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24 x Krispy Kreme Original Glaze Doughnuts $24.95 + Delivery @ Uber Eats via App


Jumped on Uber eats to order a falafel plate, ended up with 24 doughnuts, a few shakes and some cream cheese bagels.
Delivery was $5.99 for me, it could vary. Less then $1.30 each delivered for the worlds best. A few other items @ buy 1 get 1 free.

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  • Is it Aus wide or only in Victoria?

    • Can confirm available in NSW.

      Should be all states excluding SA & TAS.

      • -1

        Link? Can only see 12 donuts for $24.95 not 24.

        • Found under the 'Double Double Day Day' Promotion Tab in the Uber Eats App

          Screenshot of the App

  • +1

    no delivery my area 3023

      • +2

        western highway and ring road

    • +1

      You should move before the deal expires.

    • +8

      Split them with friends/family?

    • +13

      wtf do you even do with 24 donuts.


    • +7

      Just 1 per hour, you can do it in a day!

      • +1

        Those are rookie numbers. Gotta get them numbers up.

  • +3

    …for the worlds best.

    No way. Australia maybe.

    • +2

      Not even in Australia. Not even close!

  • +3

    This is uber unhealthy… Is anyone going to ask how the falafel plate turned into a smorgasbord of sweets that could kill a diabetic horse?

    • eh it's ok on occasion, for the active folk.

      24pk not recommended for people who aren't already in shape though. Gotta be able to burn it off.

      • +1

        I don't think active folk would ever get 24pack of doughnuts tbh

        • +5

          One of the core reasons I workout is so I can eat more food (such as a 24pk of KK).

          • +2

            @brimmy11: that's something my younger self would've said! before age and degraded metabolism kicked in.

            lol i sound so old.

        • +2

          Active folk often keep it a secret :) I can eat 12 in one sitting no problem and you wouldn't know it.

          • @DisabledUser372094: On a serious note, just be aware that advancing age (and more acutely, injury) can play havoc with your health and how you feel, particularly past your 30s.

            So be prepared to make big adjustments when needed.

            • +1

              @andresampras: Each of them is a solid 300cal. Assuming the adult intake is 2700Cal give or take, this is almost three times. Even if you were jacked like Ronnie Coleman or Terry Crews, or even the Rock… this is mondo big for one night.

              • @OzCheapo: I agree with both of you. I must admit I have done it twice but not something I would do again. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Funny thing is I don't eat junk food (hardly ever) as snacks nor drink any soft drinks. But I have something I enjoy once or twice a week. But here is something I know for certain as far as managing it is concerned. If you do want to enjoy something and do it in one sitting the body copes very well with high levels of calories in one sitting. You don't absorb all of it. Just as long as you do it once a week or even less. This is an old bodybuilding trick.

                • @DisabledUser372094: I’m not entirely sure that’s backed by science.

                  • @brimmy11: Actually it is I'll see if I can find it for you.

                    Here is one small study but there are a few around that suggest once off binging won't hurt.

                    "Blood samples were taken at regular intervals for four hours after the beginning of the meal to see how the body was coping. Surprisingly, despite eating twice as much food, there was only a small increase in blood sugar and blood fat levels."


    • Do nut buy this deal if you are on a diet

  • +4

    Not even close the the worlds best, but they are fine I guess.

    • +1

      Which are the world's best?

  • Great deal - still have my $100 credit for $50 with the previous Liven offer which equates to slightly cheaper $15 for 24 original

  • +1

    Is this in relation to the trending tweet with #DonutDick?

    • -1

      What's donutdick

      • +2

        Guessing its an onlyfans thing

      • good. it's better not to know ;)

  • double bypass about 50% off in Thailand

  • +1

    Is this working for everyone? I can’t seem to get the deal at the Fountain Gate store, VIC ☹️

    • Isnt working for me at fountain gate either
      It’s under “Bagels by Krispy Kreme FG” which sell the BOGO of the dozen donuts and shakes etc

  • I'm trying to find places that offer it in Ivanhoe but can't find anything

  • -1

    No Donuts, or Subway for me!!! Just healthy restaurants!
    I might see who I can support tomorrow! Is everything buy 1 get 1 free?

    I wouldn't of minded Donuts!

  • Just original glaze

  • I think it only works if you live next door to em !

  • Sold out in Melbourne

  • Says it's sold out for me.

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