Apple Announces AirPods Max

Apple announces AirPods Max:

"AirPods Max combine a custom acoustic design, H1 chips, and advanced software to power computational audio for a breakthrough listening experience with Adaptive EQ, Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency mode, and spatial audio. AirPods Max come in five gorgeous colors, including space gray, silver, sky blue, green, and pink, and are available to order starting today, with availability beginning Tuesday, December 15"


  • USD549… So $799 after GST

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      Nope AU$899!!!

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        Of course it is.. Gotta hit a $3 trillion valuation somehow

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        Why are Apple ripping Aussies off with a rediculous conversion rate. US$549 > A$899

        Where as PS5 (disk) US$499 > A$749

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          $549 USD is about $750 before adding GST (us price is before sales tax which varies depending on state)

          So ~$825 after GST

          So yes, more that the us by about 10 percent (but they also need to hedge for currency swings and justify share price valuations :). )

        • PS5 was priced at $749 because they have a direct competitor (Xbox Series X) also launched at that price.

          Apple AU probably does not see Bose QC or Sony WH as competitors, and is confident enough that people are going buy it at $899.

        • Sony and M$ can take the hit since they sell the online service and games.

          That said $899 is a joke. Could buy two xm4's.

  • Includes a USB-C to Lightning cable.

    • And they reveled a lightening to 3.5mm bi-directional audio cable. So you can use it as a regular pair of headphones. $900 headphones, kinda makes the AirPod Pros seem like good value in comparison. I'd buy them if I had a spare $9,000, give 10% of it to Apple for headphones sure why not.

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    And there are five colours to choose from. One can get all five colours to match their outfits. Faster for Apple to reach $3 trillion!

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    The dial and button are in a odd position IMO

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    I wouldn't mind looking at the teardowns and how it actually performs?

    Granted, it is way way above my budget for headphones (my entire set up with HD600 and a DAC/Amp combo costed less than I think)
    If it brings anything cool to the table, that'd be nice to see.

    • One thing that stood out to me was how it apparently uses the gyro/accelerometer to keep the sound anchored in one place while you move your head.

  • I’ll stick with my Bose QC35’s. I found AirPods Pro very underwhelming for sound.

    • I thought AirPods Pro were pretty average and then tried a new pair. They were 10x better.

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    I don't like the headband. Looks like an old officechair.

  • O wait. Apple post. Gotta spend my Wednesday at work looking for tears. 😢😢😢

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    AirPODS Max. Now, how do I insert that pods into my ears?

    It's a wireless headphone FFS.

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      How would you insert iPods into your ear?

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        I would connect the iPod to my Earpods/Airpods and then insert them into my ears. You mean I have to do the same with these AirPods Max?

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          You mean I have to do the same with these AirPods Max?

          I mean that you don’t need to insert everything that contain ‘pods’ in the name into your ear.

          pod: a detachable or self-contained unit on an aircraft, spacecraft, vehicle, or vessel, having a particular function.

          • -4

            @DisabledUser372240: I am fully aware of meaning of pod. When Apple named their small earphones Earpods and Airpods that’s what they should be. At best these should be named Headpods if they don’t want to name them Headphones as that’s exactly what they are. Don’t be a sheep.

    • Yes they should have made it so the Over-ear cups were separated from each other and somehow stick to the side of your head (like pods).
      Maybe a super powerful magnet which kills brain-cells or something…

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    Radical? - Whats radical about these headphones?
    Industry leading noise cancellation? - Who told?

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      What’s magical about a keyboard, trackpad, and mouse?

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      the radical thing is the price

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    I'm kinda curious about how these sound. If they sound good might grab a pair - I'm the kind of crazy that spends $3k on iems

    Will be interesting to see what reviewers think, Apple has a stellar return policy anyway so could try for a few days and return and buy on sale like a true ozb'er

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      You are the dream curious customer any company would love to have

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    AirPods Max: 384.8 grams
    Bose 700: 249 grams
    Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II: 310 grams
    Sony WH-1000XM4: 254 grams

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      This first thing i looked out for too. Them aluminum breasts be heavy.

