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[PC] Cyberpunk 2077 ₽1999 (~A$36.47) @ GOG (VPN Required)


Great price if you're willing to do some VPN'ing to Russia. I used Hola VPN extension in Chrome and it worked a treat. You only need VPN to purchase the game and not to play. Mod: Use Hola at your own discretion.

Make sure you add the game to your existing GOG account (if you have one).

Don't forget to pick up the free registration rewards.

Credit to HUKD and Chollometro.

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      • All the cool kids who ride lids use steam

    • Would rather buy this on steam, anyone here try it?

      • Steam is known for banning people that use VPNs to buy games at discounted prices

    • +1

      Seems 1999 Rub is the official price for Russia. So the same in Epic, Steam, Gog

      • Yeah just wondering if buying/activating with vpn works on steam as easily.

        • +1

          steam are more likely to ban you.

  • For the Mulvad VPN users which doesnt have a Russian option, VPN into Latvia.

    • Mullvad latvia giving me 60 euros

    • Latvia shows in euros. Looking around Moldova seems to be the only other one showing in rubles (mullvad has no russia or ukraine…..)

  • +4

    i flew to russia to buy this game

  • How well does GOG implement controller support? If I use my PS4 controller will it show the correct inputs or will it show Xbox controller inputs?

    • +3

      I think controller support is handled by the game, not the platform.

      • Yeah that makes sense. Guess it's not the end of the world if it shows xbox inputs anyway for $40 off.

    • I don't think that GOG does any PS4 controller support at all nor does Epic. Only Steam do PS4 support. There's an app called DS4Windows that will enable usage of PS4 controllers in Windows though.

      • +1

        The DS4 is natively supported by Windows as a directinput controller.
        It always has been, since the day of the PS4 launch.

        You only need steam or DS4windows if you want it as xinput (emulating an xbox controller).
        Also you can simply add GOG games as a "non-steam game" inside steam to get the steam overlay and controller options.

  • ppl are saying cyberpunk is coming out 10pm AEST Wed night on console? I'm so confused rn, I'll pay to play it on console tmrw night, have a ps5, anyone here already done pre download on PSN? Care to clarify?

    • https://twitter.com/CyberpunkGame/status/1334548241459933188

      "The wait is almost over!

      If you're looking to play #Cyberpunk2077 as soon as it's available, here's a map with global release timings.

      For PC and Stadia players, the release is simultaneous and scheduled for midnight GMT, and for all console players – midnight local time."

      • Those are the Pc times, people are saying if you pre load on console, it's out in 23 hours.

        • Read the last part mate..

          "for all console players – midnight local time."

          • @MasterMirage: I heard that means midnight Wednesday but honestly confused js.

  • Do you download the game via Russian VPN or your normal connection?

    • No once you've paid you never need the VPN again.

      • First time user here. Am I supposed to get the VPN connection first, then set up a new GOG account to buy? Or can I use the old GOG account set up before using VPN to purchase? Thanks

        • I couldn't tell you, made a new account for this. Doesn't hurt to try the old one I guess?

      • Thanks

  • thanks op just preordered on my main account =)

  • Does this come with anything the collectors edition come with?

  • +1

    Confirming purchased and on my account using Hola

    • Yep I did the same, but I messed up the first time because I added $38 AUD to my GOG account, but you can only use USD or Rubles to pay so I had to add more.
      At least I have $38 AUD GOG credit now… But what to use it for? Any other good games on there?

      • +1

        I generally use them for old games but if thats not your thing they have a bunch of popular games as well. Right now the popular one in sale is No Man's Sky if that interests you.

  • The game unlocks at 11AM Thursday/12AM Polish time. Reckon there is anyway to trick the clock?

    • buy on console and you can play 12am tonight.

      OTherwise, just go to sleep…dood

    • Did you end up findng a way?

  • Great find.
    Question though about future updates and patches for the game, doesn’t it require your GOG account?
    Just wondering how to patch in the future if they do bring down the ban hammer on an account?

  • +4

    Terms and conditions for GOG

    I don't have much time so only skimmed but all I could see that might be relevant are:

    11c, f and i

    All of them seem much more lenient than Steam and arguably don't prohibit VPN use for purchase at all.

    Caveat: I'm no lawyer.

    • +5

      It could be argued that making a false declaration on the checkout page, "By placing your order … you confirm that you are currently in or live in Russian Federation" fails 11(i).

      • Totally agree.

        I decided against doing it. I have too many high value games on my GOG account to risk it and I despise having multiple accounts (like one registered to another email).

