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Canesten Antibacterial and Antifungal Hygiene Laundry Lemon 1L $4.10 ($3.69 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon


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    I've got enough of this for the moment, don't seem to wash my clothes enough any more now that covid has me never leaving my mothers basement.

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    Good price though, tempted to add another to the collection all the same.

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      Hash tag Life story

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    Cheers OP, bought 2, never seen this cheap since March :)

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    Same price as Woolworths currently have it on sale.

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    Where I come from, Canesten is a very different product

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      Agreed. Canesten is a popular antifungal medication clotrimazole. They're just using their popular brand name to expand. On the same lines as Dettol has done. The brand manager of Canesten must be churning the midnight oil

    • However, this Canesten doesn't have any clotrimazole. It's active ingredient is benzalkonium chloride

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    this any good for thrush?

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      assuming this is a serious question, yes, it will kill the fungal infection on your clothes. Obviously this shouldn't be used on your body.

      "The fungi that can cause conditions like Fungal Nappy Rash and Thrush can find their way into your laundry. Washing, especially at cold temperatures may not completely remove the Bacteria and Fungi in your laundry, which can increase the risk of re-infection.
      An infectious cycle can commence and cross-infect other family members when they come into contact with fabrics that still contain Bacteria and Fungi.
      Adding Canesten Hygiene Laundry Rinse to each wash will deliver hygienically clean laundry, helping to break the cycle of cross-infection for yourself and other family members."

      • Washing, especially at cold temperatures may not completely remove the Bacteria and Fungi in your laundry, which can increase the risk of re-infection.

        what about hot temperatures? Isn't it enough to wash at hot temp and then hang in the sun?

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          The water temp needs to be 60 Deg C to kill the fungus responsible for Athletes foot/jock itch.

          The sun has no affect on fungi.

          This product works at cold temperatures. Others cleaning alternatives include borax, percarbonate (laundry bleach) or a prewash with 1/4 cup of vinegar.

      • I had the same question. Thank you for your answer.

  • What do people use this for?

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    • If you find your have skin itchy by the towler or underwear. You can give a try, it can kill fungal. Great product.

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    Also $4.10 at Woolworths at the moment.

  • Scratch that itch and just buy some ! 🤪

  • OOS ?

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      • It's back.

  • Have this. We use it instead of fabric softener in our Bosch idos.

    This is ok but wife prefers the aldi one (smells better)

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    Is there really a point to this product?

    Do your clothes need to be sterile?

    Sodium percarbonate aka Napisan will brighten your clothes and also kill bacteria at the same time.

    I think running a hot water cycle once in a while will be better for your clothes/machine than using this product.

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      I use this for my sport gear that get really smelly and sweaty, especially in the summer. While I'm not particularly prone to thrush/athletes foot/jock itch per se, it's definitely a good thing to have given I always only use cold wash.

      • Have you tried Napisan or using a hot water cycle?

        Hot water cycle will also help clean your machine, in particular detergent buildup.

        • Nah I haven't. Not a fan of hot cycles. And I've never tried Napisan - although it's not a bad idea. I think at the end of the day, the many different solutions are all low cost and equally efficacious.

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      Sometimes some synthetics smell weird even after washing. This, or any other similar disinfectant with the same active ingredient works fine.

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      There 100% is a point to this product.

      As noted below exercise clothes - especially the synthetic wicking/anti sweat ones tend to get a smell to them - especially if you use them and then stick them in a bag to take them home and wash them.

      I always found that the smell would go away when they were washed - but would "reactivate" when you started working out in them again - like the warmth brought it out.

      Also - if you have ever forgotten a load of washing either in the machine or in the basket to hang out it will go "sour" - start to get that damp foul smell. You can wash a million times but it will always have a hint of it there - collars on polo shirts and bed sheets are the worst for this.

      One wash with Canestan will sort the problem permanently - or until the next time you treat your clothes linen badly. It is not like you need it in every load.

      The active ingredient is Benzalkonium chloride - any product that has that active ingredient will do the same job.

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    We had used this in the past but it is the same active ingredient as any generic disinfectant. We just use whatever cheap one is at WW/aldi ect. Works fine at a fraction of the price. Just check the concentration is the same or adjust to suit

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    Back in stock if anyone still needs it

  • Just got 2

  • thanks got 2

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    Be aware that these washes can cause an allergic reation (rash) to the Benzalkonium Chloride. I got one that only a demotologist could diagnose, and she said she'd never seen it before the last couple of years, but it was becoming common due to the increased use of these washes.

    I used to put it into pretty much every load. I'd suggest just using it if you have an outbreak, to limit its use.

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    Awesome thanks

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    Is there a good reason why people use this instead of the Coles/Woolworths brand Laundry Sanitiser?

    They both have the same active ingredient as far as I can tell.

    This Canesten one doesn't want to tell us where it's made, while the Coles/Woolworths one is clearly labeled Made in Aust.

    • And they are all highly fragranced. The only one I use is the unscented Pine O'Clean variant.

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      Yeah I've never understood the ozbargain obsession with this product, when the everyday price of the woolies/coles/aldi are at least half of this, for the same product.

      • Agreed. But at this price, I grab branded products.

  • On the back it says "Suitability in septic systems has not been established." I'll not be using it then. Need to keep my Biocycle full of healthy bacteria.

  • Not sure why, but I ordered 4x for a total of 40c ? I'll take it

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      Gift card credit?

      • I wasn't aware I had any Amazon credits around. Real money is better than Amazon money I suppose

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    Yeah no rush, Woolies also for $4.10

    • They never used to discount this, which is why I started buying from Amazon… Crazy times we live in.

  • Hi guys, I have some life-vests that got moldy because I didn't dry them properly before storing them. Can I use this to get rid of the mold? if not, what product would you suggest? Thanks

    • I'm not an expert on mouldy life vests, but you could certainly try soak them with some canesten and washing powder.

  • No option to S&S?

  • Limit 5 only though….