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    Case looks like a handbag.

    • Targeted for that demographic. :D They already spend $$$$ on handbags, so naturally…

    • OMG, the case! If the price isn't a dealbreaker, then the case 100% is.

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    • Reminded me of first person view of Kim kardashian bending over.
      (You are trying to complete complicated & important task and you turn to your right and her ass is right there)

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    $900!!!!! Does it come with a free phone or something!?

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      Yes, you are free to buy a phone to go with that :D

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    $300 sennheisers are probably gonna have better sound.

    • yep if you spend $300 on a wired Sennheiser, it will most likely sound better

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        As an owner of good wired Sennheiser I think these will have excellent sound, but it doesn't change the fact that they are a complete ripoff.

        • oh yeah 100% ripoff

          • @RobBoss: Well I guess it's possible that they are into the next level of "audiophile" grade and these are considered relatively cheap (like ProDisplay XDR vs professional grade monitors) - whatever that means. I personally feel that you're at the point of diminishing returns, but maybe I'm just a numpty.

      • Wireless* ones are $300

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    Explains why they delayed these, all the rumored features got removed due to cost or poor execution..

    • Please tell what features.

      • I was curious too, so i looked it up:

        But it wasn't only the name that was dropped: several expected features which were earlier reported are missing from this version 1.0 release.

        They included

        • interchangeable headbands and earcups
        • touch controls on the sides of the headphones
        • automatically switching the left and right audio channels depending on which way you wear the headphones (no need to orient them for L and R cups, just slip'em on and let the tech do the rest)
        • a less-expensive 'sport' variant

        Bloomberg's Mark Gurman suggests that many of these were sacrificed in order to get the headphones launched in the lead-up to Christmas, saying "it looks
        like they made some changes on these to get them out the door, as was deemed likely after several development set backs over the past many months."

        This points to at least some of those features making an appearance in a 2021 edition of the AirPods Max‌.

        • Thanks for sharing.

          interchangeable headbands and earcups

          It does have interchangeable coloured pads in different colors (someone online showed what a few combinations looks like)

          That’s enough I think.
          The pads cost AU$99. But I guess people concerned with fashion are willing to spend a lot anyway.

          touch controls on the sides of the headphones

          Some peoples really dislike touch controls.

          automatically switching the left and right audio channels depending on which way you wear

          This is cool, but also could be confusing since the actual controls is only on one side, so if you forget which way you wear than lots of times you can make an error.

          I thought there would be more “cool” missing features.


  • Sounds like an epiphany.

    Wow, what a way to sound like an absolute (profanity)

    • noun
      noun: Epiphany
      1. the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi (Matthew 2:1–12).

      Ohhh… so they sound like that. * nods *

  • $899!

    You could buy 2 pairs of Sony WH-1000XM4's for and a set of Airpods for the same price!

    • You could have just said 3x XM4’s.
      I’m sure if you walked into a store and said you would buy 3x for $900 they would agree to give you the discount.

  • Will wait for the $199 AirPods Max Ebay deals.

  • +1

    I think they look great, however at that price they better be producing extremely top notch sound. Which i highly doubt they will be.

    • I wouldn't be so sure about that, a $3T company can afford sound engineers which would put literally every other headphone manufacturer out of buisness.

      I see it going 1 of 2 ways:

      1. Extremely good sound (on par with other closed back headphones in the $1k price mark)


      1. Average sound with the "features" being the sellign point
  • Brought. And with engraving “Made by Apple Senpai”.

  • I think there strategy is to maxx out in price with these, so they make it look Airpods pro more reasonably priced and can sell more of them.

  • Can't wait for the Airpods Pro Max to be shaped like underpants and charge $1200+

    • Why cant you wait for that. I'd probably just wait.

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