        Reviews aren't looking phenomenal anyway :( (to be expected I guess, with the hype)

  • I ended up using Ukraine. 40 bucks

  • Anyone know a trick to get AC Valhalla for around same price?

    • +3
      1. Buy Samsung SSD
      2. Redeem AC Valhalla key
      3. Sell on eBay or Gumtree or Marketplace or OCAU for $36.47 less than you paid for it.
  • +1

    Incredible work! Took less than a minute to do… Installed Hola, switched to Russia, logged into GOG again and paid via Paypal. Hola uninstalled now and the game is currently downloading.

    • +5

      Hola uninstalled now

      Hope everyone who risked using Hola follows that important step.

      • +2

        I also changed GOG and PayPal account passwords. Last time I used Hola for Netflix someone reset my password and I almost lost the account.

        • Should I bother if I have 2-step auth enabled for both GOG and PayPal?

  • +5

    Use the Russian VPN but change the currency down the bottom of the page to US Dollars…. USD$25.09 will be the price.

    Only costs AUD $33.95 using 28Degrees MasterCard so slightly cheaper

    • How did you manage to pay with 28Degress? Didn't matter what I did , I couldn't use it, either through Paypal, Google Pay and directly on the GOG site. I had to opt to use my ANZ Visa with Paypal currency conversion.
      (Was using VPN, not Hola, through Russia)

      • +1

        28Degrees simply added to Paypal Account using HOLA VPN. Force PayPay to pay in USD, not convert back to AUD

    • Damn it, should have gone to the end of the comments. Could have saved $2.5!

  • Seems like a lot of people are trying this… The Captcha to log in on GOG with Hola VPN enabled to Russia is overloaded :(

    • +7

      Don't use Hola in the first place. It's a literal botnet. Stop using Chrome while you're at it too.

      • It's so easy to stick to old habits. What would you recommend browser and vpn wise?

        • VPN - I'm not too sure. There's so many good options and it's hard to go wrong. One that has a proven history of not logging or giving up anything to the feds is a start.

          Browser - Firefox or any of its forks. If you have to use a Chromium-based browser, use something like Brave, unGoogled Chromium, Vivaldi. Take steps to harden your browser and use add-ons like uBlock Origin .

        • -1

          Nothing wrong with Chrome but Edge feels like a more optimized version of it, less random page crashes and things respond faster for me. Compatible with most Chrome extensions too, can install them directly through the Chrome store. I use NordVPN & Surfshark VPN but they are both paid. For free VPN Hola is okay but don't download the desktop app only use the browser extension and disable it whenever you aren't using it.

  • +3

    Was tempted by early release on console (have ps5) but cba playing late night, start the grind tmrw, I have been able to connect my scuf/ps5 controllers to steam, is it relatively easy with GOG or do you have to use an input program?

    Yeah yeah I'm a controller using boomer, just enjoy it more (how does someone play pogostuck with keyboard & mouse haha)

    • You should be able to play with a controller, if you're using a PS4 or Xbox One (which is natively supported). Windows 10 supports pretty much any controller nowadays, no additional software needed.

    • +1

      Download https://inputmapper.com/ to use your controllers on non-steam games, it makes them show up as xinput compatible devices (XBOX controller) so they will have universal compatibility. Lets you use the touchpad on the PS controller to control your mouse too.

  • Was planning on buying this when i got around to getting a new console. For that price though, looks like i am playing it on pc.

    Hope my rx480 is enough to run it properly.

    • lol! No chance on rx480

      This game is the new crysis according to digital foundry and sets a new bar for graphics quality!

      • +2

        i didnt downvote you btw.

        Looked it up. https://www.notebookcheck.net/fileadmin/Notebooks/News/_nc3/...

        1080p on high requires a 1060. The rx480 is pretty close to a 1060

        should be workable.

        • +2

          Honestly your gpu will be fine, most games are overstated anyway. One of my pcs with a 7970 can still play aaa on low to medium, only dips slightly from time to time.

          • +1

            @Jenny Death: The default with most things on high was a bit slow. ~30fps.

            Medium was about 50 which doesn't look too bad. In hindsight maybe i should have picked up the xbox version as the one x is probably more powerful than my 480. Ah well, it runs pretty well, i am sure someone will put out a guide showing which settings give the best increases without hurting quality too much.

            edit: just looked at graphics card prices. I thought they were meant to have gone back to sane levels by now? I would need to pay over $400 to make a noticable difference in fps over the rx480. Or like $900 to match the gpu of the series x.

