine product)

      • assembled in china and designed in California but
        read it properly its malaysian product

        • does your air pod has some disconnection issue? or poor connection even though you are sitting next to the device?

          • @DEALS1984: No but sometime it goes to mute while I am speaking to someone else.

            Last I had Airpods 2 wireless charging from.same seller and same malaysian product and it has that problem which you mentioned but it had 6 month warranty so I was not able to visit Apple.

            But I you have warranty go to apple and change it.

            • @Avi001: What's the model number? Is it MV7N2ZA/A?

              • @Ebaygiftcards: Yes, check the booklet inside the box and it will have malaysian language.

                • @Avi001: That’s the same model number as ones sold at shops in Australia.

              • @Ebaygiftcards: I remember a comment in a past regard airpods sold by titan gear and that they were Malaysian stock. It said something like if you go into jbhifi/officeworks/the good guys etc they say Malaysia too on the box. Don't know any more than that.

          • @DEALS1984: Are you using iPhone or Android? Android has that issue.

            • @SR9: Android

              • @Avi001: It's Airpods issue with Android I think. I have the same issue with my Samsung phone but works fine with an iPhone.

                • @SR9: Yes, I am using samsung phone and also sometime with my laptop I connect it. it does has some connectivity issues.. May be it works fine with Iphone.

    • I have the same Malaysian AirPods, and two other relatives. No issues encountered but we are all using apple phones.

      • +3

        The Malaysian AirPods are the exact same ones they sell in Australian retail stores.

        • Yup I don’t have an issue with that. Just letting avi001 know. But yeah I would imagine it would be manufactured in the same place for the apple store AirPods.

    • +2

      Mates, we all have Malaysian something on the Airpods box. Its all same for AP region.
      Don' worry at all, its genuine AU stock. you can double check at JB, Officeworks or Apple Store.

  • Where are these $1 deals found tomorrow and what is the process to get them

    • It'll load up here and on ebay's website

  • +1

    Sooo you mean to tell me im gonna lose again on buying the air pods to a greedy scumbag who bought 2 using a bot snipe on the black friday sales

    Geez ahh thanks

    • +2

      I didn't use a 'bot snipe' and still managed to score a pair, it's doable, you just have to be ready and quick.

    • +2

      i’ll take that as a compliment. feels nice to achieve a bot status

  • Do you guys get an email of this offers? I can seem to find it anywhere

  • +1

    anyone else see Bluedio Hi Wireless Bluetooth Earphones is worth less than 5 dollars??? from china.

    • +1

      if u try to buy anything from Australia, the parcel post cost u more than 5 dollars.

  • +1

    Just as an FYI, I have some Bluedio over-ear headphones and they sound amazing. Gonna try to grab the earbuds today. I have high hopes for them.

  • That's interesting, the eBay radio ad mentioned health and fashion for the items on the $1 sale today?

    • +3

      earphones.. you use to look "fashionable" while working out to look after your "health'.

  • Pretty average $1 deals again..

  • Which trampoline is it?

  • Is the braun shaver made in germany? does anyone have the link to the shaver?

    • +1

      Not sure what the ebay link is, but, based on the listed price it could be this model (made in china) https://www.shavershop.com.au/braun/series-6-wet--and-dry-sh...

      • +1

        how does this compare to the similar priced version on Amazon?
        Is this the same but different colour?

        Braun Series 6 electric shaver for men features a dermatologically tested SensoFlex swivel head and SensoFoil blades that enable low pressure adaptation for closeness, whilst remaining sensitive on your skin. The Li-Ion Battery provides up to 3 weeks of shaving and a 5 min quick charge. This men's electric razor is 100% waterproof for Wet & Dry use. Compatible with EasyClick system. Precision Trimmer attachment included. Box includes 1x Series 6 Electric razor for men - Blue 1x Precision Trimmer attachment 1x Travel case 1x Smart plug for automatic 100-240 voltage adjustment 1x Cleaning Brush

        (Price is in USD, but converted roughly same price as the ebay deal. Still wondering if this is worth it …)

  • Is there meant to be anything live at 10am?

  • anything?

  • +9

    Alright Imma sleep a bit more see you guys at 2pm ;)

  • +1

    i wonder if the bluedio is better than the baseus cause they were rubbish

    • These are all cheap plastic ones. I had got bluedio during a previous sale for $9. Nothing stellar about it. The first one was DOA so i wrote them and they promptly send me replacement which is working fine. I don't use it for music - just watching movies on laptop.

  • Why are AirPod so popular?
    Sound quality is OK?

    • If you have an iphone/ipad/mac the integration / hand over is very smooth with these.

  • Does anyone k ow what type of Massage machine ?

  • Does anyone have any perspective over whether the Tue, Wed and Thu offers are likely to be the same code? (wondering whether I need to skip Tue to get a chance at Wed)

    • +1

      Different codes every day. If you buy today, you can still participate fully on subsequent days.

  • Is there anything worth where I can use my Late Shipping vouchers. I got like 6 of them totaling $35 (5x$5 and 1x$10)

    • I think you can only use one voucher if I am correct.

    • You can only use one at a time. I bought a few silicon cases (AirPods and Apple TV), a Christmas design Apple Watch band, a hat from a recent deal posted here (Quiksilver straw hat), etc. The trick is to either buy stuff you kinda need or to buy stuff that's just over the minimum spend (i.e. the voucher value), free shipping, shipped from within Australia. Kitchenware is another good category to search (e.g. mugs, utensils, etc).

  • -2

    Whats the code for 1 dollar deal today

  • -1

    AWEI WT50 Sport out of stock already???

    • +2

      Probably they're not in stock until the promo starts.

  • -1

    I couldn’t find the items :-(

  • Any direct link?

    • I got the same question… I'm not sure when the links all get posted, as right now there is no direct link

      • the annoying thing is, you usually find the link when you DON'T have ebay plus.

  • Must you be signed in to view the links to the items?

  • where to go to be ready for $1 headphones?

    • +3

      Wait till 2 pm no one knows till than

      • you reckon ther will be a code?

        • +3

          When has there not been? .. thats how they control access to the deal - by the number of uses of the code and that the user can use the code ie is an active plus member and has only used it X number of times.

        • It should be as always they have code for something to reduce down price

        • There’s always a code.

    • The deal page

  • Anyone got link for airpods?

    • +1


      • o right ty

  • Starting soon?

  • only 2 products today? Can you guys put the link in here? Thanks!

    • not yet up mate. we all are waiting!!

  • two transactions per person

    I'm assuming this means two items out of the whole 3 day deal can be purchased?

    • i think its per day

  • CODE??

  • Got it.

  • PLUSBHI for the bluetooth ones.

    Managed to get a pair. I don't usually get lucky with these things but it's nice to get something for a change. :)

  • -1

    It works !!! Got one of each !!!

  • -1

    Thanks got both. :)

  • PLUSAWI is the code

  • Got the wireless bluetooth earphones!

  • Picked up both, I'm sure the kids will use them :) Cheers OP

  • +4

    wat a joke, out of stock in 30seconds?

  • +1

    damn only got the wireless the other finished too quick!

  • +1

    And it's gone.

    Got one out of two so I'm happy

  • Copped :)

  • lol only had 1

  • Got the Bluedio Hi wireless bluetooth earphone

  • AWEI out of stock even before it started. Managed to get a Bluedio one.

    Like i mentioned previously several times, this should be in the competition section lol.

    gg to those who got one or both.

  • got both of them

  • easyyy

  • Got both LMAO

    • i thought it was only one transaction per person? Do you have two accounts?

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