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Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros $79 Delivered @ Target


Back in stock at Target for those that missed out last time or had their orders cancelled. Enjoy!

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • OOS again :(

  • "This product is sold out online and in store"

    • Refresh it….must be some being kicked out of carts or something, showed in stock when I just checked

      • I am refreshing every 30 seconds. Sold out every time.

        • I just clicked the link then, OOS…refreshed, OOS, refreshed again and able to add to cart (but didn't)….refreshed again aaaand the page is gone :(
          With stock levels like this, orders might get cancelled anyway

  • And it's allowing to add to cart again… i really question stock levels…

  • Just got one now, so its back again…

  • Nabbed one, thanks!

    • Just received it

  • And it's gone

  • +1

    Wait it's back

    • …and its gone again. I could add it, processed, then failed. Now I can't add to cart!

    • -3

      I just went to order one, and cancelled as out of stock. Boo :(
      Better luck next time.

      It still amazes me after all these years that Nintendo manage to screw up almost every release of a piece of hardware with such terrible stock levels, especially leading up to Christmas.

      • Screw up? U have no idea how hype building works

      • It is their business model, drum up demand by creating scarcity.
        If these were readily available they would not sell as well IMHO

  • This back in stock / OOS / back / 404 / back / OOS has me very nervous.
    I'm just waiting for my order cancellation email ….

  • We're sorry. This product isn't available in the quantity that you've chosen.

    We can't seem to find that item.
    Sorry! Try one of the following options to locate the product you’re after

  • +3

    Lol the review

    "How they fit an entire NES, screen, speaker, battery into this little device is incredible!"

    I guess the power of modern smart phones which can emulate Wii games would blow their mind.

    • To be fair this is a very compact unit.
      If you compare it to those chinese emulator handhelds it's a lot smaller and thinner.
      That's one of the reasons I wanted one, if I just wanted roms on the go there are many other options easily available.

    • Apparently they have cars now?

    • Have you seen how big an entire NES is? Way bigger than a Wii! And they miniaturised it into a device the size of your palm!

  • No stock left. Received order cancellation email

    • +1

      Now the wait for everyone begins on cancellations. Sorry you missed out

  • +1

    all gone now - link removed

  • I think it's back!

    EDIT: sorry it's just an old tab of mine and when I clicked on add to cart it went to spinning wheel of death, and when I F5 it's a Sorry could not find this page.

  • I got this messsage

    We can't seem to find that item.
    Sorry! Try one of the following options to locate the product you’re after:

    Is this still valid ?

  • Were these ever available in store?

  • +2

    It's amazing that this piece of equipment is selling faster than meats during the not-so-long-ago hoarding era.

    • maybe there needs to be a website with a simple timeline, http://www.shitthathassoldlikehotcakes.com/

      It goes

      • Toilet Paper
      • Flour
      • Sugar
      • LEGO
      • Retro NES consoles
      • Retro Nintendo handheld
      • PS5s


      • I thought you had a real WS and I was going to join :)

  • Target delivery is absolutely rubbish right now

    First they took 10 days to delivery my XBOX series x and now my Lego order sent apparently on the 27th they are telling me still hasn’t arrived, I have chased it up with courier please who they shipped with and they are claiming g they haven’t picks up my parcel as there is no scanning of the tracking number Target have provided.

    Target now want me to wait 21 days becomes they even investigate this meaning there is no chance I will get this before Xmas

    They are rubbish to good luck to those who ordered for it to be delivered

    • +1

      Yeah I don't get delivery with them anymore, C&C for me

      • Good idea!!

        Don’t bother trying to contact them either!

        I’ve tried calling only to be placed in a 70min wait line then to get disconnect, I gave up on this so tried the online live chat which takes 1 hour sometimes to get through but only if your lucky as I’ve gotten down to number 2-3 in line and then it pops up saying cancelled!! This has happened 4 times out for the 6 times I’ve tried so I’ve only be able to get through twice. Then there’s their Facebook messenger which is a complete load as they never reply!

        • Sounds like they're worse than than average phone/internet company!

  • Bought one at launch.

    Waste of money. Played it for a minute.

    My fault.

    • I've finished both games and now going back for more Lost Levels. I've had a lot of fun with it and still going strong.

    • I mean, what did you honestly expect?
      My advice: wait for the homebrew scene to make flashing easier for you.
      Then you've got yourself a portable NES/Gameboy classic.

      Surely you won't get bored of Tetris, right?

    • I got it to use a novelty clock.

  • I completed the purchase before.
    The email from target says I can collect on the 16th of December.

  • -2

    What charger do you buy for this?

    • -1

      do you even know how to use google?

    • USB C

  • Email recvd to confirm its on its way. Yay

  • well, hopefully those that are waiting on delivery dont go through what happened with my Aus Post delivery

    dam thing finally made its way to local Aus post exchange not 10ks from my house, so I expected delivery the next day or so,
    then the tracking shows it was sent to Melbourne for a joy ride and back.. that blew another week onto the delivery..

  • Got email confirmation! Yay, thx OP

  • Yay got email for click collect 😃

  • Item shipped

  • Just picked up mine from Target Brisbane CBD at lunch today. Sweet!!

  • Still waiting for mine.

  • Mine still awaiting pickup by Courier Please since 9th December…

    • Yep same….got an email saying to contact them directly if I haven't got an update by yesterday. I don't have time for that!

      • Target Customer Service is impossible to reach too.

        • Live Chat: Got kicked from the queue once it reaches me (3 times)
        • Calling on the phone: estimated wait time is 30min…been on hold for over an hour now..

        Guess I'll just have to wait for an email response…


        • Gave up on the call to Target after waiting 2 hours.
        • Tried to contact Courier Please, they instantly ended the call.
        • I'd say CP have been getting hammered for a week or two over delays with people now panicking this close to Christmas….As much as I want this thing, I'm in no real rush so as long as it's somewhere on it's way, I'm happy to wait it out.

          • @whitelie: I've never had a positive experience with CP. My Black Friday order from Amazon also disappeared from them…

            • @RichardL: They've never lost anything of mine, just take a long time to deliver….much like Fastways/Aramex (ordered something that got shipped via them 3 weeks ago, just arrived today lol)

        • Received my order today. Courier Please left it on top of my gate for anyone to take without ringing the doorbell. Package also has "Signature Required"…

    • I finally got notification today (on a Sunday which is odd) that mine has arrived for pickup.

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