            1660ti 2nd hand for ~$250 might be worthwhile i guess, about 40% advantage over the 480.

  • just purchased using hoxx vpn, nice and easy
    converted price to USD and end up paying $36.07 AUD through paypal (commbank card)

  • +2

    For those that have an existing VPN and don't have a RUSSIA option, you can use LATVIA to get the 1999 ruble price which converts to 25 USD at checkout.

    I managed to do this on my Private Internet Access VPN service.

    I thought it was weird considering official currency of Latvia is euro, but the Latvian GOG store is all in Rubles and it's a little cheaper than Ukraine. Just make sure you open the GOG website incognito.

    • Loads EURO for me, no discount using LATVIA in incognito

  • For those who couldn't get their credit cards to pay for the game while on Ukraine IP, try buying a gift card on GOG instead. It worked for me. The same CC didn't go through when purchasing the game but it worked for the gift card.

    • +1

      PayPal is also another option.

    • It rejected credit card & google pay for me but paypal went through fine over the VPN.

  • fairly easy, 38 AUD, not bad

  • Bought it in Ukraine, as I first switched on Hola as I use NordVPN, but the moment I went to payment, I went… nope. Not sending that through a P2P VPN. Hope it doesn't cause any dramas on my account. I did pay good money for the game shrug.

    I'm concerned about drivers. I'm running geforce 452.06, the last stable version that doesn't make my machine go haywire, have flickering/corruption on load, apparently it's an issue for others with the same hardware too (I run a Lenovo Legion Y740). Really hope it doesn't try to force a new driver version to run the game.

  • I too became Russian tonight. Спасибо OP

  • Just make sure you don't purchase it as a gift ..

    • Why not? Was considering doing this… anything I should know?

      • Turns out you're paying full price via the Russian VPN, as in $89

  • Bloody excellent find OP :)
    $38.55 AUD via PayPal (GOG Russia)

  • -1

    Hoping for a midnight session. But it seems I have to wait for 12am in russia :(

  • -1

    I couldnt get Hola to connect install Proton VPN in a virtual machine, doesnt prompt for CC details and gives you a 7 day trial with the russian VPN

  • Will it work for other games? :D

    • Yes but most new releases don't go to GOG since they require games to be DRM free to be sold there and many new titles use Denuvo DRM or Steamworks. (or UPlay/Origin in Ubisoft/EA's case)

  • Big kudos on this one. Thanks for the heads up on chrome extension to.

  • Rejected my credit card payment and my google pay payment but went through okay with PayPal, great price. My preload is ready to go now.

  • Thank you so much for this. Was short on cash lol

    Got it working through Hola paid via paypal and instantly got the product and are downloading it now

    Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme RTX 3080 ready!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cheers. Worked fine for ~$35 onto my card.

  • Awesome PC gaming week for me: $38 for Cyberpunk and AC Valhalla for $40. Both downloaded and ready to go.
    Now to figure out which to play first hmmmmmm

    • Valhalla first since there Cyberpunk will undoubtedly release patches in the coming weeks/months.

    • @alz

      How did you get AC Valhalla for $40? Link?

      • Bought off here- someone in the classified section is selling. Check now surely someone is selling

        • isnt valhalla just the same assassins creed game reskinned for the sixth time

  • Done this cant even download it after buying it…

    • If you're getting the E9 error, close down GOG Galaxy and open it again. Worked for me.

      • No error install dose not pop up let alone any of my other games on GOG

        • I also had an error where at the bottom of my GOG screen was a progress bar "syncing games" or something like that - I had to click the little X to stop it before my install window would appear.

    • Are you using a VPN? The GOG app doesn't work well when I use a VPN, I always have to disable it when I'm downloading from it.

  • +1

    got in after 4 mins with this russian version, game loaded on wrong monitor, I'm a PC noob so closed cybie, to change monitors, been trying to get back in for 45 mins now, this sucks, thought I had a leg up on the steam users, seems like I don't, don't try to switch monitors like a dumb (profanity) like me.

    • theres no russian version. its 1 version

      theres no steam or gog version

      this is a DRM free single copy.

      what have you set as your primary monitor in windows settings?

      also what do you mean youve been trying to "get back in"? game wont launch? restart GOG and see if there is an update for cyberpunk. make sure you got the day1 patch

  • Purchased the game but it not showing up as an owned game to download, anyone else having that issue?

    • +1

      I didn't see mine until I searched for the game in the search bar at the top of GOG Galaxy.

      • +1

        This worked thank you

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